Best LED Light for 4×4 Tent

Are you Searching for best led light for 4×4 tent ?  Here you will get a good guide about it. Indoor growing gives everyone the ability to grow any type of flower, herb or vegetable they want without needing a large outdoor garden or even reliable sunlight. While it’s easy enough to setup a small growing area in a closet or basement, many people are opting for growing tents.

Latest Best Light for 4×4 tent

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Growing tents give you a wonderful plotting area for all of your plants, and they also tend to come with special features to help you out. The 4×4 tent is a great size as it’s not too big or small, plus anyone should have enough spare room somewhere to set this up.

Here we will discuss the best LED light for 4×4 tent so that you know where to start. A LED light is essential, and this one is clearly the best for the job.

#Morsen 1200W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light, Dual Switches for Bloom and Vegetables, Full Spectrum

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Morsen is a trusted brand that has created numerous growth lights in numerous wattages, sizes and form factors. Not only that, but all of their products have all the features you could ever ask for. For the best LED light for 4×4 tent, we have selected their 1200W reflector series product.

Since this product has a laundry list of features that you’re sure to love, let’s start with the most basic and then slowly move down the list.

First of all, the 1200W output is an ideal amount of power for a 4×4 tent. It will perfectly light the growing area so that all of your plants can easily bask in the light and get all the nutrients that they need. You won’t have to worry about your plants being burned because this is exactly as much power as you need for this size.

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best led light for 4x4 tent infograph

best led light for 4×4 tent infograph

Now, running a 1200W light might seem like a wasteful idea, especially when you remember that the grow light must be on for about 10-16 hours a day for proper growth. Don’t worry so much. The good thing is that LED lights tend to drain the least amount of power, and this model is especially good at maximizing power.

Despite the high output rating, this light only requires 233W to fully operate. The amount may be less depending on which setting you have, so this is the most power you should expect to use. That ensures that you can comfortably grow your plants without spending all of your money.

The LEDs themselves are quite advanced. Cheaper models use single-chip designs that are good for small growing areas, but not nearly good enough to qualify as one of the best LED light for 4×4 tent. This product uses a double-chip design.

This means that there are two LEDs in place of one, effectively doubling the lumens and producing a higher quality light for your plants. Not only that, but each LED is rated at a higher power than single-chip LEDs. Singles rate around 3W or 5W, but double-chips are 10W each.

Spectrum is incredibly important to your plants. You can’t just use white LEDs because their type of light cannot be used for photosynthesis. This is why you’ll see so many LED growth lights in red and blue, but a full spectrum light is always the best choice.

The Morsen 1200W doesn’t just use red and blue. Those colors are necessary, but they don’t cover everything. You also get several colors in between along with UV and IR lights. These lights cover all the gaps so that your plants can reach their true potential.

Red and blue LED growth lights are good, but having this full spectrum qualifies this as one of the best lights since it will ensure your plants are happy and healthy.

Plants go through several cycles as they grow, but they two we will focus on here are bloom and vegetation growth. Both require very different types of lights and colors. You’ll be happy to know that this light comes two switches for effortlessly switching between two settings.

Each setting activates different lights and at varying intensities. The bloom setting ensures that your plants can grow and sprout, while the vegetable setting is for overall growth. It’s possible to activate both at once, and this is advisable if you have several plants at different stages of growth.

With all of this light, you can expect the LED growth light to get hot. You’d be right, but there are special fans on the back that sweep the heat away and keep the light cool. This particular light come with four fans that are strong and yet quiet.

You’ll find that even though this light has 1200W of power and double-chip LEDs, it will stay remarkably cool during operation. You should still be careful while touching it, but it shouldn’t burn you or the plants. Not only that, but these fans will keep the unit running as long as possible.

Now, for the reflector-series part. This refers to the aluminum on the back that helps to reduce any light waste. Light from the LEDs will inevitably creep up and out through the tops and sides. This light wastes energy and prevents your plants getting the full benefit of the growth light.

The aluminum on the back works to reflect the light back to where it’s needed: to your plants. This will ensure that you don’t waste money and that your plants grow as quickly as possible without the light escaping and doing no good.


-Has a massive light output of 1200W, but only uses 233W to operate at full capacity. It will use even less power if you only have one switch on and not both
-The four fans on the back keep the unit surprisingly cool and are remarkably quiet, ensuring that no one will be disturbed by your growing tent
-The double-chip LEDs provide a lot of light to your plants and the true full spectrum lighting will be enjoyed by your plants, making this one of the best LED light for 4×4 tent


-The LEDs can be a little hard to change when they burn out, but with a little patience you should be able to get them out without much of a problem

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