LED Grow Tent Kits UK-You Should Know About Them.

LED grow tent kits UK

Indoor growing has increased in popularity as people are seeing how easy it is to grow your own flowers and vegetables from home. Many people are turning to growing tents as they provide optimal conditions for plants to induce growth.There are lot of benefits to grow plants in tents.

 Here we will go over the best LED grow tent kits UK so that you know where to start. All four of the kits here are wonderful at helping your plants grow and giving them an environment where they are healthy and robust.

LED Grow Tent Kits UK

 01.Omega Lighting Full Grow Room Complete Setup

best led grow tents uk
best led grow tents uk

This is a large growth tent kit that is sure to give you all the room you need for numerous plants. Measuring 1.2×1.2x2m, this Monsterbud tent is nice and thick, ensuring that it’s durable and resistant against the elements.

 Along with the tent, you also get a metal vortex pro in-line fan, ensuring  your plants get all the air they need without sweltering. This fan comes with speed controls, a carbon filter, and there is also aluminum ductwork so that you can easily feed the air in and out of the tent as needed.

You get a 600W LED growth light with dual lighting, which provides multiple types of lighting necessary for your plants to grow. This will ensure  that your plants get what they require for photosynthesis so that they  are fed and can grow comfortably.


  • Provides a massive amount of room at 1.2×1.2x2m in size, which is more than enough for a few plants
  • The 600W LED growth light has several types of lighting that will keep your plants happy and fed
  • The metal vortex fan is super powerful, regulating the air within the tent


  • Dual spectrum LED growth lights aren’t as good as full spectrum for ideal growth, but they’re close to perfect

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02.Black Orchid Hydroponic Hydro Box Grow Tent 300-150-200cm Size
best led grow tents uk
best led grow tents uk

If you’re looking for a good sized tent, then this is perfect. Measuring 300x150x200cm, this is easy to
fit just about anywhere while giving your plants plenty of room to grow  and blossom. The internal material is a 
reflective Mylar, which does an unparalleled job at reflecting light and directing it to your plants.

 There are various intake holes so that you can easily customize the fans, ducts and growth patterns of your plants. There are also metal push-fit corners that add extra strength and durability to the growth tent.
Lastly, the top has a grid of strong metal hanging bars that can easily support just about any light or other accessory that you need. The grid pattern is great because it allows you to easily adjust position and item based on your needs, making this one of the best LED grow tent kits UK.


  • Uses a reflectively Mylar material that distributes light throughout the entire tent
  • The metal hanging bars make it easy to hang lights or anything else that you need, plus they can be moved with ease
  • Multiple intake holes for fans, ducts and additional growth patterns


  • The holes don’t zipper closed, which some may not like. But, they are closed with premium drawstrings that actually function quite well

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03.UndrCoverLab M Grow Tent Hydroponic 95-55-180cm

best led grow tents uk
best led grow tents  uk

This tent is nice and tall, able to fit in most closets or corners. Standing at 95x55x180cm, it will have an easy time fitting numerous plants, and is specially made to accommodate those that grow tall. It’s also very easy to put together with connector rods that just snap into place.

 The interior is made of a glossy white material that is said to be even better than Mylar at reflecting light. This means that it will do a wonderful job of retaining light and ensuring that your plants get as much as possible.
 The various air tubes can be securely closed via zipper, and there are rectangular vents that stop mosquitos in their tracks. Along with that, there are strong nylon belts on the top that can hold even heavy lights and other necessary accessories.


  • The glossy white interior ensures that 97% of all light is trapped within,  making this an amazing growth chamber for your plants
  • The tall design allows you to grow your plants tall rather than wide, plus you get lots of room
  • Designed to keep out mosquitos and other pests that would seek to do harm to your plants


  • Some people may not like the nylon belts. Even though they are strong, it  may be a little harder than hanging lights from metal rods

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04.Ohuhu Indoor Grow Tent 200-150-150cm Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Plant Growing

best led grow tents uk
best led grow tents uk

Standing rather tall at an impressive 200cm, the first thing to notice is the overall size of this tent. It offers more than enough room for an indoor growing adventure, allowing you to grow various types of plants. Not only that, but the double-reinforced stitching ensures that the walls are incredibly durable.

Within the tent is a Mylar coating that ensures that the vast majority of light stays within its walls so that the plants get as much as they need. This makes it one of the best LED grow tent kits UK that you can find. Any LED growth lamp will easily work with this Mylar coating, and you’ll notice the difference in your plant’s health.

This tent is probably the easiest to put together. Not only are the instructions very easy to follow, but all of the parts are clearly labeled and even lettered, ensuring that you know which part you’re looking at. This makes it ideal if this is your first tent or you’re worried about improper assembly.


  • The reinforced stitching will ensure that the walls are very durable while also making it last for many years
  • Mylar coating on the inside keeps as much light as possible within the tent, making sure that only your plants soak it up
  • The tent is very spacious and it’s easy to grow plants both tall and wide, based on your preference


  • You must attach lights and other accessories to the rods around the edges of the tent, meaning that it might be difficult to get proper positioning with some accessories

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