Top 13 Best LED Lights for 4×4 Tent in 2021 (Don’t Miss !)

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Growing in tents give you a wonderful plotting area for all of your plants, and they also tend to come with special features to help you out. The 4×4 tent is a great size as it’s not too big or small, plus anyone should have enough spare room somewhere to set this up.

A four foot by four foot grow tent is the perfect size for many gardeners. It is large enough to raise several large plants and up to a dozen medium ones. A tent this size has enough space for several trays of seedlings, as well. And it typically gives you room to work in addition to the plants. However, a grow tent or grow room will require a light source. Let’s look at some of the best LED grow light options for a 4×4 tent. 

10 Best Led Grow Lights For 4×4 tent Review in 2021

01.Maxsisun PB400 Led grow light Review:

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Maxsisun PB400 is one of the modern led grow lights ideal for 4×4 grow tent plantations. Its affordability is the most vital feature that attracts more farmers to invest in this great grow light. Here are some of its best features:

Key Features of Maxsisun PB400 Pro


One of the best features of this Maxsisun PB400 Pro is its accessibility in adjusting the amount of light to produce because of its remote control. Moreover, the intelligent remote offers not only adjustment for the dimming feature but also provides different lights to support the growth of your plants. For example, you can choose to illuminate the plants on the left side with a lesser amount of light and increase the amount on the other side.


Like any other led grow light, PB400 Pro also comes in with full-spectrum lights to support your plant’s growth from its early stage up to the harvest stage. You can expect light spectrums of 3700K and 500k white light along with 600nm and 700nm red light.


You can adjust the amount of light of this PB400 led plant light from 0% to 100%, depending on the needs of your plants. It allows the user to have the luxury of providing a suitable intensity of light to provide premium quality products.


Maxsisun Pro is powered by 1400 pieces of Samsung diodes designed to lower the product’s energy consumption. Expect the PB400 Pro to only use 400 watts and save more energy.



Growing your plants indoors does not need to be expensive, as you can have this Maxsisun PB400 Pro at an affordable price. It also offers low-energy consumption, providing more sustainable cultivation.


This led grow light is also commendable in terms of durability, made with a solid aluminum heat sink. Moreover, the LEDs are secured by a reliable glue coating, making them also moisture-proof.


The earlier version of Maxsisun led grow light does not offer dimming features, but this upgraded version provides an unlimited dimming option. It does not also have a fan.



One of the downsides of the Maxsisun led light is its inability to provide additional cooling features to avoid overheating since it does not have a fan. But overall, this led grow light is perfect for providing appropriate lighting for your indoor cannabis plantation.

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02.Black Dog Brand PhytoMAX-2 Grow Light


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This is a premium grow light, though the price alone doesn’t mean it is the best led grow light for 4×4 tent usage. It is made to cover 4.25 feet by 4.25 feet in sunlight equivalent artificial light. The set of Phytomax LEDs are intended to maximize canopy penetration.


This unit has four fans to help prevent the grow light assembly from getting too hot. Note that it needs to be combined with a strong exhaust system to keep your grow tent at the optimal temperature.

The Phytomax brand is unusual in that their LED grow lights actually pull as much wattage as the model. Thus the Phytomax-2 400 actually pulls 400 watts of power. That makes it equivalent in light output to a 400 watt HPS light. That said, it is more energy efficient than an HPS light. However, the timer can leak a little voltage, especially if you’re using a 220 volt plug.

The grow light puts out mostly red and blue light. There is very little UV-B light. However, very few LED grow lights put out light in that spectrum, so we don’t consider that an issue with these lights.


Like other LED lights, you can experience cascading failures. Thus when one light burns out, whole rows or sections may go out. And you cannot easily replace the burned out bulbs.

There is no way to shift from veg mode to bloom mode, mostly red light to mostly blue light. This also means you’re using the full 400 watts of power all the time, unless you turn it off.


  •  Honest advertising


  •  Can’t select just red or blue dominated light

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03.Bozily Brand ProV2 Grow Light


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Bozily isn’t a well-known brand, but we think it is worth mentioning due to the fact it is a good overall value. You get a full-spectrum grow light with a number of features for a reasonable price.


