Best 3 cheap led grow lights in Canada in 2021(Save Your Money )

Cheap led grow lights in Canada

Are you searching cheap led grow lights in Canada ? You are in the right place .You know that led grow lights are costly  so we picked here the most cheap led grow lights in Canada for you  .

People need to light up their home and what better way than with LED lights. The LED lighting is becoming more popular and more and more people are choosing it for their home. It is economic, modern and stylish and now it is time for LED enlightenment.

When it is well designed, LED lighting is useful, beautiful and lasts longer. The LED lighting uses LED bulbs, which are more efficient at producing light than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Given that they are small in size, this allows many options when it comes to design. Because of that, the LED is convenient for growing plants. If grown indoors, plants need light from artificial sources to achieve photosynthesis. For this purpose, LED lighting is used as the most economical and modern solution today.

Growing with LED lighting can be performed as a “smart breeding” with the help of remote control and a function of dimming light. Includes switch for vegetation and flowering stage. The Reflector series has integrated switches for vegetation and flowering, you can use them separately or both at the same time. You can change the vegetation phase to the flowering phase and change the light intensity.

Moreover, the LED is cold, while other types of light lose energy and heat up very well, LED lighting does not. The LED lighting can utilize all colors of the spectrum, while other lighting focuses only on white. White is irrelevant to plants and therefore consumes large amounts of energy unnecessarily. There are many benefits and it is better when it is cheap. Therefore, below is the list of cheap led grow lights in Canada.

01.MARS HYDRO 100w Led Grow Light:


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MARS HYDRO is LED grow reflector with the power of 1000W. It is perfect for 2.5×2.5ft flower footprint and 3x3ft veg footprint. It is silent and it has no fans. It is very efficient and it has low power consumption. It comes with a hanging kit so it is practical and has a nice balance. It is thin, lightweight and adjustable and it makes plants grow well.

It also has full-spectrum light and multi color LEDs. Moreover, adjustable wattage is allowing great control over light intensity and power use. On the contrary, the light is very bright. Perfectly comfortable when not looking directly at it, but the manufacturer advises not to look directly at it and certainly, it is a bit uncomfortable if you happen to glance directly at it. Also, the instruction manual is a little unclear.

It can run for even 18 hours per day using a mechanical timer. Extremely low price in terms of power and size makes this light ideal for beginners with a limited budget. You get soil tester and thermometer which are pretty helpful. People and also plants love this reflector.

02.SPIDER FARMER Led Grow Light

SPIDER FARMER is plant grow light which consumes 100W but has the same output as others that produces 1000W. It has the same veg footprint as the first one, but the flower footprint is 2x2ft. It has an easy flat structure and 3000K light. It has high safety performance and it does not provide sounds.

It has no fans and it has Samsung LEDs. It is water-resistant and it can go for 4-5 years with no bulb changes. It fits very nicely in a 2×4, feel very sturdy and it comes pre-assembled. Furthermore, the driver is dimmable, so you can dial down the power when you do not need quite so much, as might be the case when seeding, cloning or vegging. This saves you money on electricity costs. Its hanging system is a little problematic, but it does not make the problem to plants.

There is even an app which follows work of light and performance. Spider farmer has proved effective and efficient.


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03.AGLEX 1200w Led Grow light

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AGLEX has the most powerful of all three and it is 1200W. This grow lamp with veg & bloom switch setting allows you to switch on/off at any time for the different growing stage, without unplugging, and can keep an unnecessary electricity waste. It has COB LED grow light which is impressive and also has full-spectrum.

The LED grow lights daisy chain feature makes planting easier to carry out. Comes with a high-quality cord that makes the grow light safer and more reliable to use. The big fans and the large aluminium heat sink, give the LED grow light an efficient cooling system. This not only saves you cost on heating expenses but it also prolongs the LED grow light’s lifespan.

It can run for 12 – 15 hours straight before shutting down. The LED grow lights are very bright so protective glasses are necessary. It has good coverage and it is reasonably priced. The most important fact is that plants love it.

Our Recomendation

All three of these cheap led grow lights have a 3-year warranty and customer service is great. Their price is very similar and the feedbacks are great. The best three cheap LED grow lights in Canada are Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer and Aglex and they have satisfied both customers and plants.

These LED lights can help you achieve the best quality product. If you enjoy vegetables, the plants look healthy and the greens taste better. If you grow medicinal plants, you can grow them larger. When growing flowers, the colours are fuller and more natural, as are the glossy leaves. Plants respond positively to LED lamps and main features of LED lighting are price and consumption.

The good thing about LED lighting is that it is on the market, although young it is already formed and invented strong grow lights. Today, you can order cheap LED lamps on Amazon to enjoy the full range of the light spectrum. These three cheap LED grow lights in Canada are the best solution for indoor growing.

They have many advantages and they will help your plant to be big and healthy. If you are in Canada looking for qualitative grow lights hope this review of the three best LED grow lights will help you. You can find them on Amazon Canada and improve growth results.