What is The VIPARSPECTRA 1200W Yield?


Today we’re going to talk about VIPARSPECTRA 1200W yield in regards to indoor growing. Now, figuring out exact yield is next to impossible without knowing what plant you’re growing, but we can easily talk about effective growing area, the effects of full spectrum lighting and which phases VIPARSPECTRA 1200W lights are good for.

There are a few VIPARSPECTRA 1200W units, so we will talk about their shared characteristics. Your experience may differ slightly, but they should all provide roughly similar levels of yield and growth.

Effective Growing Area

Wattage is incredibly important when it comes to figuring out the effective growing area because higher wattage increases how far the light can reach and how well your plants respond to it. There have been many suggested formulas for getting square footing, and there are numerous graphs showing wattage and suggested growing areas.

According to most graphs, a 1200W unit should be able to cover a 6-by-6 foot area. However, while that is very close to the real measurement, it’s not quite accurate. We have to consider overall square footing. For LED lights, it takes about 30W per square foot.

After some quick calculations, that leaves us with 40 square foot for growing, which is somewhat more than 6-by-6 feet. It’s closer to 6.5 feet on each side. So, that means the VIPARSPECTRA 1200W yield covers slightly more than a 6-by-6 foot area, which gives you a good amount of growing room.

Heat and Distance

One of the reasons why LED lights are preferred for indoor growing is that they produce relatively little heat when compared to other lighting types. If you’re newer, then you might think that’s only convenient for you because no one wants to deal with a lot of heat, but it’s good for your plants as well.

When lights are hot, they must be set far away from the plants. Extreme heat will burn the plant, so they must be kept at a distance to ensure safety. However, this distance makes the light less effective.

The VIPARSPECTRA 1200W line all have good heatsinks, which ensure that the light stays are a relatively cool temperature when operating. You’ll be able to keep the light nice and close, which boosts your overall yield and also ensures that plants can grow to their potential.

Full Spectrum and Blooming

Many LED growth light brands misuse the term “full spectrum” and instead use dual spectrum. Dual spectrum is fine, it uses both red and blue lights that plants respond well to, but it doesn’t pack the punch that full spectrum has. Full spectrum uses both UV and IR colors to fill in the gaps and ensure that plants can properly photosynthesize.

All VIPARSPECTRA 1200W lights use true full spectrum lighting, so that ensures you get a good VIPARSPECTRA 1200W yield regardless of the model that you choose.

Another feature common to this lineup is the bloom feature. All LED growth lights are good in the growth phase, but only a few have this bloom feature. It gives your plants the exact spectrum that they need during this crucial phase.

This boosts yield by ensuring that your plants are sprouting and growing quickly from start to finish.