Vivosun led grow light review in 2021 For You

In this Vivosun led grow light review, we’ll present three of the best Vivosun brand grow lights. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each so you can determine which Vivosun grow light is best for your particular application.

01.Vivosun Brand 1200 Watt Grow Light

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This 1200 watt grow light by Vivosun is the brightest entry in this Vivosun led grow light review. The light comes from a mix of high lux COB and chips. It puts out as much light as three or four HPS lamps, and it uses as little as a fifth of the power. It replaces several large lamps while using as much power as just one. Yet you get all of that light from a single rectangular grow light.

The full spectrum grow light puts out UV as well as infrared. You get an ideal mix of red, blue and white light. This is good enough to replace sunlight for most phases of growth. It won’t provide the maximal red light you may want for the biggest flowers and fruit, though it will foster that type of growth.

The frame dissipates a fair amount of heat on its own, and the fans are relatively quiet. Note that this is quiet compared to the competition, not quiet like a PC fan you hardly notice. This large grow light will make more noise than the smaller ones on this list because it is so powerful.

You won’t have to worry about the light overheating your grow tent or burning the plants with heat.


  • Energy efficient to an extreme degree
  • Replaces multiple lights in most applications


  • Louder cooling system than the others on this list


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02.Vivosun Brand 300 Watt Grow Light

This grow light by Vivosun is a good, broad spectrum grow light. There is a decent mix of red, blue and white light. The lenses focus the PAR light to get up to 200% deeper into the foliage.

This grow light covers a roughly 2’ square area at a 24” elevation or 1.5’ square area at 18”. It will bathe one large plant in rich light, or it will facilitate the growth of a tray of seedlings. You can use it to provide supplemental light for a larger area. A lower height will maximize penetration into thick foliage, though you have to be careful of burning the top leaves.

The grow light has excellent heat dissipation, so it won’t alter the thermal profile of your grow tents or overheat a living room. The fans are relatively quiet. No ballast is required for the grow lights to work. You should use protective glasses when working around the light, and don’t look directly into the glow. The nearly invisible white lights can still damage your eyes if you stare at them long enough.

The grow lamp itself can operate in conditions from below freezing to roughly 100. The only issue is that it isn’t designed to be used outside – don’t get it wet.

This model is energy efficient. It equals a 300 watt HPS lamp but only needs about 135 Watts of power. The LED lights should last for years barring an impact. One bug is that if an electrical short or loose connection occurs, you can lose multiple lights instead of just one going out. And there is no easy way to fix it.


  • Energy efficient
  • Broad spectrum light with deep penetration


  • Poor maintainability


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03.Vivosun Brand 600 Watt Grow Light

This full spectrum grow light delivers the equivalent of 600 Watts of energy. It covers a 3’ x 3’ or roughly one meter squared area. Vivosun lights have deep penetration into the leaves of a growing plant due to the lenses on them.

This light needs about 270 Watts of power to match a 600 Watt light array like a HID or HPS. It generates relatively little heat and dissipates that well. Using this grow light won’t overheat the plant unless you have the light right above the plant.

The design means that if one light goes out, there is a fair chance a whole row of them will go out. You have less light than a whole array or if a single small bulb went out, but there is no easy way to fix it.

One downside is the inability to customize the light spectrum. You get a mix of red light and blue light to cover the main phases of growth, but you can’t maximize red light for fruiting or sprouts.


  • Deep penetration of full spectrum light
  • Energy efficient


  • Can’t tailor the light spectrum


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