It comes with a timer. The timer itself can be set for 6, 12 and 18 hour intervals. You also get a hanging kit and remote control. You can also dim it. Furthermore, the power supply is located outside of the grow light. You can replace it if it has trouble, and you can integrate it into smarter control systems, though the unit doesn’t come with anything smarter than a remote control. You don’t get any software patches or hardware for tinkering.

It is water proof! That’s rare in LED grow lights, though some are water-resistant.

It pulls around 200 watts of power. Its light output is around 2000 PPF. The Par efficacy is 2.69 umol per Joule.

It has good heat sinks built into it and won’t overheat if there’s adequate ventilation.


The Bozily model ProV2 grow light will provide replacement sunlight to a four foot by four foot area at 12 inches. Obviously, it isn’t going to be sufficient if you’re growing tall plants and want a large coverage area. If you’re providing supplemental light, it can cover a five foot by five foot area. This means you may only be able to provide enough light for sun-loving plants in a three foot by three foot area if they are going to be two feet tall.


  •  Controllable
  •  Water-proof


  •  Doesn’t cover as large of an area as expected

04. Viparspectra Brand 1200 Watt Grow Light

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This grow light by Viparspectra is a full spectrum grow light. Its dimmers allow you to use less light and less energy when warranted. More importantly, this model has different settings for each half of the grow light. That means you can have separate light cycles and light levels for each side of the grow tent.

This model is rated as equal to a 1200 watt grow light, though its light is closer to a 600 watt HPS. It puts out 1200 PAR. It is a full-spectrum grow light, though it is stronger on blue light than red. However, you can turn off the red or blue lights to shift the light spectrum. This is done by flipping a switch on the grow light. There is a little IR light but no UV.

It is not dimmable out of the box. There’s some discussion as to whether or not you can connect a dimmer to it, given the hard switches on the grow light. Light penetration is mediocre.

One issue with this grow light is how often individual LEDs go out. And the lights really aren’t replaceable. Quality control varies. You might get a power cord that doesn’t work or bad power switch. On the other hand, the protective shell is rugged, and the boards supporting the lights are solid.

This grow light generates a fair bit of waste heat. The fans do a good job of moving the hot air, but you need to have excellent ventilation for your grow tent to avoid having heat build-up inside of it. Without that ventilation, the grow tent could hit 104 degrees F.

The fans themselves are not very loud. That’s critical, since they’re always running. If the fans go out, the LEDs are prone to failure because the board is too hot. On the other hand, the fans are located on the bottom of the light, so it helps draw hot air away from underneath the lights so the top of the plants don’t get too hot.

The unit comes with hanging hardware. You don’t need to use a ballast with this light. It can be plugged into a standard wall outlet.


  •  Rugged
  • Shift from red to blue light at the touch of a button
  • Good air flow


  • High overall heat output
  • Not a lot of red light in full spectrum mode


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05. Bestva Brand 1000 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light



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This LED grow light by Bestva uses dual chip technology to keep energy consumption as low as possible. It only draws about 200 watts of power while putting out as much light as a 600 watt HPS light. That’s a common problem with LED grow lights. This model is described by the manufacturer as 1000 watt, but it may only put out the lumens of a 500-600 watt HPS or HID bulb.

The unit has a good aluminum radiator to help it keep cool. The fans are located on the top of the grow light. The fans produce an average level of noise.

The reflectors intended to reduce energy usage don’t make a difference in this regard. However, this can cause LEDs to burn out faster than expected, if the grow tent gets too hot. Yet the heat output from this grow light is less than a comparable HPS or HID light.

The manufacturer suggests turning the grow light off half an hour every eight hours to avoid overheating the lights, though this can mess up your grow schedule.

This may be the best led grow light for 4×4 tent owners. You get everything you need out of the box. It comes with a hanging kit, protective glasses and power cord. It is easily controlled by flipping switches on the side of the grow light to turn off red or blue light. With all lights on, it is a fair replacement for direct sunlight.

