Bloomspect 1200w Led Grow Light Review for You

Are you indoor grower ? Are you searching for a good led grow light for your plants? today I will share one of the best led grow lights, Bloomspect 1200w led grow light review which is very good. There are so many led grow lights in the market but the bloomspect is really good because if you see the review from different buyer who are actually using this light .

They are giving very positive rating for this light. So you can use it for your indoor plants. I will discuss bellow why this light is better than other 1200 watt led grow lights.


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01.This led grow light consume very little amount of electricity than HPS/MH lamp. It just consume 252 plus minus 5% electricity so you will be able to save money

02.This light is very good for 3×3 ft grow tent area and 2.5×2.5 ft flower area

03.This light provide balanced blue, red ,white and IR that emitting from 10 watt double leds .This light is more efficient for higher yield.

03.many light produce heat that brunt plants but here are multiple vent and large aluminium heat chink that dissipate heat.There are cooling fans that are help to heat out rapidly

04.You can easily hang it in the roof so this is a very good feature.

05.Another important thing is that you can enjoy 2 years warranty and 30 days money back      guarantee.If you think this light is not good you can easily replace it or get money back.

06.The life span of this light is 100000 hours so you will be able to use it long time .


Model Number:         B1200

LED Power:            1200W (120x10W)

LED Types:            dual Epiled/Bridgelux chips

Avg. PowerDraw:       110V: 252W±5%; 220V: 243W±5%

HPS Replacement:      800W HPS/MH

Dimensions:           15.7″ x 9.4″ x2.8″

Grow area at 24″ Height: 3x3ft

Flower area at 18″ Height: 2.5×2.5ft

Input Voltage:       AC 100-240V

Frequency:           50-60Hz

Few problems:

01.You should not look at the light in bare eye so that this light is very bright.

02.You can use it indoor only.

03.This light is not water proof so be careful during watering.


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