Top 3 Fans to Keep Your Grow Tent Cool and Dry

Using a grow tent to garden indoors has become increasingly popular for individuals who don’t have the space or weather for gardening outdoors. However, a grow tent on its own isn’t all it takes to see a plant complete a full life cycle. In order to achieve a climate that’s optimal for growth, a grow tent fan is crucial. Out of all those that are available, the three listed below are some of the best on the market.

1. Comfort Zone Clip-On Fan

Whether you have a small grow tent or one with a lot of space, this fan is going to become a favorite. Six inches in size, it has a clip-on bottom that strongly clamps onto poles and ropes so you can get it situated in just the right spot. It’s also incredibly lightweight but made of break-resistant ABS plastic, so even if it drops you shouldn’t have to worry about damage.
The cord is long enough to extend to a plug from the top or sides of a grow tent, and it coils back up so you can easily move it around. What’s even better is that the head of this fan fully adjusts so you can tilt it in any spot you need to better optimize conditions in your grow tent.


  •  Very affordable
  • Small enough to fit in any size grow tent
  • Lightweight and easy to hang


  • Smaller than other fans, which can be a problem for large tents
  •  Makes a lot of noise when on
  •  Not cordless
fans for grow tent infographics
fans for grow tent infographics

2. VivoSun Portable Desk Clip-On Fan

Similar to other grow tent fans, this product from VivoSun has been designed with a clip-on base that steadily clamps to poles, ropes, and other hanging accessories. However, because the base of the clip is flat, you can stand the fan on its own without worry that it will drop. In fact, the clamp on this is spring-loaded, which offers more security whether the fan is sat down or clipped to something.
The head of this is also fully adjustable so you can adjust the airflow to where you need it the most. It comes with a cord that’s over 5′ in length and it plugs into a standard household plug for convenience. Measuring 6″ and featuring 2 speeds, this is a great little fan for all sizes of grow rooms.


  •  Whisper quiet operation
  •  Small enough to fit anywhere in a grow tent
  •  Long cord


  •  More expensive than other fans
  • Clip not as strong as advertised

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3. Hurricane Clip Fan

The manufacturer that makes this fan produces a wide array of different sizes and designs of products, however, the clip-on fan is one of the best for grow tents in particular. The strong clamp is one of the best on the market, as it will hold the fan in place on a wide variety of structures, including poles.
It also features two different speeds and has an adjustable tilt so you can face the wind in any direction that you need. With a generous cord length of 5′, this can easily extend from any position in your tent to the wall so you can use for every plant in your space.


  •  90-degree oscillating tilt
  •  Pumps a lot of air
  •  Strong clip


  •  Can easily break
  •  Loud noises after a few weeks
When you have one of the fans above in your grow tent, you’ll find that it’s much easier to control the climate, including the temperature and humidity. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in the rate of growth, how healthy the growth is and your success with indoor gardening overall.