Top 5 Best King LED Grow Light Review in 2020 ( Don’t Miss)

Are you looking for the king led grow lights? Here is a guide to know the detail about it.King led grow lights are very famous for their quality .Many people are using these lights for their indoor gardens.So welcome our king led grow lights review post.

King LED is royalty in the LED grow light market. They’re known for offering some of the first LED grow lights with remote controls. Their LED grow light kits are popular with beginners to experienced growers because they’re easy to use and often come with everything you need in one box.

They have offered some of the cheapest high quality grow lights and aquarium lights on the market since 2012. Let’s look at some of the best LED grow lights available from King LED.


Top 5 Best king Led Grow Light Review


01. King Plus 600 Watt LED Grow Light


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This 600 Watt LED grow light by King LED is designed to cover a small area. It replaces sunlight for a 3 foot by 3 foot area. The 120 degree angle of the LEDs plus reflectors provides intense coverage in the middle while delivering strong light to the edges of the grow area.

Like many LED grow lights, it is described as 600 watts but is equivalent to an HPS light with about half the power draw. In this case, the 600 watt LED grow light by KingLED matches the output of a 250 watt HPS grow light.

However, it only draws 125 watts of power. It can pull power from 85 to 265 volt AC systems. That means you could plug it into your wall outlet or connect it to 220 volt industrial power plugs.

This grow light has lower than average heat output. There are several relatively quiet fans, keeping the heat from building up. That plus the full spectrum light make it ideal for use in a grow tent.

The LED grow lights provide a mix of bred light and blue light plus ultraviolet and infrared light. You can set it to predominately red or blue light by flipping a switch. Have both switches on to get full-spectrum light. However, full spectrum light is dominated by red light. This causes problems for some growers.

We know that our King Plus led grow light reviews are going to be read by beginners searching for the perfect starter package. This grow light comes with everything you need out of the box such as hanging kit, power cable and protective eye glasses. Do not use it in the corner of a living room or bedroom, because the light can harm your eyes even at an angle.

These grow lights may not get very hot during normal operations. However, they are prone to burning out when the grow tent or light array gets over 100 degrees F. The grow lights sometimes stop working for other reasons. In these cases, you’ll see entire rows or sections burn out, and the unit isn’t repairable.

The lights are described as having a 100,000 hour life span, but they last about 15,000 hours of continuous use assuming they don’t get wet or too hot. This means you need to be careful if the fans stop working.

This model of King LED light can’t really be daisy chained, and it doesn’t have a remote control. The full spectrum light is not going to penetrate deep into the foliage. This is not the best grow light for tall plants, because it will burn the tops without nurturing the lowest level of foliage.


  •  Full spectrum light, though it is dominated by red light
  •  Energy efficient
  •  Little waste heat
  •  Everything you need in one package


  •  Prone to burned out lights
  •  Small coverage area


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02. King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light


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This King Plus brand grow light is rated as equivalent to a 600 watt HPS grow light. It is roughly equivalent to a 500 watt HPS grow light, though it still uses a fraction of the energy of one. Power draw is comparable to a 400 watt HPS grow light. Note that this covers a roughly four foot by five foot area, though it offers ideal lighting for a four foot by four foot area.

It relies on roughly a hundred 10 watt double chip LEDs, reducing energy requirements. This also helps it run 50 degrees F lower than comparable lights. The unit does have several small fans built into it. These grow lights won’t heat up a grow tent as badly as their rivals, but the unit is prone to failure if it gets over 100 degrees F.

This grow light comes with everything you need out of the box like hanging wires, power cables and eye glasses. That makes this a great choice for beginners. The controls are easy to use, too. Just flip the bloom and veg lights. This gives you predominantly red light or blue light. Turn both on for full spectrum light.

This King brand grow light has a full-spectrum grow light. It offers a mix of red, blue, white, infrared and ultraviolet light. It is unusual for having a number of white lights to give you good visibility when working under the mostly purple lights.

On the other hand, the grow light is predominantly red. This can create problems if you want to maximize stem growth or just put out more blue light. There is no remote control for this unit; that’s limited to the higher end grow lights by this manufacturer.

The manufacturer says the grow lights can run for 100,000 hours. A lot of people only see a year or two of continual use before they see major failures, whether this is a quarter of the lights burning out at once or sporadic failures after just a few weeks.

Note that these grow lights are made for indoor use only. Even hitting it with a plant mister can cause it to short out. And you can’t really get replacement parts for King LED grow lights.


  • Energy efficient
  • Low heat output
  • Easy to use controls
  • All-in-one kit


  • Full spectrum light that tilts red
  • Not repairable
  • Shorter than expected operational life


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03. King Plus 1200 Watt Grow Light


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This is the product we think has the greatest demand by those seeking King led grow light reviews. It is a 1200 Watt grow light. It is cost-effective, providing as much light as two 600 watt grow lights but at a much lower price than two of those King brand grow lights.