The grow light is rugged and sturdy. The clips on the hangers aren’t as good. Be careful to fully close them, or they will drop your light. You may even want to reinforce them or buy a different hanger kit.

The light output is enough for modest crops raised indoors, but it won’t nourish sun-loving plants or meet all the needs of blooming plants. You could make up for that by putting in a second grow light. Note that this model really shouldn’t be daisy chained to other lights.

The light is designed to meet your plants’ needs hanging about 24 inches above the crop. Pay attention to the edges of the crop when you’re using this grow light, because the reflectors cause it to direct most of the light straight down. When lights burn out, you typically don’t lose all of the lights in a section. Instead, you lose all the red or blue in a section of the panel. The LEDs are not replaceable by the average user.


  • All-in-one package
  • Full spectrum light you can adjust as needed


  • Weak hanging hardware
  • Watch the temperature and light levels


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06. Maxxisun Model PB2000 LED Grow Lights


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This grow light is designed to provide the necessary light for plants from initial planting to harvest. It can provide supplemental light for a 4×4 growing area or full, bright light for sun-loving plants in a 3×3 tent. This may be enough for a 3.5 x 4 foot vegetative area, if the plants don’t require very bright light. It puts out predominantly red light with some white and warm light. This makes it better for vegetation than flowering plants, unless you have supplemental blue lights.

The open frame allows for significant air flow. The LEDs themselves don’t put out a lot of heat. You don’t need fans to keep it cool. The system will stay cool based on the air flow you have inside the grow tent. Note that it will cause a grow tent to overheat if there isn’t some ventilation inside of the tent.

The unit is energy efficient and puts out a lot of light given the little energy it consumes. Its photon efficacy is 2.7 μmol/J. It pulls roughly 200 watts, while light output is closer to that of a 400 watt HID bulb. You’ll also get half the heat output as a comparable HID bulb.

The grow light has a Sosen driver to let you control light levels. This is not a standard 0 to 10 volt circuit. That makes it harder to adjust than units with a basic control knob, and the software to connect it to a controller or computer to control it isn’t as easy to find as other systems. Check the ventilation in the tent, because if things get to hot, the driver will go out.

The manufacturer doesn’t always ship it with the mounting hardware.


  •  Energy efficient
  •  Reasonably priced


  •  Difficult to dim or control
  •  Heat output

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07. King Plus 2000 Watt Grow Light


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King LED is one of the top LED grow light brands. The King Plus has 200 10 watt grow lights. The double chip LEDs use less power than the single chip LED lights.

King LED doesn’t just provide hanging hardware. They also provide protective glasses for the user. The grow light itself puts out a mix of red and blue light. This grow light can be switched from vegetation to blooming/flowering, so you can put out predominantly red or blue light.

The light output is comparable to a 1400 watt HPS lamp. The heat output is average. The grow light does a better job than average keeping the grow light cool thanks to aluminum radiators and several relatively quiet fans. This is the best led grow light for 4×4 tents for heat sensitive plants. Ironically, the system can also work at unusually low temperature. For example, it will work at 50 degrees, well below room temperature.

Many grow lights won’t work at temperatures not much above freezing. That makes this grow lamp a viable choice for use in a cold greenhouse, though it cannot be used outside.

The grow lights may burn out. When that happens, the unit is almost impossible to repair. It also sets things up for a cascading failure. Electrical shorts that occur around this time can actually cause the components to melt into the panel. You need to stop using it if this occurs since this is a potential fire hazard.


  •  Can switch from red to blue light or have a mixed light spectrum
  •  Comes with everything you need in the box
  •  Doesn’t overheat


  •  Burned out LEDs are a problem
  •  Can’t be repaired


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08. Higrow Brand 1000 Watt LED Grow Light



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This Highgrow brand grow light has a built in optical lens to focus light downward. This limits light loss and the annoying glow you might otherwise pick up from a distance. It also improves lumen output and PAR. The lenses don’t always stay in place during shipment, so check their placement before you turn on the grow light.

