Best Led Grow Lights For 6×6 Grow Tent in 2021 ( Depth review)

When growing your plants indoors, they may not survive from the low lighting conditions. This is where row lights come in – they replicate natural light from the sun. Also, they are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and can produce full-spectrum light.

The best led grow lights for 6×6 grow tent spread the light over the entire surface area so you can grow several plants. Furthermore, they come with a full spectrum suitable for every stage of the growing process.

One of the top considerations when choosing a grow light is light intensity. We’re not talking about what looks intense in the human eye but the number of protons. This is the quickest way you can know the right light for your grow tent.

Another important feature to keep in mind is PPF reading. This is the amount of light the fixtures emit. When it comes to the spectrum, you should consider the growth stages. Some need the light for vegetative, while others need the light for flowering. In theory, the wavelengths will determine the spectrum for plant growth and what is photosynthetically efficient.

Manufacturers of LED grow lights will also indicate the wattage draw. While the wattage does not translate to the light output, it shows how powerful the fixture is. If energy efficiency is a consideration for you, you should choose a unit with lower wattage. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best led grow lights for a 6×6 grow tent that gives the best bang for your buck.

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Best led grow lights for 6×6 grow tent Reviews


IPower is engineered to produce better and quality yields than the traditional LED grow lights. It uses less electricity and produces less heat. This is one of the best led grow lights for a 6×6 grow tent that doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s ideal for all kinds of indoor plants like succulents, tomatoes, rosemary, basil, roses, peppers, and orchids.

A power cord and hanging kit are included in the package. This can be a great investment to those who are not ready to take the plunge into an expensive fixture.

High-performance hardware

The RP6000E model comes with MeanWell Driver for better reliability and safety. You can be sure the Samsung diode 301B diodes will stand the test of time.

Besides, the grow light offers comfortable viewing, so you can see the plants in true color. Heavy-duty construction guarantees durability.

Dimmable button

The dimmer knob manipulates the brightness level and adds flexibility throughout the growth stages. You have the flexibility to achieve the perfect lighting for your crops. This light offers a full spectrum that consists of 3000K, 5000K, 660 NM, and 730 nm. They are useful during the bloom and flowering stages.

Energy efficiency

This LED has high efficiency (2.9 umol/J) and is suitable for growers looking for top-shelf quality yields.

No heat or fan noise

The LED board is cooled with the aluminum heat sink and creates a silent environment around the house. This is the best unit for those who don’t need fixtures that will disturb their goodnight’s sleep. Since the unit regulates the temperature internally, fun is needed.


  • Suitable for all growth stages
  • Comes with a dimmable button
  • Features a quiet and solid construction
  • No noise
  • Guarantees comfortable plant viewing
  • IP65 waterproof


  • A bit heavy
  • The light could be disturbing to the eyes

02.SF-4000 LED grow light Review

The model SF-4000 LED grow light uses LM301B diodes. These are controlled by an advanced driver, allowing you to dim and brighten the lights.

These diodes are some of the most energy efficient on the market. The entire array uses less than 500 watts. More importantly, everything is already assembled. All you have to do is plug it in.

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This Spider Farmer brand grow light has a 5 foot by 5 foot growing area for flowering plants and 6 foot by 6 foot

growing area for leafy plants, according to the manufacturer.In reality, it replaces natural light for a 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot growing area for flowering plants and 4 by 4 foot growing area for leafy plants.

The light spectrum is predominantly 600 to 665 nm and 760 nm, though it puts out a little infrared light. You get full spectrum to grow light; you can’t get predominantly red or blue light for specific growth stages.

It puts out light that’s both 3000K and 5000K. This results in deep light penetration. It can easily reach six inches into a thick plant canopy. A side benefit of this light spectrum is that it makes it easy for operators to see, as well.

The wide-open grid means there’s no need for a fan to give it enough airflow to stay cool if you don’t have it in an enclosed tent. They will warm up the air around the lights up to 20 degrees F.

If you use it in a grow tent, use fans to prevent the tent from overheating. This is aside from the fact that a heat sink is built into the frame.

This unit does not automatically turn off if the area gets too hot, though you could set up a controller through the driver that turns off the light if the thermostat hits a predetermined temperature. There is no knob or dial to alter the light level.

You can take the drivers out of the frame, flip them over, and adjust the wattage via the holes in the bottom. This may be the best led grow light for 6×6 grow tent applications when you have an intelligent control system in place, such as when there is a connected timer.

The lights on this array last up to 50 percent longer than the competition. Yet this is only true for the broad spectrum LED grow lights. The infrared lights may go out after just a few weeks of use.

An unusual point in favor of this model is that the LEDs are waterproof. You won’t damage the light if it gets hit by a mister or splashed by water, though it shouldn’t be submerged.

Even the cables are protected. Use it in grow tents with humidity loving plants. It might even work above fish tanks and aquaculture systems. Another point in favor of this unit is a long warranty that the manufacturer actually honors.

The unit comes with hanger hooks, rope hangers, and a power cord.


  • Water-resistant
  •  Long operational life


  •  Heat production
  •  Difficult to adjust light levels

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03.G8LED 600 Watt LED Grow Light Review:

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G8 led grow lights are very popular in indoor growers. You can grow any type of indoor plant under this light. The latest technology is used in this light. This light provides all necessary color lights to the plants in different stages.

The light Increases yield by improving PPFD PAR Values which is very important for every plant. You can easily replace the 1000 watt Hps bulbs which will save 60% of power consumption.

The light is selected as the best led grow light by High Times due to their quality. It coverage (5 feet x 4 feet) 20 square feet area. You can easily use 2 pieces of light to cover (6 x 6)  36 square feet grow tent.

The G8 led grow light provides full-spectrum light which contains a higher proportion of red and far-red spectra. You need not use 90w red flower booster.

This light produces more trichromes as a result you will get the heavier harvest which has more aroma and flavor.

The short Specification:

  • Expert Guide #1 Top Pick
  • Wiki Top Ten -#1 LED Grow Light
  • Best New LED Grow Light Award – High Times Magazine
  • Power Draw 350 Watts
  • PAR Value 1152μMol/m2/s at 18″
  • Efficacy 2.8μMol/Joule
  • HPS equivalent 800-1000 Watts
  • Flowering Coverage 4feet x 5feet (122cm x 153cm)
  • Amperage (110V) 3.0Amp
  • Amperage (240V) 1.5Amp
  • Dimensions 20 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches (51cm x 30cm x 8cm)
  • Weight 21 lbs
  • USA: ETL Conforms to UL Std. 1598
  • Canada: ETL Cert. to CSA Std. C22.2#250.0
  • EU: CE, Rohs

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If you want to buy the best-led grow light for a 6×6 grow tent you can choose this light because you will get full return. The negative thing is that the price is very high.