Top 5 Best Led Grow Lights Canada Of 2021 (Don’t Miss)

Have you ever wondered which are the best LED grow lights in Canada of 2021? If you have then, keep reading! Today we will be talking about the 5 best LED grow lights that are available on Amazon and in Canada. However, first of all we must explain very quickly what this amazing lights truly are because not everybody knows it. LED grow lights are a kind of energy efficient lights, usually used by indoor growers, which can be perfectly used with natural light or paired with other grow lights, too.

So if you understood this and you are looking for these type of lights in order to buy one for your indoor plants and flowers, but you still do not know which one is the best LED grow light in Canada for you, this will definitely help you out! What are you waiting for?

01. Spider Farmer sf Series (4000w)


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First of all, this is one of the best LED lights at the moment available on Amazon in Canada, due to the fact that it provides a much longer service lifetime compared to the average we can see anytime. Furthermore, its 2.7 umol/j only consumes 456 watts, which proves a high energy efficiency compared to others. In addition, we must point out its surprising size: the veg footprint is 6 x 6 ft and the flowering footprint is 5 x 5 ft.

This latest design offers a better light penetration, in fact, it is currently one of the most efficient LED’s on the market! It creates a canopy in order to get you a better light distribution and you can certainly get up to 50% higher yields using less energy than before ,this is amazing!

Moreover, it has been designed to be foolproof, which means no noise at all due to the absence of fans. Cables are protected with high quality covers made of aluminium and it is also waterproof. In addition to this, the lifespan is a 50% longer compared to other brand lights, which you can truly benefit from it because thanks to this additional 50%, you will grow with confidence!

The sunlight spectrum makes it feel as if your plants were growing in the natural sunlight. You will be able to produce wonderful high yielding plants! The blue, white, red and IR, meaning 660-665 nm, 3000K, 5000K and IR 760nm, will make it extremely easy to see the true color of your plants!

Besides, no assembly is required because your LED grow light will be ready to use right out of the box. Plug & Play! This amazing led grow light provides 3 years of after-service of local maintenance center available in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

If you are wondering why you should make this purchase, let me tell you this is one of the best LED grow lights in Canada, which sunlike spectrum light goes across the surface and really deep into the roots and even bottom of the canopy… as it has already been said, it offers truly high quality! It is available on Amazon for $549.99 and considering all the pros… it is a pretty reasonable price! If you were looking for something like this, you already know what to do… go buy it!


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2. Mars Hydro Tsw (2000w)


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The Mars Hydro TSW offers outrageously good quality and, unlike some others in the market, its reflector design has been made of aluminium that goes directly to the lateral lighting, increasing the light intensity up to 20%! It must be taken into consideration that this is one of the only brands which creates direct lighting footprint…

The latest SMD LED technology makes to able to get 50% higher yield than old plant grow lights… in fact, its maximum yield is 2.5 g/watt.

Furthermore, this product is well-known due to the fact that it offers less consumption where only 299W are consumed! We must point out that traditional products and other brands consume 600 W HPS/MH! Moreover, it covers a 4 x 4 ft veg footprint at 24″ and a 3.5 x 3.5 ft flower footprint at 18″.

Just like the first product mentioned above, it has been designed to be as silent as possible thanks to the fanless design and the heat is dissipated due to an aluminium plate. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness as you like because of the dimmer on supply.

Not only is it perfect for these reasons, but it is also widely used as a simulation of sunlight, making the growth idyllic! It is currently used in hydroponics, greenhouse, indoor gardening…

It is very easy to turn on! Thanks to the “no buttons” trend, this is just a “Plug & Play”, too. If you used to have problems turning this LED lights on, their amazing setup has been updated to make it perfect for either beginners or experienced indoor growers!

If you are really interested and you want to know more in order to buy it, the Mars Hydro TSW only costs $365.99! It is much cheaper than the last one and also offers great features, so… which one do you prefer? Or, do you want to see more products to make the perfect purchase? Keep reading!


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3.Philzon Cob Series (1000w)



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CREE COBS LEDS is truly well-known due to its high power and stability. This latest design offers higher brightness, longer life than the average and less light attenuation. This product is considered one of the best LED grow lights in Canada due to the fact that the CREE COB itself is a full spectrum design including high PPFD (photosynthetic photonic flow density) value, allowing it to promote faster and make the plant growth much better!

