How Much Weed Does 1000w Led Grow Light Yield?

How Much Weed Does 1000w Led Grow Light Yield

Many people want to know how the grow light affects their yield when growing weed. Everyone wants better return after investing their time and handwork, and this brings to the question, how much weed can a 1000w led grow light yield? Although there isn’t any exact answer for this question, the amount you get from a plant cultivated under 1000W grow light depends on various aspects such as your experience in growing such plants, your skills and knowledge of producing such a plant, the strain, light quality you are using as well as the growing techniques you are using among others.


However, that does not mean you can’t get a rough idea on the yield estimation you are likely to get when you are using the 1000 Watt grow light. On average, you can get from 0.5 to about 1 gram per watt. The 0.5-gram yield is quite a good yield, while 1 gram per watt is an excellent yield. Equating the above yields and wattage used, you get will get 500 to 1000 grams under the 1000 Watt grow light.

Factors determine the quantity of weed yield.

Just as mentioned above, these yields are only attainable with the right use of other growing conditions. It is essential to understand that better returns cannot only be achieved by the 1000 Watt grow light alone. Other several factors have a significant impact on the quantity of weed you can harvest.

Below are some of the factors that affect the amount of weed you accumulate.

1. Experience and skills of the weed grower.

Excellent grows to understand all weed developing guidelines and instructions which intern ensures that the plane is not only in good condition but also healthy. Remember, just like any other career; theory-based learning isn’t adequate until you get it did practically. This means that growers with many years of growing experience are better advantaged in terms of techniques and timings thus generally produce more weed that starters in weed cultivation.

2. Quality and quantity of lighting.

Just like any other plant, weed plant requires a specific light intensity and at the regulated duration of time for maximum photosynthesis. For better outcomes, choose growing light with higher amount of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR). For instance, the PAR chart below is commonly provided by grow light manufactures to guide weed growers.

At the vegetative stage, the recommended PAR is 400- 600 at 24”, while at the flowering stage a PAR value of 600 to 700 at 18 is highly recommended. It, therefore, means that light with relatively higher wattage should have a higher PAR although this is not always true.

3. Strain.

The genetics of any particular strain can considerably determine the quantity of the yield you get. Always choose the strain variety with a known record of higher productivity. For instance, if you are looking forward to plentiful produce, then avoid auto flowers and embrace the Indica Sativa strains.

4. Grow space.

Your yield is also considerable determining by the grow space you choose. For instance, ample area ensures flesh air circulation, correct temperature, no light leaks, among others.

I hope now you are very much understand how much weed does 1000w led grow light yield.The yield does not depends only light many factors also involve in it.

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