Popular Grow LED Lights Review in 2021

In this popular grow LED lights review, we will look at two of the most popular growth lamps that you can use for indoor growing. This has become a hot topic lately as many people are looking to grow plants in their apartments, garages, closets and many other indoor areas.

These two growth lamps are ideal for starting your own indoor garden, regardless of what you want to grow. From small flowers to full heads of lettuce, they both have the power, coverage and features to ensure your garden truly blossoms.

Led grow lights are really good thing for growing plants where sunlight is absent. These popular lights can help you better.

popular grow LED lights review

01.VIPARSPECTRA 600W Reflector-Series Full Spectrum 

VIPARSPECTRA has grown itself into a major brand, and all of their products belong on a popular grow LED lights review. This 600W unit is in their reflector series, ensuring that all of the heat and light is directed where it should be, rather than be wasted on the sides.

The LEDs here provide a full spectrum of color, which plants need to grow. While you can get away with just red and blue, a full spectrum provides infinitely better results. Not only that, but the light from this unit is balanced, ensuring that isn’t just concentrated in the center.

Another huge bonus is that the fans are made to be super quiet, so you can easily run this without it interfering with your normal daily routine.


  • Provides a full spectrum of color, which plants need for proper growth
  • The light is balanced so that it evenly covers the whole growing area
  • Quiet fans make this unit whisper quiet


  • Consumes 269 watts to operate. This is within the moderate zone, some LED grow lamps use less power but have a similar output
  • Requires some previous knowledge of indoor growing to use properly. Be sure to research the subject before installing the light

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02.Supmovo 600W LED Growth Light, Full Spectrum UR and IR

No popular grow LED lights review would be complete without this Supmovo 600W unit. With a massive amount of power and a full spectrum of color, this will help you grow small crops in your own home or apartment. Not only that, but it’s simple to use.

At 600W, this gives you more than enough power to grow fruit and vegetables, but it’s also ideal for flowers, herbs and most other plants. If you’re worried about power consumption, then don’t worry. This is an economical light and runs on double chip 10W LED lights, so it’s drawing very little power.

An aluminum back ensures 90% of all light and heat is directed towards the plant, and the powerful heat sink keeps the lamp from getting too hot. If you’re looking to grow produce indoors, then this is the perfect light for you.


  • Has a high output of 600W, but only uses 10W lights to achieve this.
  • Incredibly durable and energy efficient, making it great for home growers.
  • Easy to install and only weighs 4.5 pounds, plus it utilizes a full spectrum of light.


  • Slightly more complex to operate due to the extra features, but most growers should have no problem using it.

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Popular led grow lights are very useful and people are using it in their home to grow plants .