Best T5 grow Lights In Canada Of 2022 (Don’t Miss)

An Introduction to T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are a type of double fluorescent light. Each tube is roughly five eights of an inch across or 13 millimeters. They’re smaller than T8 or T12. The lights require an advanced ballast to work though the price of these lights are coming down due to their widespread adoption. Note that you get the ballast when you buy the standard T5 fluorescent light assembly.

The lights are energy-efficient and they last a long time. And their broad-spectrum light is perfect for a number of applications. For example, they’re the standard for providing light to an aquarium. Let’s look at some of the best t5 led grow lights in Canada.

Best T5 Grow Lights In Canada

01. Monios-L Brand T5 4 Foot Long Grow Light


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This T5 grow light is four feet long. It contains 4 60 watt tubes that put out light from 380 to 800 nm. Unlike other grow lights, the light won’t damage your eyes, and you can easily see by their light. The light output is mostly red but there is a spike in the blue range.

They come with a hanging system so you can hang them wherever they are required. However, you don’t need to get a separate ballast. You can also connect them end on end to cover a long, narrow area.

One issue is the fact that you have to do some assembly to use them. You can hang the lights with the ropes that come with the grow kit, or you can mount clips to a support structure and install the lights on the support structure. This gives you flexibility, but it means you can’t use it out of the box.

Like all fluorescent lights, this set is relatively energy efficient. You can improve it further by installing reflectors; in the case of this model, the reflective cover comes with the lights. You have to choose to assemble it into the grow lights.

It has the benefit of being able to accept power anywhere from 85 to 265 volts. This means it will work whether you plug it into the average wall outlet to a 220 volt industrial power outlet.


  •  Can accept almost any power source
  •  Flexible design
  •  Comes with reflectors


  •  Some assembly required

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02. Byingo Brand T5 LED Grow Light


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This grow light is 120 watts. It is made up of six different 20 watt grow lights.

The Byingo brand grow lights put out a broad spectrum light. It is notable for the intense blue light that makes it better for blooming plants and growing woody plants like bushes than the average fluorescent light. Yet the light is safe for human eyes.


One point in favor of these grow lights is the flexible design. You can assemble them in one long row or several parallel ones. They’re even made to be plugged (linked) into each other, assuming you get all the pieces when the retailer ships it to you. Do not connect more than six of them together on the same circuit. This is one among the best t5 led grow lights in Canada for those who want lights to snake around a custom setup.

You get the clips and connecting cables to do almost anything with them, even more than the Monios grow light above. The downside is the time required to assemble it all. At least the lights themselves are plug and play, so you could put them on existing scaffolding without much work.

These lights have efficient heat dissipation. There are no reflectors to deal with, either. The narrow strips automatically direct all light downward.

The grow lights can accept power between 100 and 240 volts. This means you can plug it into a standard 120 volt power outlet as well as a 240 volt one.

These grow lights are water-resistant but not water-proof. You can use them above hydroponics and aquaponics systems if you don’t let them get wet.

A minor issue is the power cords. The end power cord is only five feet long. This may not be enough for some users.


  •  Flexible design
  •  Strong blue light output
  •  Water-resistant


  •  Assembly time

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03. HO Brand Grow Light, Model DL8048


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This grow light has a number of points in its favor. There is a single grow light array. There’s no assembly required except to hang it in its final location. There is a hanging system in the box. This may be among the best t5 led grow lights in Canada for those who want to set it and forget about it.

The T5 grow light system is roughly four feet long and 18 inches wide. (It isn’t exactly four feet long, meaning you may not be able to use other brands of bulbs in the assembly.) This light will cover a somewhat large growing area. It provides bright, broad-spectrum light to your plants. Yet you get a compact assembly.


One problem is heat generation. It puts out more heat than you’d expect. There is no fan to help keep it cool. Either has good ventilation around the grow light or make sure that the plants aren’t close enough to be literally burned by it. The ballast sometimes buzzes, but that’s rare.

We mentioned the grow light assembly’s unusual size. A different issue is how hard it is to get the bulbs in and take them out. The sockets are not ergonomic. This makes changing T5 bulbs a hassle, and there are several of them that can and do burn out periodically.

Getting replacement bulbs is a hassle, too. Sometimes the issue is the ballast itself. If that happens, most of the bulbs will burn out within the first few days. This cannot be repaired, so just return or replace the unit.


  •  No assembly required beyond hanging it
  •  A compact design ideal for small spaces and multi-level assemblies


  •  Heat generation
  •  Challenges installing and replacing bulbs

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The best T5 grow light will assembly will fit your growing system and the needs of your plants. Whether that’s a basic hanging grow lamp or a flexible row of lights depends on you. These are very good light.