Top New Led Grow lights For 2020 (Cheap & Powerful)


LED grow lights are an innovation on the classic incandescent bulb. However, the LED industry continues to make improvements as well. This includes reduced energy consumption, greater control and more intelligent control systems. New businesses enter the marketplace, as well. Yet people are reluctant to try these new models, because they don’t have the same track record as established competitors. Let’s look at some of the top new LED grow lights for 2020.

New Led Grow lights For 2020

01.VIPARSPECTRA Brand Pro Series 2020 Grow Light

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The 2020 Pro Series has SMD LED (surface mount device light emitting diode) lights. This improves the efficiency of the LED lights. It also provides greater control ability of the LEDs. For example, the 2020 models have an additional dimmer knob. This isn’t a red light-blue light-full light selection. You can adjust the light level anywhere from zero to 100 percent.

The grow light has strong red light. It also puts out both 3000-3500 K and 6500-7500 K white light. This mimics sunlight while giving the owner better visibility.

This model doesn’t have interior fans, reducing noise. It relies instead on the next generation of heat sinks to dissipate the heat. However, the driver in the control board can get hot. This unit doesn’t have a track record of shorts or burned out bulbs due to heat, but you might want to be careful when adjusting the dimmer or plugging in separate controller hardware.

Viparspectra has several models for 2020. The P1000 is considered equivalent to a 1000 Watt conventional grow light. The P1500 is thus equivalent to a 1500 watt grow light. And the P2500, the largest, is equal to a 2500 Watt grow light.

The P1000 is designed for a 2 x 2 to 2.5 x 2.5 foot growing area. The P2500 can provide modest or supplemental light for a 3.5×4 foot area or intense light for sun-loving or blooming plants in a 3 x 3.5 foot area.

It can be used for all stages of plant growth. However, it cannot generate intense blue light for fostering stem growth or healing plants that are receiving too much red light. There is no infrared output.

The manufacturer provides a rope hanger with every grow light. The lights are lightweight and easy to install. For example, the P2500 weighs around ten pounds. The P1000 is closer to six pounds.

The grow light can accept AC power between 50 and 60 Hz and 100 to 240 volts. The 2020 edition is quite energy efficient. The P1500 model only draws 150 watts of power, though light output is closer to a 400 watt HPS bulb. Power draw for the P2500 is around 250 Watts, while it is similar in luminosity to a 600 watt HPS bulb. In this regard, the rating system is somewhat of a misnomer.

The unit is not water proof. It isn’t even rated very water-resistant, so don’t use it above an aquarium or let it get hit with a water mister. It is already known to be sensitive to the temperature of the surrounding area.

If the temperatures get over 40 degrees C or 100 degrees F, it is likely to fail. If you’re raising plants in a hot house, you’ll either need to increase the ventilation around the grow lights or use a different grow light.


  • Dimmable
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Full-spectrum light


  • The driver/control board can get hot
  • Sensitivity to heat and moisture


  •  Not as bright as the name suggests


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02.Cannalights 3000W LED Grow Light, 2020 Edition


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The Cannalights LED product is the new led grow lights for 2020 for larger growing operations.

It is made to be user friendly. It comes with the hanging kit, power cord and growing bag. It is easy to set up, and you get all the hardware you need except seeds or seedlings. The grow bag can be used to grow tomatoes and other vegetables, though it is your responsibility to add soil and keep it watered. The grow light weighs less than ten pounds.

It is rated as equivalent to a 3000 watt grow light, but it only requires 300 watts to run. This model can be daisy chained to other grow lights. However, the cords to do this are sold separately by the manufacturer.

It can generate full spectrum grow light or red-dominant light. The latter is perfect for blooming plants. The light spectrum ranges from 380 to 800 nanometers. It doesn’t use reflectors or heat focusing lenses that increase the odds you’ll burn the top layer of the plants.

On the other hand, it contains several UVA LEDs to produce artificial light as close to sunlight as possible. There is no dimmer switch. You can switch from mostly red to blue light via the bloom/veg switch.

This grow light relies on three cooling fans to prevent the light from getting too hot or over-heating the top layer of your plants. The iron shell dissipates the heat, as well. You may want to add a thermometer to your grow tent to monitor things. At least it isn’t as loud as earlier models of grow lights.

The fans themselves are rather quiet. This unit is unusual for having overheating protection. If the panel overheats, it will automatically turn off. You’ll probably have to turn it back on manually. Note that this is a major improvement over prior models.

A minor complaint is that the power cord is just four feet. That may work if you’re daisy chaining the grow lights, but this often falls short for those who want to plug it into the wall.

While it is listed as a 3000 watt light, it is best for a 3×4 foot area. If you have sun-loving plants, then it may only have enough intense light for one large plant. It can provide supplemental light for a larger swath of houseplants.

Sometimes the lights stop working after a few months. However, this brand isn’t known for half the lights burning out due to control board problems or bulbs burning out in series.


  • Energy efficient
  • Includes UV light
  • Can be daisy chained
  • Comes with almost everything you need


  •  Not dimmable


  •  Doesn’t cover as large an area as some 3000 watt lights


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The best new led grow lights for 2020 offer features that you’d have to pay extra for in other models or provide better performance for a comparable price. The latest new products are often superior to models made by the same company just a few years ago.