King 1000W LED Grow Light Review -Worth for Money !

Use this King 1000w LED grow light review to get to know more about this light. It has been designed for greenhouse use as well as for use with indoor growing with plants and flowers. Whether you’re an avid indoor gardener or you’re a beginner, this is a light that offers longevity and a smart balance of PAR and Lumen output to ensure steady light when you need it the most. The 10W double chips are brighter than traditional chips and offer better coverage as a result.

This Light is not available now but you can buy this 1000w led grow light on amazon .

Worried about using too much energy? With this light, you can relax. It consumes only 220W of power to help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint while it’s powered on. The full spectrum light includes a variety of different bulbs, including yellow, white, red, blue, IR, and UV.

These different types of bulbs work together to create a light that’s more similar to natural sunlight and that subsequently offers better health to plants and flowers. In fact, this can be used during all stages of growth so you can continue enjoying it from start to finish.

When it comes to overheating because of long-term use, this light has you covered. It’s made with an efficient cooling system that includes holes on the LED board and small fans. These small but effective features help dissipate the heat efficiently to help prevent overheating, even when the light is used for a long time.

What are you planning on growing? When you have an LED light like this, the possibilities are endless. You can grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and beautiful plants without the risk of growing outdoors. This will provide with a light that’s very similar to sunlight so the plants can grow and thrive just as you would like.

King 1000W LED Grow Light Review Pros and Cons

Learn more about what people like and dislike about this LED light.


  • Includes everything you need to get started, such as the grow light, a power cord and a free hanging hook that’s easy to install
  •  A modular power cord is included and can be used in US, UK, EU, AU, and JP
  • 1000W is enough power for most small plants to grow in a healthy manner
  • Many users say their plants grow healthier when they use this light vs competitors
  • Excellent customer service and 3-year limited warranty are included to offer you peace of mind with your purchase


  •  Light should not be touched or moved when it’s working, so you must keep it still and in a steady spot. This might be difficult if your garden is in an open area of your home
  • Coverage area is 3.4×3.8 feet, which may be too small for some indoor growers
  • Some users say their light failed only after a few months of use
  • Some of the bulbs can easily go out and leave the light unbalanced

Final Thoughts

With this King plus 1000w LED grow light review, you are able to see the benefits, drawbacks, and everyday information you need to know about this light. Overall, it’s a quality choice that can help you garden indoors with success!

This Light is not available now but you can buy this 1000w led grow light on amazon .