Top 5 Best Roleadro LED Grow lights Reviews

Plants mainly absorb light to produce the energy they need to grow and the amount of light will depend on each stage of growth. When there are shortages of light or disruptions, this can be fatal and damaging to plant, and that’s why to carry out indoor gardening activities, LED grow lights are necessary. But to be specific Roleadro UFO LED grow light is made to provide powerful lights to the plant without any interruptions. And they come with a 9-band light spectrum which includes UV, IR as well as white lights that penetrate into the deeper plant canopy ensuring proper light coverage.

1. Roleadro UFO LED lamp 138w 9- band Spectrum LED Grow Light

Providing an optimal spectrum of light in 9-band that is 430nm-440nm, 450nm-460nm, 610nm- 615nm, 620nm-630nm, 650nm-660nm for white and UV 380nm-400nm, 470nm Blue and Red grow lights. The spectrum will enhance photosynthetic process in plants, promote the division of cells, protecting plants from bacteria that are harmful and UV sterilization.

The growing light produces the light wavelength that is absorbed fully by plants, and the plant light will adopt a 3w unique Epileds that causes significant penetration of light with a high lumen. The power consumption is usually 138W saving more than 80% of energy, and it also has a cooling system that is effective. Built with Zener Diode on each led if one breaks the other one can still work hence it’s more stable also it has a long lifespan of 50,000hour hence you will not be replacing the bulb soon. Amazon prices this product at 38 pounds which comes with free delivery.

• It’s easy to maintain and use
• More convenient and cheaper
• Has a long lifespan
• Comes with two years of warranty

• The light is not waterproof

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2. Roleadro 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dimmable

Professional LED full spectrum to grow lights containing 9- band, the Blue and Red light come in the ratio of 1:8 where Red enhances flowering and plant germination and Blue, on the other hand, increases the growth of plant leaves. Also included are the IR and UV light which promotes plant health. Consuming 300watts of energy, the lamp is suitable for all plant growth stages.

The best part about this light is that five more lamps can be connected making then to work together saving time, money and energy. The size of the LED grower lamp is 400 x 210 x 60mm. The coverage area that is recommended is 1-4meter squared and a height of 0.5-2.0 meters. It’s also suitable for a growing area of 33ft at the height of 25inches. On Amazon, the lamp cost 84.99 pounds inclusive of free shipping.

• Can connect to other lamps
• Saves money and energy
• Suitable for all stages of the growth of plants

• The UV and IR lights can cause health to the grower

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3. Roleadro 600W LED Grow Light

This grow light contains IR, UV light and Hydroponic lights that are ideal for indoor greenhouse growing. With two big built-in fans containing good quality blades; the grow light regulates the heat and air for plants to grow well. The red and blue light spectrum come in the ratio of 7:1 which works perfectly with blooming, flowering, and seedling as well as promotes the growth of the plant.

The grow lights have adopted 200pcs, 3w lED chips and focusing lenses to enhance maximum penetration. Its daisy-chain is of superior quality as two more lights can be attached and used together and it has an isolated power supply design to make it more efficient. With two years of warranty, This product cost 199 pounds and shipped for free.

• An extended lifespan
• Has a daisy-chain design inbuilt.
• High efficiency and saves on energy.

• The lights are not water resistant.
• The blue lights can be a health hazard.

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4. Roleadro 400W COB LED Grow Light

When the natural sunlight becomes unreliable to your indoor growing, this grow light is the best replacement alternative. This is because the COB led light spectrum is very similar to that of the solar spectrum. It promotes the effects of light and enhances proper growth and harvest of plants. With 90-degree reflective cup and a patent COB designed chips which ensure better light collection, more brightness and also maximise the absorption of light to the plants.

The LED grow light contains uniform lighting Colour making each plant leave obtain different nutrients from light evenly. It’s built with a daisy- chain design to help attach three more growing lamps to work together at the same time. It has a low energy consumption of 190 watts, and the lamp can stay as long as 50,000 hours. It sells at 95 pounds in Amazon and comes with free shipping.

• Perfect solar replacement
• Provides uniform lighting
• increased light absorption

• It’s not resistant to water.

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5. Roleadro 300w Grow Light

The grow light comes with 9-band of the light spectrum which includes IR and UV lights that work perfectly for every stage of plant promoting growth and good harvest.100pcs revolutionary high power 3w led chips that provide good brightness, high lumen capacity and proper penetration of has a dimension of 400x210x60mm, the recommended coverage is 1-4 square meter.
It has three cooling fans that promote reliable heat dissipation that allows the grow light to have a long lifespan. Its power rate is 300w compare to others which use more energy but with this grow light it’s more energy efficient. It costs 69 pounds with free shipping and two-year warranty included.

• Energy saving
• Maintenance cost is zero
• Safe to use

• Does not have a wide coverage.

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Roleadro led grow lights are very very popular now a days. people like these lights for their better performance. Most of the lights are not available in amazon now but which are available in amazon are good.