This is a truly full spectrum grow light. Not only does it produce light from 380 to 760 nanometers, but it includes ultraviolet and infrared bulbs. It is mostly red and blue light with very little in the white or green spectrum.

The unit is fairly energy efficient. It consumes around 400 watts of power. One issue with this grow light is that it is rated as equal to a 1000 watt HID or HPS light, when light output is closer to a 600 watt HID or HPS bulb. The concentrated light gives it perfectly, intense coverage for a three foot by four foot growing area. If you try to cover a five foot by four foot area, it will hardly provide enough light. That makes it less than ideal if you’re trying to raise sun-loving or blooming plants in an enclosed space. On the other hand, it has excellent foliage penetration if you have it set to cover a smaller area.

These lights are not as reliable as one would expect. The ballasts sometimes burn out. The individual LEDs may burn out, too. And this may occur within the first year of operation, though you expect them to last five or more years of continuous use.

This unit has average heat production.


  • Intense, focused light
  •  Energy efficient
  • Average heat production


  •  LEDs and ballast sometimes burn out
  •  Quality control issues


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09. Platinum LED Brand Grow Light, Series P300



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The series P300 light by Platinum LED is a 300 watt grow light. The manufacturer says it is a replacement for 400 watt HPS grow lights for a 4 foot by four foot area at an 18 inch elevation. That makes this the best led grow light for 4×4 tent projects where you’re raising seedlings or sprouts. However, this grow light can be used to provide supplemental light to plants in a window box or nurture houseplants that may not get enough light otherwise.

The lenses in the LED grow light concentrate it downward, so there isn’t a lot of light pollution from it. That also means the grow area is directly under the light. It also means the real effective growing area is two feet by three feet, not 4×4.

The design has two fans on the top of the grow light so that the plants directly underneath it don’t get too hot. The fans work well, but they are noisy.

LEDs sometimes burn out. The replacement LEDs are hard to get, though they are more replaceable than others on this list. You might be able to get replacement LEDs under the warranty, but you’re probably going to have to pay to ship them to you. The unit is made in the United States; that’s a selling point for some.

This model has different power consumption levels based on mode. In vegetation mode, it pulls about 100 watts. In bloom mode, it pulls roughly 200 watts. The grow light can accept power anywhere from 85 volts to 260 volts.

This model is not water-resistant.


  • Energy efficient
  • Can use almost any AC power source
  • More repairable than others on this list


  • Doesn’t really cover a 4×4 area
  • Designed for short plants/seedlings


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10. Philzon Cree 3000 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light



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This unit is incredibly energy efficient. It only draws 600 watts of power. This is due to the LEDs being part of efficient COB or chip on board circuits. Yet it puts out a lot of light. If it is 18 inches above the plants, the PPFD is 2500 umol per meter squared.

It is a full spectrum grow light, too. It puts out infrared and ultraviolet light in addition to red and blue light. The unit directs all the light down, so you aren’t going to get light at the edges though the manufacturer says it can provide supplemental light for a 5 foot by five foot area.

Sometimes you need to raise or lower the light to match the needs of the plant. For example, it isn’t uncommon to need to raise the lights as the plants grow from seedlings to tall blooming flowers. This grow light is unusual for coming with an adjustable rope that makes it easy to adjust the elevation of the grow light.

This grow light comes with almost everything. There’s a hanging kit. There’s a power cord. And it comes with a monitor for both temperature and humidity. This is arguably the best led grow light for 4×4 tent owners who have nothing but the tent. Note that it doesn’t include protective glasses, and you need that to safely work with around this grow light. And this grow light will not automatically turn off when things are getting too hot.

One issue with this grow light is the heat production in combination with the poor ventilation. It is prone to overheating, though it has built-in fans. More importantly, the heat will cause the LEDs to burn out faster than they otherwise would.

For example, you may have lights start to burn out after 500 hours of use if you don’t improve the ventilation around the grow light or fail to turn it off regularly to cool down. This is not a good choice for heat-sensitive grow operations. Once lights start to go out, you will generally see all of them dead within six months. You can’t get replacement lights for the unit, and customer service is non-existent.


