Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights Reviews in 2021 For Your indoor plants

Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights Reviews and many more

Well come to this article,in this article you will know what is full spectrum, what is the benefits of using full spectrum led grow lights.You also get here 7 best Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights Reviews that will help you to choose the best one.

LED lighting has rapidly changed over the time since its introduction into the market. Although they were initially meant to be an alternative to incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, numerous studies have shown that they can be used for, other purposes. Their ability to support plant growth as an alternative to the sunlight is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the agricultural sector.

Full spectrum LED grow lights is something that has sparked excitement in the horticultural lighting due to its numerous benefits. This is something that every grower should have. But what are they?

Top 07 Best Full Spectrum Led Grow lights reviews in 2021

If you are practicing indoor farming, LED grow lighting is the best options for your plants. Compared to the alternative light sources such as high pressure sodium (HPS) lights, they have numerous advantages. With full spectrum LED grow lights, you will reduce your energy bills drastically, the extended useful life of your bulbs and balanced humidity among many other benefits. But which are the best LED grow lights for your plants? Here the top 7 best full spectrum LED grow lights reviews in 2021 for your plant.

01. Advanced Platinum 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

This is another review of best full spectrum led grow lights reviews. If you want to install bulbs with the highest par/lumen output per watt, then these are the Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights that you should go for. Although they are slightly expensive compared to most of the competition, they are the perfect choice for serious growers who need high LED grow lights. With its superior 12 band light spectrum that goes to the height of the IR to the depth of UV, it provides the most complete spectral output available.

To maximize the light output, the LED grow light is fitted with a focusing lens that helps to penetrate light deep within the plant. What makes the light popular with the growers is the fact that it can be used for VEG and FLOWER. All they need to select by the use of the provided switch.


• Comes with upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks
• Selectable VEG/FLOWER switch
• It comes with fans for cooling


• Slightly expensive
• Heat sink makes the light heavy

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02. Roleadro UFO 138W LED Grow Light

These are small size lights that have gotten most of the growers excited due to their high efficiency and flexibility in use. It is very light weighing only 1.2 kilos. This makes them the best choice for the small scale growers. The small size also comes with lower a price, and this makes the UFO lights one of the most affordable plants grow lights. They are designed with 9 band full spectrum LEDs with UV and IR that promotes the plant’s growth at all stages.

These lights are known for being super quiet in their operation. Drawing only about 55W of the true power, this is indeed one of the low energy consuming LED grow light on the market. They can be used by both outdoor/indoor cultivators.


• High lumen LED grow
• 9 different wavelength maximizes plant growth
• Can be used for greenhouses


• Uv radiation might damage the plant’s DNA
• LEDs may be destroyed high temperature

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03. King Plus 1000watt Double Chips LED Grow Light

These Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights boast of having the latest technology in grow lights. It is a powerful LED grow light that comes with double chips 10W (2pcs 5 watts chips in every LED) which are more efficient than the 5W and 3W LEDS. The bulb produces a full spectrum similar to that of the sunlight, and this makes it perfect for indoor horticulture.

The wavelength includes yellow, IR, UV, Blue, Red and blue colors. King Plus lights are ideal house garden, sowing, greenhouse and pot culture among others. For the cooling purpose, the light is designed with a hole on the LED board and the glass for better heat dissipation. The light is also fitted with two fans to help cool the lights cool faster.


• Efficient cooling system
• Longer lifespan
• Cheap


• The cooling system makes it heavy.
• High initial cost

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04. TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

This is one of the most reputable grow lights on the market. It may appear small in size, but it’s very effective for the indoor farming. The trick is just to use a lot of them to increase the light intensity in the room. The fact that the ToaTronic light draws only 12 watts of power means their consumption of power is very low and this they will reduce your energy bills significantly. They are the alternative HPS for both small and large scale indoor farmers.

The light is designed with 12 LEDs where 3 are blue and the rest red. It is ultra-bright and works best when the plant is in need of an extra light boost. Their wavelengths can be absorbed fully by the process of photosynthesis.


• Low consumption power
• Improves the health of the plant rapidly
• High light intensity


• Light pollution- blue light might cause pollution
• UV radiation can cause damages to the skin and eyes

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05. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED

This is one of the lights that have been designed to address the problem of coverage and PAL/Lumen balance. The light is engineered to strike a balance between coverage and PAR/lumen output. The reason why the light has been successful in the market is its broad wavelength that can provide for plants flower and Veg with everything that they need from sunlight in all stages.

This includes supporting germination to stem elongation. It is a perfect alternative to the HPS considering that it draws only 200w of the power to operate.


• Extended useful life
• Low power consumption
• Equipped with fan for efficient cooling


• High purchasing cost
• The cooling system makes the light heavy

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06. Galaxyhydro LED Grow Plant Light 300w

If you are planning to replace your indoor garden light, this is the ideal choice to go for. It is one of the most efficient lights engineered to provide only what the plant needs for healthy growth and better yields. Galaxyhydro LED grow light produces red and blue spectrums in larger amounts. Each light is equipped with 100 pcs 3W EpiLEDs that are high lumen and also produced a lot of light.

The light is also designed with additional UV, and IR led bulbs- this helps in killing bacteria in the growing space and promoting plant’s health. For efficient heat solutions, Galaxyhydro LED grow lights are equipped with two fans and sunflower radiator system to help in heat dissipation.


