Top 05 Best T5 Grow lights Reviews For Better Plant Growth

T5 Grow Lights:

Indoor farming is increasingly becoming popular due to its numerous benefits. Accelerated plant growth and improved yields are some of the main benefits attracting indoor growers. The practice is very popular with horticulture growers due to its benefits. With numerous lighting options available, T5 grow lights are great option to consider. They are size designation of fluorescent grow lights- T stands for tubular while 5 stands for 5/8-inch in diameter thus the name T5 grow lights. They are available in a variety of lengths and weigh a maximum of 10 to 30 pounds.

Compared to other alternative options such as LED, T5 grow lights are less expensive. They produce very small amounts of heat, and thus they can be suspended just a few inches above the plants to increase the light intensity. They are also cheap to run, and thus they do not require much electricity compared to LEDs. T5 grow lights are also easy to install since they are available in packs and are supplied with a power cord. You only need to connect to power to have the lights working.

But which are the best T5 grow lights in the market? You will get numerous brands in the market, but we have rounded up some of the best T5 grow lights. Here are the 5 best T5 lights that you should consider when shopping for grow lights:

1. Hydro Crunch Fluorescent 4FT

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This is one of the best T5 grow lights in the market today. Hydro Crunch Fluorescent 4FT will transform your indoor garden significantly. With these lights, you will see your garden thrive and grow in no time. What makes this option a favourite to a majority of the growers is their flexibility in use. First, Hydro Crunch Fluorescent 4FT comes with a generous 15-foot long cord that makes it very easy to have connected with a power socket placed far in the room. The long power cord also makes possible to place the light anywhere in the room.

Hydro Crunch Fluorescent 4FT features a 95% reflective aluminium foil that helps in maximising light distribution. They can be daisy chained together to ensure that you have maximum power distribution in a larger room. They are designed to produce a full and large spectrum that the plant required to grow and for better yields. It is selling at $ 172.51 on Amazon.

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2. Sunblaster 904298 NanoTech

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This is another high-quality T5 grow light that you should consider. The light is designed to be lightweight, and thus you can mount it in a closet or bathroom or anywhere that you would want to grow your plants. Sunblaster 904298 NanoTech is designed with a high reflector combo that allows for maximum light distribution. These lights are available in 18” fixture, and it is specifically designed to fit in the nanoDome. The fixture comes with an electronic ballast that controls the amount of power used – this is how you save a lot of money on energy bills.

Sunblaster 904298 NanoTech is supplied with a long power cable, and this makes it possible to place the lights far from the power socket. With its jumper plugs, you can hang the lights or place it on a flat surface. The NanoTech reflector is designed to produce maximum reflection, and that’s how you will achieve maximum light intensity to the plants. It is a great option to shop.

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3. Sun Blaze 960290 120-Volt

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This is a compact T5 grow light that will definitely change your indoor farming for the better. It is one of the lights for maximum flexibility since it can be used in both small and large rooms. One thing that you will love about these lights is their safety towards the grower- they are among the few grow lights not known to cause blindness like it is with the sun. Sun Blaze 960290 120-Volt is supplied with a 12-foot power cord, and this makes it possible to be placed on any part of the room.

The light is also designed with an on/off switch that allows for easy operations- for the 8-lamp models; it features two switches that enable you to run for lights if desired. It runs on 120 volts, and thus you don’t have to worry even the power supply is experiencing some fluctuations- it will continue working as normal. With Sun Blaze 960290 120-Volt, you can purchase the lamps separately if one fails. At $84.44 on Amazon, this is a great T5 grow light to buy.

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4. Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite Designer

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If you are looking for the T5 grow lights with ultimate flexibility, then this is what you should consider. The lights are available in two or four feet, and you can have two to eight tubes in one fixture. Their powder textured steel housing is a sign of the durability, and that ensure that you will enjoy the lights for a very long time. Don’t forget that you can buy the tubes separately, and thus you like to enjoy this light for years. They provide up to 40,000 lumens, and this is what makes them perfect for the high-intensity lighting.
Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite Designer can be daisy chained to provide maximum light intensity to the entire room. They are very flexible and versatile in operation in that you can hang them in an overhead or vertical position. These lights are a great choice to have in your indoor farm.

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5. Apollo Horticulture

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We cannot end this list without mentioning the Purple Reign’s Apollo Horticulture. This is a standalone frame that will definitely improve the yield of your indoor farming. They are very simple in design yet very attractive and you will definitely. One thing that makes these grow lights popular with indoor growers is their ease to adjust so as to get maximum lumens. Their light intensity is on point and you will have your plant provided with adequate light and wavelength.Apollo Horticulture fixture is easy to assemble, energy efficient and easily adjustable to your need. At cost of $49.99 on Amazon, it’s a great grow light to install for your indoor garden.

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These are the five best T5 grow lights that in the market. With this guide, you have the best types choose to select from. These are lights will not only provide you with better yields but will also cut on the power cost. Try any of the 5 fives options and you will see the difference.