MARS HYDRO 1200W led Grow Light Review 2021

This Mars Hydro 1200W LED grow light review will go over all the important aspects of this grow light so that you can see why it’s amazing and judge whether it’s right for you. The powerful 1200W light is good for larger growing areas and will help you grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and any other plants you’re looking to grow inside.

Mars Hydro is known for maximizing their red and blue lights, ensuring you have the most useful light for your plants. This review will show you what to expect from this grow light.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Mars Hydro 1200W grow light is the power. This is a very strong LED light that should give you more than enough light for nearly any type of plant. You’ll find that this can support a 4.5-by-4.5 feet growing area on flowering and a 6.5-by-6.5 area on the veg setting.

One of the best things about LED grow lights is that they drain so much less power than other lighting types yet are highly potent when it comes to helping plants grow. This model will drain 110V or 220V depending on the setting. That ensures you can grow numerous plants while using little power.

New LED Technology

One of the best things to note in our Mars Hydro 1200W LED grow light review is that this unit uses SMD LED lights. This is a new type of LED that lasts longer, uses better light for enhanced reds and blues and is overall an improvement over previous LED technology.

This is a full spectrum light that gives you ideal red and blue lights that will positively impact plant growth. You can also switch between veg and flower settings as needed or keep them all on for the most light and largest yields.

Fans and Weight

Every LED grow light needs a good fan system to ensure the light remains relatively cool. The Mars Hydro 1200W has four large fans that are constantly running to keep the unit around 85 to 105 degrees, which is optimal.

Weight is also important for safety because a light that is too heavy can be dangerous. This light is around 37 pounds, which is heavier than many smaller LED lights, but is consistent with other 1200W lights.

Final Thoughts

This Mars Hydro 1200W LED grow light review is highly positive because this is one of the best grow lights you can find in the 1200W range. Not only does it use new LEDs, but it can support a large growing area, is reasonably cool and requires little energy. Overall, it’s a wonderful LED grow light that any serious grower will love.


  • Has both flowering and veg settings, or you can run all lights simultaneously
  • Supports a large growing area, up to 6.5-by-6.5 feet
  • Uses new SMD LEDs that are brighter, stronger, generate less heat and are just better overall


  • Not as light as some other LED grow lights, but consistent for the energy rating
  • Doesn’t have an on or off switch, which is a little strange, but not a big problem

Marsh hydro 1200w led grow light is not available now but You can choose marsh hydro 1600w below.

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