BESTVA 1500W Review-You Should Consider For Your Plants

Indoor growing has been around for many years, but it’s been taking off more recently as people start hearing about the topic and understanding the benefits of growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers from home. It doesn’t matter have much room you have or even if you have access to direct sunlight. LED growth lights are there to help ensure your plants are properly tended to.

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Since you obviously want the best for your plants, we are going to do a BESTVA 1500W review. BESTVA only has one model in this category, but like most of their other products, it’s a wonderful unit that’s sure to give your plants all the light they need. Not only that, but it has many essential features your plants can’t live without.

BESTVA 1500W Review

There are a lot of features here to cover, so it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s begin with the full spectrum lighting. Plants need light for photosynthesis, almost everyone knows this. It allows them to convert nutrients into energy, but the catch is that they need the right type of light.

Using a regular LED would be useless since the white light does very little for plants. However, a full spectrum light is specially made to emphasize the colors need for plants to photosynthesize. The two most important colors are red and blue. While those two lights should be just enough, a full spectrum light does more.

It ensures that your plants are bathed in the entire visible spectrum, ensuring that they have exactly what they need when it’s time to convert nutrients into energy. While dual spectrum can work well, you can easily see why full spectrum is better in this BESTVA 1500W review.

Next, let’s talk about the dual-chip lighting. Standard LED grow lights use single-chip LEDs. These are fine, but they tend to be a little on the dim side. What this means is that there’s only one LED per light. It’s OK, but it’s far from the best. In fact, these growth lights are only good for small gardens or new growers who are testing the waters.

lbestva 1500w led grow light review
lbestva 1500w led grow light review


This unit uses dual-chip LEDs, ensuring that there are literally twice as many lights for the surface area. Each LED clocks in at a whopping 10W, whereas single-chip units may only have 3W or 5W LEDs, which leaves a lot to be desired. Always choose dual-chips when possible since they give you better lumens, warmth and everything else that your plants need.

Now, let’s talk about the 1500W light itself. You’re probably worried about the cost of running this unit. If it pulled 1500W, or even half that, then you might as well never buy it. However, that’s not the case. This unit only pulls 280W to operate. If this BESTVA 1500W review doesn’t convince you how great this is, then nothing will.

This low amount of power will ensure that you don’t need to spend much money on powering the unit, but it will easily give your plants all the need so that they can grow big and strong.

All LED growth lights get hot, but this unit has two answers for that. First is the standard cooling fans, found on most other growth lights. While standard, you’ll be surprised at how quiet this light is and how cool it is.

Secondly, there is a premium aluminum backing with strategically drilled holes that reflect light and deflect heat. This ensures that your plants are the focus while keeping the unit about 50 degrees cooler than units without an aluminum backing.

In general, you’re sure to find in this BESTVA 1500W review that this is an amazing LED growth light that has all the features you could ever ask for while being incredibly economical. It’s a wonderful piece of work that will help your plants grow to their potential.


  • Operates at just 280W, even though the output is more than 5X that!
  • Is incredibly quiet so that you can install it anywhere and never even hear it
  • Uses full spectrum lighting, ensuring that your plants get all the colors that they need


  • Doesn’t have separate channels for bloom and growth, but this just ensures that all of the lights are on simultaneously. With the low operations needs, this shouldn’t be a big deal

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