Top 3 Best G8 LED Grow Light Review in 2021 (Don’t Miss)

If you don’t want to waste money on a new grow light that you’ll only end up throwing away, this top 3 best G8 LED grow light review can help. With all the details you need to know about three different lights, you’ll have the information you need to make a smart purchase. This review even includes pros and cons so you know exactly what to expect with your investment.

Whether you’re familiar with the brand G8 or it’s new to you, it’s one of the most popular in the game. These three models, in particular, are some of the best that it makes. You won’t be disappointed with any option you might choose. These lights are really very good for your indoor plants

Top 3 Best G8 LED Grow Light Review

1. G8 LED 900 Watt Mega LED Grow Light Review



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Boasting the coveted title as “Best LED Grow Light” by High Times Magazine (for 2016 & 2017), this is no doubt a light well worth investing in. Developed by a brand that has a long track record of great service and even better products, this unit in particular features an 8-band wavelength ratio. In addition to this, it offers ultraviolet and infrared lighting for better efficiency and results.

With this model, you won’t have to worry about overheating that increases your bills or ruins your plants. It’s made with special features that leave it cool to the touch, even when operating for 24 hours straight. Because they are made in the USA, the lights have excellent quality control and are designed to last for years on end.

When it comes to increased growth, you can expect this light to help. Over the past 8 years, it has been fine-tuned to deliver the best light possible to enhance yields and increase plant quality. This makes this one of the highest quality LED grow lights on the market and one of the reasons it’s so popular.

The power in this light is certainly one of the highest available today and by this brand. However, if you have a lot of space to cover, this will be crucial in ensuring your plants grow stronger and larger from their tips to bottoms. The intensity is something you’ll appreciate when you see the yields.

When it comes to service G8LED is known for delivering. Each light even comes with a 2-year warranty, with service that is offered directly from the company, rather than a third party. They want your investment to be one that lasts, which is why customer service is their priority.


  • Offers coverage for 6’x4′ (24 square feet total)
  • Award-winning light, which many brands can’t claim
  • Many users say it’s better than any HPS light
  • Doesn’t use much electricity, which helps you save money and reduce heat
  • Power draw of only 540W to reduce your bills and reduce heat
  • You can contact customer service by email and they respond quickly
  • An investment that will last, making it worth the price for casual or professional growers


  • Weighs 22 lbs, which means sturdy hanging is required
  • Doesn’t come with a very long cord (you may request one)
  • Not many negative reviews, which can make it difficult to anticipate any drawbacks
  • After a period of time, you may experience a dimming of the lights


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2. G8 LED 600 Watt Mega LED Grow Light Review


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With a slightly lower wattage than the #1 pick, this G8 600 watt light is still an excellent choice. As another light that was given the “Best LED Grow Light” title by High Times Magazine in 2016 and 2017, it’s made by a manufacturer with a great track record. It combines high-quality 8-band wavelength ratio in addition to UV and IR lighting for a growing light that is not only effective but also energy efficient.

When using this light for your plants, you can expect it to offer intense coverage for an 18 square foot space. With the addition of two 90W red flower boosters during the flowering stage, you can expect maximum yield when growing has been completed. Whether you’re a serious grower or you do this for a hobby, the 600W power will provide you with the perfect light for your plants to grow healthy in all stages.

When it comes to peace of mind with your purchase, you’re covered with this light because of its 2-year warranty. This is fulfilled by the G8LED reputable customer service, so you can trust that your issues (if any) will be taken care of. With this brand being so known for quality, chances of having to actually use the warranty are minimal.

Although the light on this unit is powerful and bright, it uses minimal wattage to ensure it’s cool to the touch, even when used for longer periods of time. This can also help reduce your power bills while making it easier to control the interior climate of your growing space.

After reading the 3 best G8 LED grow light review, you’ll see that this is the “middle” light in terms of cost and brightness. However, it has a solid rating and won’t let you down in terms of performance (even with regular use). It’s well worth considering for any type of grower.


  •  You can contact the company for a power cord (US, UK, EU, AU) and they will send free of charge
  • This brand is always looking for ways to improve their lights
  • 2-year warranty offers peace of mind, especially with reputable customer service
  • Can work on a large space, which is perfect for amateur and professional growers
  • Many reviewers say that the customer service is excellent when they contact them
  • Has helped many reduce their energy bills and eliminate the need of air conditioning units in their growing space


  • Weighs over 16 pounds, so you must have a strong support system
  • Must read instructions carefully to make sure you operate the unit correctly
  • May have to wait before using to receive the proper power cord


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3. G8 LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light Review



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This light has the lowest amount of wattage when compared to the other units, although it’s still quite powerful. With 450W of LED, this also offers a high-quality optimal 8-band wavelength ratio. When combined with the ultraviolet and real infrared lights, this makes the unit incredibly efficient for areas measuring up to 12 square feet.

As with the other LED lights, you can expect the same quality that this brand is known for. This is in addition to their great customer service, which is one benefit that most buyers rave about. Making this better is the title of “Best LED Grow Light”, which no buyer can overlook at this price point.

Made in the USA, this light is also tested in the USA and rigorously detailed to ensure the best quality. This brand also regularly updates their design to ensure their customers get the best of the best. This light, in particular, offers 450W of LED light without drawing an excess amount of energy. As a result, you get healthy growth with minimal drain on your home’s power.

The PAR value of this unit is 960umoles when hung at 14″, which should be great for those who aren’t growing a lot of plants at once. It can penetrate up to 60″ past the plant canopy, making it one of the most intense lights out there on the market today. When you factor in the heat-reducing features, this is something that can help you save money while increasing your yields time and time again.

On the light itself, you’ll notice a slim and sleek design with a black border in a rectangular frame. This helps to cover as much space as possible while dispensing light in a more effective manner. To use it, all you have to do is plug in and get going (no ballast is needed).


