Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light Review For Hydroponics and Green house

Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light Review

Do you love the idea of growing plants, but you simply don’t have the room? Or, what if you don’t like going outside? Well, there’s a way to fix that: indoor growing. You just need the plants, a growing area and, most importantly, a growing light.

If you’re serious about this and want to start growing vegetables and herbs, then there’s nothing better than a 2400W LED grow light from a trusted brand like Morsen. Here we will do a Morsen 2400W LED grow light review and cover their two products that produce this much light, and show you why they are better than so many other LED growth lights.

01.Morsen 2400W 2-Switch Dimmer, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Greenhouses

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Let’s start with this Morsen 2400W LED grow light review, which comes with a dimmer, full spectrum lighting and many cooling fans. The dimmer is useful here because it allows you to run the light at half capacity if you only have a few plants or want to reduce energy usage. One switch turns on half the lights, while the other switch does the other half. Both halves are staggered for both left and right usage.

Speaking of energy usage, you’ll be shocked by how little is needed to keep this unit running. Even though it has a huge output of 2400W, it only uses about 450W to operate. This keeps your costs nice and low as you apply your green thumb and grow edible plants in your closet, growing tent or anywhere else.

The LEDs here are 10W double chips. It’s hard to write a Morsen 2400W LED grow light review and not mention this. 10W LEDs are twice as strong as most other lights, plus it ensures better light coverage of your growing area. They allow about 90% of the light to turn into photosynthesis for your plants.

As you might expect, this unit can get hot when it’s in use. There are 6 big cooling fans in the back made to pump the heat out and keep the light nice and cool. Despite the number of fans, you’ll be happy to know that this light is very quiet while it works.


-Has a huge output of 2400W but only requires 450W to operate

-Uses 10W double chip LEDs, which have better durability and high lumens than 3W or 5W LEDs

-The dimmer allows you to use less energy if you don’t need the whole 2400W output


-Due to its larger size, the unit weighs more than some other growth lights at about 16 pounds, but that’s fairly common for this output

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02.Morsen MRS 2400W LED Grow Light Reflector Series Bloom Switch Full Spectrum Lighting

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Here’s another powerful LED grow light that you’re sure to love. It’s very similar to the other Morsen light, but a few of the features are a little different. Let’s start with the output. Like the other one, this has a 2400W output and uses 10W double-chip LEDs that provide superior lumens to your plants.

The power drain to you is slightly higher with this unit, but the difference is hardly worth mentioning. It requires 455W to operate, which is still very economical and will hardly drain your wallet. This allows you to provide a massive amount of light for a very low cost.

One of the best features is the bloom and growth switches. Plants that are just starting to bloom need slightly different types of lighting than when they are at the growth phase. This allows you to give them exactly what they need at this phase. Or, you can always turn both on if you have plants at different phases.

The lights here are incredibly balanced, ensuring there are no hot or cold spots. The lighting angle is at 120 degrees. This ensures that your whole growing area blossoms properly and that nothing burns or doesn’t get enough light. Not only that, but the full spectrum light gives plants all the types of light that they need, making this fitting for our best Morsen 2400W LED grow light review.


-Uses full spectrum lighting along with bloom and growth switches so that you can change the light as you need it

-Very low energy requirements at 455W despite its huge output of 2400W

-Has a wide angle at 120 degrees ensuring that every plant gets exactly what it need without hot or cold spots


-The light is a little bulkier than other lights in this size range, so it’s a little harder to install, but it should be fine if you have a large enough area

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