  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with monitor
  • Easily adjusted


  • Overheats
  • Prone to bulb failure


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11. Sunraise Brand 1000 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light, Amazon



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It is made to be daisy-chained, making it a good choice for sun-loving plants inside a grow tent as well as large scale grow operations. That’s actually necessary in some cases, because the 1000 watt unit is closer to a 600 watt HID than a 1000 watt HID or HPS grow light. The power cord that comes with it can be used to daisy chain it to another Sunraise LED grow light.

You can safely connect up to three Sunraise 1000 watt grow lights together and plug them into the same power outlet. A minor complaint is how short the cord is. It is as if it is made just for daisy chaining. You often need an extension cord to plug the cord that comes with it into the wall.

This unit allows you to run mostly red, mostly blue and mixed light. The built-in lenses direct the light down. That ends up creating very bright light that only serves two to four mid-sized plants. This means it can provide light in a 4×4 grow tent, but you may need two of them side by side to meet the needs of sun-loving or blooming plants.

On the other hand, this means you don’t get glare when standing back from the glow light, and there’s less concern about light escaping a glow tent. A side effect of the tight light beam is that you’re not going to get any growth in the rather diffuse edges of the light cone.

This grow light doesn’t overheat like some other models do. It hardly gets hot at all, and the fans are able to keep it cool. The fans themselves are loud. The unit is not water resistant. Don’t get it wet, and be wary of using it in a high humidity growing tent. An interesting issue with this grow light is that it is very sensitive to temperature itself. If it gets over 100 degrees F, it is prone to failure.

This grow light sometimes experiences burned out light bulbs. That’s not unusual among LED grow lights, especially at the affordable end of the market. The problem with this unit is that the chip on a board design causes them to go out in groups, and you can get sparks and shorts if there is a cascading failure. Lights may also go out just a few days after you get the lights. That’s rare, but it indicates a problem from the factory that hit the field.

It comes with the hanger hook, adjustable rope hanger and power cord.


  • Stays cool
  • Can be daisy-chained


  • One light won’t support a lot of plants
  • Short power cord


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12. Aglex Brand 2000 Watt Grow Light



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The Aglex 2000 watt grow light has red and blue light dominated phases you can switch at the touch of a button. Turn on both to get full-spectrum light. It doesn’t always have the UV lights it is advertised as having. It uses around 400 watts of power. Light output is roughly equal to a 600 watt HPS bulb. This is fine for vegetation growth but may fall short for flowering plants. The Aglex brand grow light can be daisy-chained.

This grow light relies on lenses to deliver as much light as possible while consuming relatively little power. The lenses result in greater light penetration. Note that this does mean plants right under the lenses are prone to being burned, so ensure the light is 18 inches or higher above the top of the plants.

The unit is designed to work between 60 and 100 degrees F. Higher temperatures can shorten the life of the LEDs. While this grow light is not water-proof, it is rated to stand humidity up to 95 percent. Many other grow lights would fail in such a humid environment. This is probably the best led grow lights for 4×4 tent operations that are very high humidity, as long as it isn’t too hot. When lights fail, you tend to lose a whole section, not an individual bulb.


  •  Tolerates high humidity
  •  Great light penetration
  •  Can be daisy chained


  •  Not as bright as advertised


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13.Morsen 1200W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light


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Morsen is a trusted brand that has created numerous growth lights in numerous wattages, sizes and form factors. Not only that, but all of their products have all the features you could ever ask for. For the best LED light for 4×4 tent, we have selected their 1200W reflector series product.

Since this product has a laundry list of features that you’re sure to love, let’s start with the most basic and then slowly move down the list.

First of all, the 1200W output is an ideal amount of power for a 4×4 tent. It will perfectly light the growing area so that all of your plants can easily bask in the light and get all the nutrients that they need. You won’t have to worry about your plants being burned because this is exactly as much power as you need for this size.


best led light for 4x4 tent infograph
best led light for 4×4 tent infograph


Now, running a 1200W light might seem like a wasteful idea, especially when you remember that the grow light must be on for about 10-16 hours a day for proper growth. Don’t worry so much. The good thing is that LED lights tend to drain the least amount of power, and this model is especially good at maximizing power.

