LED Grow Lights Vs Sunlight – Which is Better?

LED Grow Lights Vs Sunlight

With changes in climate, food production for our rapidly growing population is becoming an enormous challenge. However, technology is working towards alleviating most of the challenges that the facing the agricultural sector with the aim of increasing food production. Traditionally, sunlight was the main source of energy for photosynthesis, but with time, it has proven unreliable in regard to meeting the increasing food demand.Now people are searching to know led grow lights vs sunlight which is better.

The introduction of artificial light in the form of the light emitting diode (LEDs) or what is popularly known as LED grow light has proven to be a reliable source of energy. It has also been found to improve food production by a significant margin over sunlight. In this article, we are going to look at sun light vs Led grow light. But we will major in some of the key benefits of LED grow lights over sunlight.

01.Daily Duration

One of the major benefits of LED grow lights over the sunlight is the duration in which the plants are exposed to the light. It is imperative to note that plants only grow only in the presence of sunlight or the alternative. In the case of Sunlight, the light is only available for around 10-12 hours around the equator and just a couple of hours around the north and south hemisphere.

During the dark hours, the plant growth is stalled. But for LED grow light, they can supply the required light 24/7. That means the plants will mature twice or thrice faster compared to those depending on sunlight.

02.Light Quality

The quality of light is critical when it comes to the plant the growth. Sunlight may provide better quality light for the plant but LED grow lights are the best. These lights are designed to provide with specifications that make it possible to provide the specified amount of light for specific plants.

For instance, if you want to grow kales; you can do it indoors and have specific lights designed to produce the perfect quality of light for the plants. The amount of red and blue light in LED grow lights can also be varied to improve the light quality. That means your plants will grow healthy and faster, and thus the result will be better and high-quality yields.

03.Light Intensity

The intensity of light reaching the plant determines the maturity period for the plant. If the intensity is low, it will take longer for the plant to mature and vice versa. LED grow light provides proper intensity especially for the plants that require being grown indoors. Unlike the sunlight, artificial light can be adjusted by either installing lights with higher intensity or lower the light closer to the plant to increase the intensity of the light.

It is important to note that most of the LED grow lights are designed with a reflector that makes it possible to direct more light to the plant thus increasing the intensity. That is something that cannot be done with the sunlight. Therefore, plants will tend to mature faster under LED grow lights. So while sampling led grow lights vs sunlight, this a critical benefit to consider.

04.Improved Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process by which plant converts light energy into carbohydrates. The process makes food that plants need to grow, but it can only happen when there is sufficient supply of blue and red light. Once the dark sets in, there is no more photosynthesis taking place and thus plants may not have adequate food to keep them growing.

In short, the growth of the plant is stalled during night times. But with LED grow light, photosynthesis takes place 24/7 as long as the lights are on. That is why the maturity period for the indoor plants is significantly reduced compared those growing outdoors.

05.Temperature Intensity

Temperature is critical when it comes to the growth of the plants. It also determines the level of yields you get from the plants. Some of the plants such as vegetables require cooler conditions that sunlight may not provide. So, by exposing such plants to sunlight will definitely reduce the quality and quantity of the yields. That could result in poor output or possible losses to your investment.

By using Led grow light, you will be able to control the amount of temperature produced, something that is not possible with sunlight. Most of the Led grow lights are known to produce negligible amount of heat, and thus you will not have issues to heat destroying the plants.

06.Specific light for specific plant

When it comes to LED grow lights vs sunlight, selecting the specific light for specifics plants is one of the advantages LED grow lights have over sunlight. Whereas the sunlight does not choose which plant gets the right, you have an LED light for a specific plant.

If you are growing larger vegetables, you can go for the lights that produce high intensity and cool spectrum. For the flowering plants, very bright, warm-spectrum would be the perfect options. With such specifications, you will have the right light for the every plant to improve the quality and quantity of the yields. These are benefits that you cannot get from sunlight. So while taking on led grow lights vs sunlight, this is one of the main benefits to consider.

07.Improved Yields in a Shorter Period

The amount of output that you get from indoor farming is double or triple of what you can get by practicing outdoor farming. One of the main benefits of indoor farming is that you can control the plant from adverse exterior conditions such as weather changes and pests. You are also able to target the wavelengths, and that results in healthy plants.

The combination of the two results in healthy plants and thus high yield. The fact that plants are exposed to light 24/7 also ensures that maturity period is significantly reduced by more than half. That is high you will get improved yields in a shorter period of time.


These are some of the key benefits that LED grow light has over the sunlight. So if you are planning to get into indoor farming, these are some of the benefits that you will enjoy. With LED technology, your farming will never be the same.I hope you are understand led grow lights vs sunlight which is better.