kind led k5 xl750 review For Your Indoor Plants

There are many brands out there that offer LED growth lights, but you’ve likely been caught up in some of the fanfare surrounding the Kind LED brand. You’ll find that while the wattage isn’t the highest, this is one of the more expensive brands out there. Is this worth the price? Are the features that great?

In this Kind LED K5 XL750 review, we’ll go over all the of the features of this unit and show you exactly why it’s worth the higher price tag. This is a dream product for people who grow a large variety of plants or have a difficult time getting just the right color and spectrum for their plants. Be prepared to be amazed by the unique aspects of this growth light.

Kind LED K5 XL750 Indoor Growth Light Review

Let’s start with the basic stuff first before moving into the more unique features. Let’s start with output wattage. As you may expect from the name, the XL750 has an output of 750W, which is a very respectable number and should offer more than enough power for any type of plant you’re trying to grow.

Along with the output, you’ll obviously want to know about how much power it takes to keep the light on. Higher wattage means more power, so how much does this unit use? On average, this unit only consumes 250W. This is a little higher than some other similar units, but the unique features do contribute a little to this energy need.

There are several timers here that you can set to turn the light on or off when needed, which makes it much more convenient than having to manually turn the light off. Not only that, but now you can keep your plants happy without being there. Another benefit is that this timer can be used to change settings, more on that later.

Next up on our Kind LED K5 XL750 review is the amount of diodes. There is a mix of 208 diodes ranging from 3W to 5W. They come in a unique array of colors and have been arranged properly to make the best use of energy while also ensuring the best coverage for your area.

kind led k5 xl750 review infograph
kind led k5 xl750 review infograph

Now let’s on to the more unique features. First of all, the programmable dimmer and spectrum settings. Your plants need a wide range of light spectrums and colors to grow as big as possible. Most LED growth lights promise full spectrum lighting, but that just means red, blue and violet lights that just so happen to cover some of the other colors.

Here, the Kind LED light is a true full spectrum while also being completely customizable. That’s right. You have complete control to change the light to any color that you’d like while also adjusting the intensity. You are able to change the light to suit the needs of your plants without any interference.

Some plants need one or two colors more than others, but normally you just have to hope for the best with other LED growth lights. Here, you can use whatever you want and the unit will obey your commands. You can also save your settings to the timer so that it switches between spectrums for you.

The next unique feature in this Kind LED K5 XL750 review is the footprint. Not the carbon footprint, but the coverage area that this light hits. A wider area ensures that your entire growth area is properly hit, which means that you save money because you don’t need more lights.

The XL750 has the largest footprint of any similarly powered LED growth light. You simply will not find a unit of comparable power that has a larger footprint. The difference is significant. This is ideal if you have a large growth area, but you don’t want to buy multiple units for your garden.


  • As this Kind LED K5 XL750 review should have shown you, this unit has the largest footprint of any LED growth light
  • Offers a true full spectrum of lighting, also gives you the ability to easily change the colors and intensity to match your needs
  • Runs on relatively little power and uses several times that make it easy to select the right setting when your plants need it


  • This unit is much heavier than other similarly powered ones. Be sure that it is properly supported when installing it

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