Guide In Choosing Best LED Grow Lights in 2018 For Your Indoor Plants

Guide In Choosing Best LED Grow Lights

Choosing the perfect LED grow lights for your grow room will largely depend on your needs because there are numerous brands out there and each come with their unique advantages. That means that the best light is one that has features that matter most to you. The following factors will guide you in choosing grow lights that suits your needs:


If your grow room includes space for clones, seedlings and an area where plants grow to maturity, then you will definitely need a light that covers the entire area of growth for optimum productivity of vegetables or herbs. If you want a wider coverage, you will need to hang your light higher. Moving the light closer will decrease the coverage. Most manufacturers give coverage values for their grow lights which can guide you choose ideal lights.

The Advanced Platinum 600 watts LED Grow Light with Dual Veg/Flower Full Spectrum is superior enough to provide 6ft x 4ft coverage at a high height like 18″. This light is therefore suitable for multiple units and large applications like commercial plant growth.

Multi-purpose use

All-purpose use is yet another factor that ideal LED grow lights have. These kinds of lights will be very useful for your vegetative and flowering needs. Whenever looking for a dual-purpose light, then Roleadro’s Full Spectrum Grow Light, 300W Indoor Light for Veg and Flower has the features that are very essential. This light has the right spectrum that will sustain your plants to flowering and give your plants ideal foliage.

Running costs

If you want to own a grow room with healthy plants at low running costs when it comes to energy, then LED lights are what you need. These lights are energy efficient and provide ideal conditions for steady growth. LEDs don’t lose much energy from overheating and you won’t have to deal with ballast or replace bulbs as is the case with other forms of light technologies. LEDs therefore rank among the best grow lights for horticultural and indoor gardening needs.


If you only have few plants, you don’t have to spend more money on excess power or expensive light models. There are cheaper LED lights that will serve your need. For instance, the Roleadro 300w LED Grow Full Spectrum Grow is a perfect light for little money. This light is ideal for vegetative uses and can be turned down which saves on your energy usage.

You can as well achieve impressive bloom with a cheap light like the Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series. If you have fragile or smaller plants, then this is the light for you at an affordable price. If you want to add this light to others, you can easily do so further cutting down price of buying additional lights.

With this useful guide, you can’t go wrong when choosing quality LED grow lights. It all depends on your specific needs. Whatever LED light model you choose, don’t overlook the issue of safety if you want healthy plants and enhance your well being whenever you are in your grow room.