Galaxyhydro 300w led grow light review For Your Indoor Plants

Indoor grow lights should work effectively during all stages of the plant that you are growing. When you grow your crops outside, the sun provides all types of nutrients that are needed by the crops. The same thing should happen with indoor grow lights. In this galaxyhydro 300w led grow light review, you will know the reasons why you need the best grow light for your indoor project.

The galaxyhydro 300w grow light has a system that gives a wide spectrum of light. It produces the light wavelength that is ideal for any plant growth. In fact, it produces a PPFD of 796 umol in one second. This type of light is 100% absorbable by plants thus increasing your yield. Also, that below are more features that make this led light amazing.

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Comes with a full spectrum

Most types of plants that grow indoors need light in all the growing stages. The good thing about this 300w led grow light is that it produces all types of light that the plants need during those stages. For instance, it produces important light spectrums like white, 430nm, 620-630 nm and many more spectrums that the crops need during the growing season of a plant.

Saves power thus low electricity bills

Compared to other types of led grow lights, 300w led grow light is made 30% more effective than other types of lights. It also has cooling fans that are combined with heat sinks thus preventing overheating in the room. Through this simple galaxyhydro 300w led grow light review; you will save up to 50% of the power that you use every day thus saving money.

Wide application

With its high PAR and full light absorption, you can use this led grow light in all types of growing. Even if your plants are hydroponic or just planted on the soil, the light produced by this grow light will shorten the growing period. The light from this device will give your plants to be more vegetative than the ones grown by natural light. The plants will grow and flower producing many seeds at all seasons. That is why you can use it for both commercial and home plant growth.

It comes with two years warranty

Not all led grow light manufactures give a warranty of that long. The warranty means that the product is durable and the company is certain that the glow light will be working for that long. If you want something durable that you will use for a long time, galaxyhydro 300w led grow light is the best in that.


• Lowers your power bills
• Gives wide application
• Made well with cooling fans and heat sinks
• Comes with a warranty of 24 months


• It does not come with a switch for changing light colors


When buying any led grow light, you must consider the above features. Make sure that the one you buy come with all features that you want. Look for its application and ensure that you take the one wide applications and you it can for growing different types of crops. With this galaxyhydro 300w led grow light review in place, you have all the information that you need to make the right decision.


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