Despite the high output rating, this light only requires 233W to fully operate. The amount may be less depending on which setting you have, so this is the most power you should expect to use. That ensures that you can comfortably grow your plants without spending all of your money.

The LEDs themselves are quite advanced. Cheaper models use single-chip designs that are good for small growing areas, but not nearly good enough to qualify as one of the best LED light for 4×4 tent. This product uses a double-chip design.

This means that there are two LEDs in place of one, effectively doubling the lumens and producing a higher quality light for your plants. Not only that, but each LED is rated at a higher power than single-chip LEDs. Singles rate around 3W or 5W, but double-chips are 10W each.

Spectrum is incredibly important to your plants. You can’t just use white LEDs because their type of light cannot be used for photosynthesis. This is why you’ll see so many LED growth lights in red and blue, but a full spectrum light is always the best choice.

The Morsen 1200W doesn’t just use red and blue. Those colors are necessary, but they don’t cover everything. You also get several colors in between along with UV and IR lights. These lights cover all the gaps so that your plants can reach their true potential.

Red and blue LED growth lights are good, but having this full spectrum qualifies this as one of the best lights since it will ensure your plants are happy and healthy.

Plants go through several cycles as they grow, but they two we will focus on here are bloom and vegetation growth. Both require very different types of lights and colors. You’ll be happy to know that this light comes two switches for effortlessly switching between two settings.

Each setting activates different lights and at varying intensities. The bloom setting ensures that your plants can grow and sprout, while the vegetable setting is for overall growth. It’s possible to activate both at once, and this is advisable if you have several plants at different stages of growth.

With all of this light, you can expect the LED growth light to get hot. You’d be right, but there are special fans on the back that sweep the heat away and keep the light cool. This particular light come with four fans that are strong and yet quiet.

You’ll find that even though this light has 1200W of power and double-chip LEDs, it will stay remarkably cool during operation. You should still be careful while touching it, but it shouldn’t burn you or the plants. Not only that, but these fans will keep the unit running as long as possible.

Now, for the reflector-series part. This refers to the aluminum on the back that helps to reduce any light waste. Light from the LEDs will inevitably creep up and out through the tops and sides. This light wastes energy and prevents your plants getting the full benefit of the growth light.

The aluminum on the back works to reflect the light back to where it’s needed: to your plants. This will ensure that you don’t waste money and that your plants grow as quickly as possible without the light escaping and doing no good.


  • Has a massive light output of 1200W, but only uses 233W to operate at full capacity. It will use even less power if you only have one switch on and not both
  • The four fans on the back keep the unit surprisingly cool and are remarkably quiet, ensuring that no one will be disturbed by your growing tent
  • The double-chip LEDs provide a lot of light to your plants and the true full spectrum lighting will be enjoyed by your plants, making this one of the best-LED light for 4×4 tent


  • The LEDs can be a little hard to change when they burn out, but with a little patience you should be able to get them out without much of a problem

This light is not available now but you can buy the following light that will work better than this light –


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The best LED grow light for your grow tent in 2020 will provide the light your plants need without creating problems for you or the top layers of foliage. And it will do so without tripping circuit breakers or driving up your electric bill. And you can find the best grow light for your 4×4 grow tent from those on our list.

The best led grow light for 4×4 tent and buying guide

With so many grow lights out there, it can be overwhelming to choose a grow light that suits your needs. Here are the features you should look for when choosing the best led grow light for 4×4 tent.

01. Output

Before you invest in a grow light, you should check the wattage. For a 4×4 grow tent, the grow light should have an output of at least 300W. But when it comes to LEDs, you may not always get 100% power. A higher wattage will always compensate for the loss.

02. Cooling aspects

While most grow lights will perform at optimal levels throughout the day (often 15 hours), they tend to overheat over time. The best grow light should have an internal fan to cool the system. When LEDs run cooler, they only let off about 25% of heat. You should buy a unit with an aluminum sink attached to the back exterior.

