Led Grow Light Strips Review – Best For Your plants

Grow light strips are narrow strips of LED lights that generate light along the same wavelengths as conventional grow lights. The benefits of grow light strips include the fact that they can be installed anywhere and their flexibility. You could mount them under a shelf or window frame to provide supplementary light for your plants. Here is an LED grow light strips review for each of the top 3 products on the market today.

01.Glime Brand LED Grow Light Strip

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These grow lights provide supplementary red and blue light. They’re perfect for giving window gardens and indoor plants the extra light they need to thrive. This grow light strip has several lighting levels so you can set it to the perfect level for your application.

One of the benefits of this grow light strip is that it is water proof. If it gets wet while misting a thirsty plant or because of window condensate, there is no problem. These lights could even be put on the outside of a window frame if there is no space indoors, though they cannot be immersed in water.

The grow light strips by Glime are so flexible that it can be rolled up on a wheel and stored. This grow light comes with a five foot or 150 centimeter power cord.

This model only accepts 12 volt power, so make sure you either have a 12 volt power source like from a compatible battery or a power adapter when using these grow lights with a standard wall outlet.

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02.SLR Lighting Grow Light Strip Kit

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While we can provide a led grow light strips review for models that are just a grow light strip and plug, the reality is that some people want everything they need in one package. That is where the SLR Lighting grow light kit comes in.

The grow strips themselves provides both red light and blue light via the grow light strip. The red lights are tuned to the deep red frequencies that facilitate flowering and fruiting, though it supports photosynthesis as well. The blue lights help plants develop healthy stems and seedling growth.

The kit comes with five 20 inch grow light strips. For those that don’t want to have to deal with hunting for supporting hardware, this kit also comes with a power adapter, mounting screws, zip ties and adhesive tape. The mounting screws may not be necessary since the strips have adhesive backing, but you may need the strips if mounting the grow lights across an open area like over an aquarium.

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03.Cefrank Brand Grow Light Strips

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The average led grow light strips review features a stand-alone product, something you can plug in by itself and use. However, there are times you need the literal flexibility of grow light strips and several of them together to support your plants.

This is the market for which Cefrank grow light strips are perfect. Each grow light strip puts out both red and blue light. Each strip has super glue adhesive on the back to stay where you put it.

This kit comes with three waterproof grow light strips and a power adapter. Where this model differs from the others is the fact that you can have one, two or three in series. You could bend the entire string to fit any shape or use it to mimic a rectangular grow light. Or use the group to provide better light at the edges of an existing rectangular or circular grow light.

These lights are safe to place over aquariums and within hydroponics systems; they won’t short out because they were misted or someone accidentally poured water over them.

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