The company says it is equivalent to an 800 watt HPS grow light. Its performance is closer to a 600 watt HPS light. It pulls a little under 200 watts of power. It can accept AC power between 50 and 60 Hz and 85 to 265 volts.

It comes with everything you need like hanging kit, sunglasses and power cables. It cannot be daisy chained, not even if you buy cables for that somewhere else. That makes this a good choice for small growing operations.

It provides a nearly square growing area. It provides full spectrum light for a roughly 3.5 feet by 5 feet. It can provide supplemental light for a much larger area.

This unit has decent cooling fans, but there is no surge protector. Turn it off if there is a thunder storm or use it with a surge protector. The manufacturer recommends turning it off ten to twenty minutes after eight hours of operation to extend the operating life.

Theoretically, the LED lights are good for 100,000 hours. In reality, it lasts 10-50,000 hours. Once a few bulbs have burned out, it is likely to experience a cascading failure. Then a quarter or half of the bulbs will burn out. That is separate from the fact the unit cannot get wet, though it can operate in up to 90 percent relative humidity.


  • A good deal in terms of price versus performance
  • Large growing area


  • Prone to cascading failures


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04. King Plus 2000 Watt LED Grow Light


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The King Plus 2000 watt grow light puts out a broad spectrum light. It has a mix of red light, blue light, infrared and ultraviolet light. There are also a few white lights in the mix to improve visibility as you’re working with it.

This model consumes about 400 watts of power. Because it is larger and has greater power draw, this model has a better cooling system. For example, it has large, thick holes in the LED board to help it stay cool. That makes this model less prone to over-heating than the 1200 and 1500 watt models by the same manufacturer.

It also has several fans to keep it cool. Yet the manufacturer gives it the same 20-40 degrees C or 65 to 105 degrees F safe operating temperature range.

It covers a roughly 4 foot by 8 foot growing area, if you’re trying to replace natural light. It will be located two to four feet above the plants. Like other models, we wouldn’t recommend putting it with very tall plants, because you’ll lose foliage penetration even as the top of the plants is at risk of being burned.

The manufacturer often says their grow lights last 100,000 hours. The better ventilation on this model means it regularly lasts 50,000 hours or more assuming it doesn’t get wet or sit in a grow tent that is getting hotter and hotter. Don’t let it get wet, though it can be used in spaces with up to 90 percent relative humidity. Good ventilation can manage both conditions.

Like other King LED brand lights, it is not something you can repair if individual lights burn out. And while you can switch between mostly red and blue light, even broad spectrum light is mostly red. Put it on the red light dominant mode, and there’s almost no red or other types of light.


  • Everything you need in one package
  • Massive coverage area
  • Less prone to overheating
  • Better life expectancy for the lights


  • Not really repairable
  • Red dominant light spectrum in most modes


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05. King Plus 3000 Watt Grow Light


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This is probably the largest King LED grow light any of our readers could need. That is why it is the final of our King LED grow light reviews, though the company does make a 4000 watt version.

The 3000 watt grow light is rated as equal to a 2000 watt HPS grow light. It draws 600 to 650 watts of power. It can accept input voltage anywhere between 85 to 265 volts.

The grow light’s chip on board design and excellent ventilation allow it to deliver a lot of light without putting out much heat. Note that it doesn’t come with a thermometer. It will work fine as long as temperatures don’t go above 104 degrees F.

Like other King Plus grow lights, you get all the basic hardware out of the box. In addition to the grow light, you get a hanging kit, power cable and protective glasses. You may want to buy an additional or larger hanging kit for this particular model, since King LED only provides one hanging cable.

It comes in at 16 pounds, so setup is a one person job. At least you don’t need extra ballasts with this grow light. It can handle power of 50 to 60 Hz.

The lights are described as having a 100,000 hour lifespan, but in reality, it is 10-20,000 hours. Power surges, high humidity and high operating temperatures will cut that short. It is rated for indoor use only.

The company says the coverage area is roughly seven feet by eight feet. This is a rectangular grow light, so you’re really only going to be able to replace sunlight for your plants on a six by seven foot area. This is assuming it is hanging four to six feet above the plants.

Be careful not to burn the top of the plants. The reflectors that minimize energy usage by reflecting light back down can burn the tops of tall plants. However, this grow light is so strong that it will penetrate deeper into the foliage than other King LED models.

Like other King Plus models, you can choose between broad spectrum “all-on” light, red light and blue light. The broad-spectrum light is dominated by the red spectrum, making this grow light perfect for leafy plants as long as they don’t get too tall.

Because it is so high above your plants and has a more durable design, this unit can handle relative humidity up to 90 percent. However, it has the same temperature limits. If it gets over 100 degrees F, you may start seeing LEDs burn out. And this unit is prone to cascading failures of LEDs like other King LED brand models.


  • Deep penetration into foliage with broad spectrum light
  • Large coverage area
  • More rugged


  • Prone to cascading failures
  • Not repairable


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KingLED is a relative newcomer to the LED grow light market. However, they offer an ideal combination of features, additional supplies and affordability that makes any of their products a good choice for most growers.