Avoid LED grow lights that produce too much heat that can damage the plants.

03. Spectrum

Most grow lights provide a full spectrum that features red and blue colors. Generally speaking, the red color is suitable for flowering and fruiting stages, while the blue spectrum helps in vegetative growth. You should choose a grow light with red, blue, UV, and IR spectrum.

The best led grow light for a 4×4 tent comes with two switches for bloom and vegetative growth stages.

04. The LED Chip

For a 4 x 4 grow tent, you should ensure the grow lights have chips of at least 3W. What this means is that each LED is 3W (not 1W LEDs). Only choose LED chips that give the best reds, blues, and whites.

Also, the best lamps have an optical lens that gives a penetration of more than 25%.

05. Durability

The best LEDs are built of sturdy materials like aluminum and steel – they won’t easily break. To ensure quality craftsmanship, the best models come with a generous warranty. You should avoid units with a short warranty.

06. Consider the PAR

PAR (Photosynthesis Active Radiation) is beneficial to plants as it helps them complete the process of photosynthesis. The best grow lights will evenly distribute the PAR.

07.Consider the grow area

For a 4 x 4 tent, you may not need plenty of LED grow lights. You should ensure they provide sufficient light without being too far from the plants.

08. Choose lights that allow for programmability

LEDs offer various features to suit the needs of your plants. You should choose those that allow for programmability to allow the users to set schedules when to turn them on. Some will allow you to set the intensity to suit the needs of plants you want to grow.

09. Cost

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you should avoid buying LED lights that come cheap. The cheaper variants are of poor quality and may not give you the results you expect. Only choose a product that gives the best value.

10. Check the reviews

Before you invest in a grow light, you should check the reviews to understand what other customers feel about the product. You may want to stay away from products with negative customer reviews.



A 4 x 4 tent is small and can be beneficial where space is limited. To ensure all plants get enough light, you need a 500-600 Watts grow light. During the vegetative stage, the plants require half this wattage. Of course, flowering plants will need more than that when congregated in one area.

Some growers use two 300W grow lights to achieve a minimum of 600W. For higher yields, your plants should have the right light setup.


This will depend on the type of plants you intend to grow. For example, you can comfortably grow 6 plants if you space the plants about a square meter. Other deciding factors include the growing style and height limit. You should pay close attention to the spacing of plants for proper airflow. If you grow them close to each other, the leaves and buds may be affected.


A general rule of thumb is to aim for 30-50 for every square foot.


The answer will depend on the plant you grow, the number of plants, the height limit, and the technique you use. On average, you should expect a yield of about 1-2 lbs.

Type of plant

A key thing to note is the genetics of the plants – some are low while others are heavy producers.


Plants depend on light to produce yields as it helps in the process of photosynthesis. Too little light means that your plants won’t give sufficient yield while too much can cause overheating in the grow tent. For the best yield, you should set optimum lighting on each growth stage. Also, you should hang the plant at the perfect height.

Plant care

The kind of nutrients you give your plants and how well you water them will determine the final yields.

Pot size

While this factor is often overlooked by many, it affects the plant yield. To ensure your plant has the best performance, you should use 3-5 gallon pots.


Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light is the best for 4×4 grow tent.

ThePlatinum P300 LED grow light features 12 different bands of the light spectrum that are perfectly tuned to give plants everything they need. In addition to that, it comes with an integrated 90-degree focusing lens that penetrates deep into the canopy.

The LED grow light offers dual spectrums and gives the plants the best vegetative and flowering stage. The vegetative growth settings use 93W and give excellent growth in a 4 x 4 tent.

The P300 consumes 180W of power and is perfectly tuned to create maximum photosynthesis response. Another remarkable feature is that the user can select the appropriate setting (Bloom or Veg) to suit the pant needs. Therefore, you can use the unit from seedling to harvest.


  •  Focuses the light deep into the canopy
  •  Backed by a generous 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • Equipped with cooling fans
  •  Comes with vegetative and bloom switches
  •  Penetrates deep into the canopy


  •  You need two units for your 4 x 4 to grow tent


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