  • Great customer service with a 2-year warranty they fulfill
  • High quality design and materials that ensure your money is well-spent
  • The light will get you through your entire grow cycle without any other light being needed
  • Company will give you a free power cord if the one received does not fit yours at home
  • Only draws 270 watts on household power to help save you money and reduce heat buildup
  • You can use this internationally and it only weighs 14 pounds
  • Can help you produce higher quality yields than most other lights on the market today


  • Covers 3’x 4’, which may not be adequate for those who have large gardens
  • No flowering and veg switch, which means less customization
  • Must request a power cord (free) from the company if you’re located in a select few countries


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G8LED is a compact yet powerful unit designed to provide light to your indoor plants. It’s useful during the flowering stage for supplemental lighting. The grow light is rated for 110/240V outlet and comes with hanging wires.


This unit features a network of 1W diodes that give a power output of 80W. Therefore, the plants will get plenty of light while conserving energy.


G8LED Flower Booster adds PAR to the grow room. Also, all red 660 and 630nm can be a great addition to any CFL, LED, and HID system.

For every 8-10 square feet, the plants can respond with increased flowering (within 7 days). And thanks to the deep canopy penetration, your plants will develop more colors and become tasty. But rather than focusing on the plants down, this unit provides a wider coverage at a small footprint.


G8LED can be added during the different stages of plant growth – vegetative, bloom, and flowering.

This grow light is durable and can run up to 18 hours. The diodes will protect the panel in the long run, resulting in healthy plants. If you’re an indoor plant grower looking for excellent plant coverage, this product is for you.


  • It boosts the flowering stage and increases yield
  •  Compact and powerful
  •  It prevents overheating
  •  Saves energy


  •  Stronger in vegetative stage than bloom


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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert grower, the G8LED 450W grow light can take your indoor farming to the next level. It provides coverage to your plants and features 8 bands of light including IR and UV. The red wavelength is critical during the growth, flowering, and bloom stage.

Because this is a supplemental light, it can be added alongside any Plasma, LED, HPS, and fluorescent lights. For the best results, you should hang the grow light about 24 inches on top of plants. It gets better if you can angle the light upwards.


This unit comes in uncomplicated design, so it will consume just a fraction of power on what you’d expect in other comparable models. The wide scope covers the seedling and vegetative stages of plants as well as the flowering stage.

Cooling system

The G8450 has a unique heat dissipation system that consists of fans. No matter what you do to the grow light, it will barely heat up. You can be sure your growing light will stay cool and won’t take a toll on your electricity bill.

Compared to the HPS lighting, this model churns out 600W of power with an input of just 270W.

 Ease of operation

You don’t need any technical know-how to operate this product. The built-in flower and vegetative light spectrum ensure the plants get ample light during photosynthesis. In addition to that, the grow light comes with cords to make the installation process a breeze.

Due to the wide coverage, this grow light is suitable for 3 x3 and 3 x 4 grow areas.


  • Comes with long-life LEDs
  •  Remains cool even on a continuous run
  •  Penetrates deep into the canopy
  •  Can reach bushy plants
  •  Minimizes energy costs


  •  Can’t be used alone- it’s a supplemental light


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01. Increases flower size and density

G8LED is a red light spectrum that gives an extra boost during the vegetative and flowering stage.

02. Compact size

These units can be used in tight spaces thanks to their compact design. Besides that, the light can be hanged below the main panel according to the desired angle. Unlike HID lights, G8 grow lights can be placed close to the plants (12-24-inches).

This ensures optimal light penetration into the canopy. Even better, you can adjust the angle to suit the needs of individual plants.

03. Saves energy

G8 grow lights excel when it comes to saving power. And taking into consideration that they don’t produce too much heat, you can grow healthy plants without worrying about high energy bills. On average, G8 LEDs emit less wattage compared to HID and HPS fixtures.

Only a small amount of heat is emitted – the rest goes through the diodes.

04. Durable

Unlike other LED lights out there, most G8 models are durable. Also, they have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. And apart from being able to save money, the grow lights will help you to grow crops for many years hassle-free.

05. Helps in the growth of healthy plants

When you use just any light on plants, it can cause a burning effect. It may end up drying if the temperature is not up to standards. Look at it this way – anything that emits harmful light can damage the plants. And this is where G8 grow lights come in. They emit light that can be likened to that of natural sunlight.

06. Environmental-friendly

G8 grow lights are eco-friendly than traditional lights. Also, they don’t contain any harmful substances, so the air around you will always be clean. According to recent research, grow lights can save up to 80% of energy costs and this is good for those people who are environmentally conscious.

Also, these lights do not contain mercury which is bad for our health.

07. Quicker harvest cycle

Since G8 grow lights supplement the other lights in your grow tent, they speed up the flowering stage.

08. Versatility

G8 grow lights are designed to emit the spectrum necessary for plant growth. From the above G8 led grow Light review, the compact construction allows it to suit the different growth stages of your plants.

09. Wide spectrum

While light intensity will come in handy during photosynthesis, spectrum is beneficial during the flowering stage. But what makes the LEDs stay ahead of the competition is that you can solicit varying plant responses depending on specific wavelengths.

10. Easy to install

The unique design of LED lights makes the installation process easy. At a minimum, a small medium-sized grow light can be installed within 5 minutes. It’s worth mentioning that all G8 grow lights come with a manual for easy installation.

11. Waterproof

While this may not be a big concern for many growers, you don’t have to worry when your G8 grow light is splashed by water.

Using this top 5 best G8 LED grow light review, you can make the decision as to which grow light to invest in. Since each individual wants something different, it’s important to consider all of the details before making your final choice. However, by doing so, you’ll be sure to invest in something you love.