10 Best DIY LED Grow Lights Options For Growing Plants Indoors

DIY Led Grow Lights:

With the advent of different grow lights, growers can produce harvest all year round without necessarily depending on the natural sunlight. Compared to natural sunlight, indoor grow lights comes with other advantages such as accelerated plant maturity and better yields amongst other benefits.

LED lights have been the number one choice for growers due to their numerous advantages compared other alternative light sources. Though they are expensive, growers can opt to go for the available, inexpensive Do It Yourself LED grow lights options. We have rounded up the best 10 DIY LED grow light options that you can choose from depending on your growing needs.

1. LED Panel

This is one of the DIY growing panels that have the growers extremely excited. The growing light panel has the easiest step-by-step instructions on how to build and to install. It is very easy to install even for the newbies. It’s a great option for the starters or those with a small garden. This option gives control over the light intensity thus you can control the maturity of your plants. With 108W of power, the panel will be saving you up to 80% of your energy bills, and this will see a significant improvement in you running costs. It has a useful life of 50,000hours, and thus it will give value for the money.

2. Glow Light Log

These light are arranged in a log shape hence the name. One thing that stands out from this DIY grow light is the fact that they can run at less than 60V. Even if there are fluctuations in power supply or low voltage, these lights will continue working. It requires a 300W power supply which makes this option a great alternative to most of the small scale growers or starters. This option is known for the high-intensity light that will in accelerating the growth of your plants. Glow light log is one of the options that you can design and make by yourself.

3. Overhead Panel

This form of grow lights is highly recommended for growers dealing with edible plants. With its design, it’s easy to distribute light evenly over the garden. You will not have some plants being left behind due to inadequate light supply. It’s an energy efficiency option and one of the best that you can find in the market. The running cost is very low compared to most of its alternatives, and it will save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

4. Plant Grow Lights

If you are growing food this is one of the best options of DIY grow lights to install. The light is easy to build and also very easy to install. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert or have installed them sometimes back to have them working. Just follow the provided instruction, and you will have your garden running.

5. OtherGrow Lights

If you are looking for versatility in your indoor garden lighting, then this is the perfect light option that you need to go for. It is a very detailed grow light that allows you to make it as big or as small depending on your garden lighting needs.

6. Small Space Growing

If you are starting with indoor growing or you’re a small scale grower, this is one of the best DIY grow light options for you. It is designed to light a small space, particularly in your home. What makes it stand out is the proper balance of the light, ventilation, and heat. It is designed with a longer useful life, and it will definitely give value for your money.

7. DIY LED Lamp

This is an innovative design that allows the grower to build their LED grow lamps. They are easy to design and make depending on your needs. It will cost you less since it uses locally available materials and. You just need the right tools including the board, drill, LEDs, and you’re good to go. Follow the simple instruction, and you will have the light working. With this DIY grow light, it is easy to control the light intensity and the power consumption.

8. High Powered Led lights

This is another great DIY grow light for small spaces. The light works the best when everything is tucked inside a large tote tub. These lights are installed in the lid and then directed to the plants. Having everything sealed in makes sure that you have the control of the lights. You will be able to maximize on the light intensity for quick maturity and better yield.

9. LED Room Lighting

For the large-scale indoor growers, this is precisely what you need. The DIY LED grow light can cover an entire room of plants and provide the equal light intensity to each plant. It is simple in design, and all you need is to hang the light from the ceiling but at a high that most of the light in utilized by the plants. With its overhead installation, this method enables the grower to do a lot of plants at once. It is light efficient, and thus the cost of running is very low.

10. Individual plant Lights

If lighting the entire room is a little overwhelming, then individual plant lighting will do the trick. With this DIY LED grow light option, you can have a supply for individual or just a few plants. With this option, the grower is able to give each plant the attention it deserves. With this option, you can opt to put a few plants in a small tote tub and have the light concentrated on them. You can easily control the light intensity on individual plants with this lighting option. This will significantly accelerate the plant’s maturity and the levels of yields.

These are the 10 DIY LED grow light options that you can try out. They are relatively cheap to install and to maintain compared to most of the alternative sources. Just try any of them, and you will see the difference in your overall growing cost.