Best LED Grow Lights for the Price in 2022 (Save Money)

There are a ton of LED grow lights out there of various sizes, features and prices. It can difficult pinning down that you truly like or feel comfortable with, especially if price is a concern. If you’re looking to spend your money wisely, then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve found the best LED grow lights for the price.

The following two lights are not only powerful, but they are remarkably affordable and are packed with all of the essential features that you need for your indoor growing hobby. You’ll have no problem producing plants that are strong and healthy.

Top 2 Best LED Grow Lights for the Price Reviews


01.King Plus LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Review


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Here’s a LED growth light that is reliable and full of features. Let’s start with the output, which is a mighty 1000W. This gives you more than enough power for medium to large growing areas, and ensures that you can easily position the light far from plants and still get enough light.

best led grow light by price infograph
best led grow light by price info graph

The LEDs here are double-chip 10W, meaning that you get double the amount of LEDs and they are twice as strong as conventional 3W or 5W LEDs, which means more light in a smaller and sleeker package. These LEDs are great for concentrating light right where you need it.

This is also a full spectrum light. The majority of the lights are red and blue, which are most essential for photosynthesis, but you also get white, orange, IR and UV lights just to cover all of your bases. This ensures that your plants won’t miss the sun whatsoever.

Installation is very easy and should only take you a few minutes, even if this is your first growth light. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the light goes up.

Lastly, the cooling system is phenomenal and it will keep your light within nominal temperatures, making this one of the best LED grow lights for the price. Not only that, but each light has its own resistance, so if one blows out, the others will stay on.


  • Powerful 1000W output with strong fans to reduce temperatures
  • Double-chip 10W LEDs that provide a massive amount of lumens
  • Truly full spectrum with several LEDs that cover spots that others miss


  • Some people found the unit too bright, but that’s usually because they weren’t used to double-chip LEDs


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02.Dimgogo 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Review

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This is very similar to the other LED grow light in many respects, but there are some major differences that separate them. It’s not a matter of quality as much as a matter of preference, as some will prefer this unit while others may prefer the other.

The first similarity is that they are both rated at a 1000W output. This gives you all the power that you need for a successful growth area, whether it’s smaller or bigger. You’ll have no problem providing all the light your plants need.

Another similarity is the use of double-chip LEDs at 10W. The similar construction uses twice as many LEDs to provide a huge boost to lumens and overall power, keeping your plants happy and fed.

One of the differences is in the full spectrum capabilities. Much like the other unit, this predominantly uses red and blue LEDs and also has some white, IR and UV LEDs to use. However, there is no orange. Instead, there are dark red LEDs that some plants would like more than orange.

Another difference is the inclusion of bloom and vegetable channels. Each one uses different LEDs to give plants the light and spectrum they need during their growth cycle. One is best for blooming and accelerating growth, while the other is best during the other phases of life.

Two cooling fans in the back keep the LED light going as long as possible without building up too much heat. You’ll be happy to know that the unit is very quiet, and each light has its own resistance so that they don’t all go at once, unlike some other units, making this one of the best LED grow lights for the price.


  • Has a great maximum output of 1000W but consumes only a fraction of that to operate
  • Uses two channels for maximizing the growth of your plants, it also uses double-chip LEDs that give better lumens
  • Has full spectrum lighting with a good mix of colors including two types of red, blue, UV and IR


  • The fans aren’t quite as good as the other unit, so it may get a little hotter, but only by a small amount


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You can buy both lights because they are the Best LED Grow Lights for the Price .These lights are very cheap and  also very good. Many people are using these lights in their indoor garden and they are very satisfied on these lights. If you go  to amazon you will see many people leaves 5 stars for these lights.