• Quiet in operation
• Efficient cooling system
• Prolonged lifespan


• High initial installation cost
• Blue light might cause sleeping disorders

• UV and IR radiations are harmful to the grower

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07. LVJING New 80W Full Spectrum LED Grow light

This is one of the grow lights that will change your indoor farming experience for the better. Although it’s a newcomer to the market, these vertical LED lights are already gaining popularity among growers due to the high light intensity.

One thing that stands out in these lights is the fact that they can support a broad range of plants, particularly green peppers, lettuce, vegetables, bitter gourd, and flowers at all stages. They produce a broad wavelength can be absorbed fully by the plant. At a 80w rating, the light will produce white light which helps in increasing the light brightness in the growing space.


• Made durable aluminum shell as heat sinks
• Longer useful life
• Increased brightness in the growing space


• Failure of some LEDs over the time
• LEDs might change colour as they grow older

These are the best full spectrum led grow lights reviews in 2018.You can buy any of these lights because they are worth of money.

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What is Full Spectrum LED grow lights?

They are special kind of bulbs that produces an artificial sunlight to support plant’s photosynthesis. They are an improvement of the common LED lights. They are simply designed to mimic that natural sunlight to help the plant grow healthier and produce better yields.

It is important to note that plants require natural sunlight to grow healthier and yield better harvests. Apart from what we can with the naked eyes, sunlight includes many spectrums including infrared and ultraviolet. Some of these spectrums are useful to important for the photosynthesis process. Important to note is the red and blue wavelengths that are crucial for the process of photosynthesis. With these LED grow lights, you can grow your plants indoor and get maximum yield as if they were using natural sunlight.

Unlike most of the grow lights, these LED grow lights can consistently emit wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 770nm. This includes visible light to the human and the invisible wavelengths. This range provides all that the plant needs for the photosynthesis. Chlorophyll which is the main pigment for the photosynthesis is sensitive to spectrum peaks at 430nm to 660nm which is provided by the Full spectrum LED grow lights.

Benefits of Full Spectrum LED grow lights

For a long time, the alternative light sources such as high pressure sodium (HPS) have been used as the sunlight alternative in the indoor urban farming. They were highly successful in the agricultural application due to their intense high band of limited nanometer wavelength. Apart from providing a similar wavelength, there are numerous benefits of these LED grow lights that are almost rendering HPS light almost obsolete. Here are the main benefits of Full Spectrum LED grow lights:

1. Less heat and no need ventilation

This is one of the main advantages that these LED grow lights has over the alternative light sources is the amount of heat emitted. For instance, HPS are known for producing excess heat while converting energy to light. With the rising temperatures in the growing space, more water from the plant would be lost through evaporation. It requires expensive venting system or otherwise, the plants can dry out. This is a problem that has been addressed by the LED grow lights since they can produce less heat. Their energy conversion efficiency keeps them cool, and thus you don’t need these expensive venting systems.

2. CO2 circulation

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential ingredient in the process of photosynthesis. The plant requires it in large amount for its proper development and to produce better yields. The kind of light source that is used will have a lot of impact in the amount of CO2 circulating in the growing space.

For the alternative sources such the HPS, the vent systems including the fans will be taking a lot of useful CO2 from the plants. This will make it difficult for the plant to utilize to the maxim the supplemental carbon dioxide growers. Use of LED grow lights, the fan is set a slower speed, and this will ensure that more CO2 is retained in the growing space. Sometimes, fans may not be needed.

3. Humidity and watering

Plants required balanced humidity to grow healthy and produce better yields. With the broadband light sources, it is difficult to monitor and maintain moisture in the growing space. With the high temperatures associated with these sources, humidity levels are drastically decreased.

The evaporation and evapotranspiration rates are increased, and this will definitely affect the plant negatively. To compensate this loss of water, the grower will have to do a lot watering. With these LED grow lights, less heat is emitted, and this makes it easier to control humidity in the growing space. Less water is lost via evaporation, and thus less watering is required.

4. Light intensity

The intensity of light provided to the plant plays a huge role in photosynthesis. To get high light intensity, it means that you have to install more lights in the room. But this would not work with the alternative sources- the more lights you install, the more heated the growing space got and the high the possibility of the plant drying up or burning.

But with these LED grow lights, it possible to increase the light intensity since you can install as many lights as you wish. There will be no significant heat addition in the room and thus no danger of burning your plants.

5. Increased lifetime

Compared to the alternative light sources such as HPS, these LED grow lights have a longer lifespan. One of the main problems with the HPS lights is blowing up regularly, and the cost of maintenance can be very high. Once you have installed the system, you can rest assured to enjoy their services for a long time.

Their useful life is a very long and they can last for up to 100,000 hours. They do not just suddenly stop working but dims slowly, and thus you will easily notice when their life is coming to an end. They require minimum or zero maintenance, and this will definitely save you plenty of money.

6. Huge energy saving

Compared to their alternatives, these lights consume a small amount of energy. When their efficiency is compared with the HPS, it shows that they decrease energy consumption by 40 % to 75%. Most of the energy in the HPS is lost as heat due to poor efficiency. That’s why your energy bills are will always remain high with most of it being a total waste. By installing these lights, you energy bills will be sliced by more than 60 percent. These lights will save you a lot of money by improving the efficiency of your lighting system.

Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights infographic
Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights infographic