Highest Rated LED Grow Lights -You should not avoid !

You’ve seen lots of growth lights before, but you’re looking for the highest rated LED grow lights. These are products that don’t just help you with indoor growing. They are full of amazing features that accelerate growth and ensure your indoor garden is its absolute best.

From high-powered lights that can cover large areas to full spectrum lighting, these two products are among the highest rated that you can find. Let’s see what makes them so special and why they deserve a place in your indoor garden.

01.Advanced Platinum P300 Series 300W LED 12-Band Grow Light

Advanced Platinum has been in the LED grow light game for a long time, and it shows with their amazing products. The P300 series is all about providing massive amounts of power in small packages. Even though this is smaller than some other growth lights, you’ll find it does a wonderful job of lighting your growth area.

At 300W with a 12-band light, this can accelerate growth for all of your plants. Not only that, but it uses dual switches for bloom and vegetation. The blooming stage needs a little more power, and you’ll easily be able to provide exactly what your plants need.

An aluminum backing greatly reduces heat and light loss, and the heat sink fans on the back also reduce noise down to a whisper. You’ll be amazed at how quiet this light runs. It also uses full spectrum lighting to ensure your plants get everything they need.


  • Requires very little power to operate, keeping your energy bills low
  • Uses a full spectrum of color, plus it has two switches to control how much power is used
  • One of the highest rated LED grow lights available due to its whisper-quiet operation and low heat and light loss


  • Somewhat small, so you may need more than one for larger growth areas

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Hightest rated led grow light info graph
Highest rated led grow light infograph

2.VIPARSPECTRA LED Reflector-Series 600W Indoor Light, Full Spectrum

This brand has gained major respect for the quality build of their LED growth lamps, and their 600W reflector-series product is no exception. This is an ideal choice for new or seasoned growers as it covers a large area and has features necessary for good growth.

Let’s start with the full spectrum lighting. This is a requirement for good photosynthesis as your plants need all the colors, so this will ensure you get good and healthy plants. Not only that, but it also uses dual-switch technology for both the growth and bloom phases.

Even though this is bigger and draws more power, you’ll never have to worry about noise. The fans are designed specifically to keep the grow light very quiet and cool. That’s why this is one of the highest rated LED grow lights available.


  • Uses a full spectrum of color and has two switches for controlling power
  • Fans are very quiet and keep the unit cool during operation
  • Draws relatively little power compared to its output


  • Somewhat heavier than other units, so installation is a little harder

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