Furthermore, its PPFD is nowadays extremely high: 941 umol/j. This makes this Philzon Cob much brighter and more efficient than the other products from other brands! In fact, this is why it is considered one of the best LED grow light in the market…

Moreover, it consist of a full spectrum lamp with integrated design where additional several lights have been added to ensure the full spectrum of science. However, it is not waterproof, meaning you will only be able to use it indoors… but do not worry! Just make sure you stay away from wet areas!

If you want to know more about its features, it contains 2 COB pieces, 40 630-660 nm pieces, 3000K, 6500 K, UV and IR…, which, again, helps the fact that it is one of the best LED grow lights in Canada for indoor growing. Not all brands offer this quality!

In addition, the power is 245W, making a maximum energy saving! It covers a 3.5 x 3.5 ft veg footprint, offering lower consumption than HPS/MH, too, and can be used for herb, vegetables or flowering!

If you thought this was amazing, you should hear this, too! It offers a 2 years of after-service, plus 30 day money back guarantee, and its final price on Amazon is $398.99! Incredible, isn’t it? Come on, it is waiting for you!


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4. Mars Hydro (900w)



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Taking into consideration its 8-year experience in LED grow light line, it comes without saying that this purchase means: quality. This specific product can be very interesting if you are looking forward to spending money in improving your indoor gardening due to its multiple advantages. First of all, it has been classified as having a more intensive penetration and full spectrum with IR (730). Furthermore, due to its aluminum heat sinks, it assures an amazing dissipation condition (poweful 5W).

It stands out because the core coverage is 4.5 x 4.5 ft and its maximum coverage is 6.5 x 6.5 ft, being literally perfect for 7 or 8 plants at the stage of flower, and besides that, if we would compare it to similar products, we would definitely see that the traditional ones consume 1600 watts HPS/MH while this design only consumes 630 watts! TIn the long term that will be a huge advantage!

In addition, it is equipped with the newest LEDS and the superior LED design, which offer a longer lifespan than those you are probably used to. This will mean that your plants and flowers will grow faster and better!

Moreover, its cooling system is astonishing due to the fact that it contains five fans spinning together with a big heatsink, which allows it to cool itself perfectly. In fact, it also uses a silent mode where, even though, it has got five fans, you will never notice it because you will never hear them… completely silent!

However, this product is an indoor use only… it is not waterproof, so you must keep it away from the water if you do not want to get yourself in the middle of something problematic…

Besides, it provides a 3-year of maintenance with a support center in Toronto, and also a 30 days money back if there is any problem with this LED light… which should not. Finally, if you think this is the one for you, the Mars Hydro 1600W costs the total amount of $639.99. Even though it can be more expensive than the previous ones, it has been proved that this product shouts: quality! This is not an average LED grow light, it THE LED grow light… and it is nowadays available on Amazon… You will not regret this purchase! What are you waiting for?


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5.Viparspectra Ul Certified (1200 w)


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And last but not least, we will be talking about this incredible product that many people would like to have it at home. It stands out the fact that it CERTIFIED because the company wants to make sure everything is safe because for them safety is just as important as efficiency. It has met rigorous tests in order to ensure safe operation, which allows them to confirm that there is no danger at all, that everything has been completely tested, and that you can trust their safety standards. They are looking to provide the best customer care with quality, but also SAFE products.

In fact, one of their secrets is the optimal full spectrum lighting that provides plants and flowers in all stages with everything they need in their natural sunlight! This, apart from making your plants grow better, while definitely save you on energy costs if you dispose of a bigger bud or a higher yield!

Furthermore, it consists of 2 channels. On the one hand, the veg channel includes blue and white LED in order to germinate seedlings and promote the early vegetation cycle. On the other hand, the bloom channel can provide more red wavelengths, which primary for plants in the flowering and fruiting stage.

Moreover, they can also be used together, at the same time, and if you are thinking it must consume a lot… that is false! The Viparspectra UL Certified can replace the traditional ones, where a similar design can consume 800W HPS/MH, while this product only consumes the total amount of 520 W. In addition, the veg footprint is 4.5 x 4.5 ft at 32″ and the flowering coverage is 3.5 x 3.5 ft at 24″.

However, this professional LED grow light manufacturer only offers a 2-year warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee. It can compensate knowing that its price is more or less on the average… $499.99! So… are you really going to ignore this opportunity? If this is what you were looking for, do not hesitate anymore! Buy it on Amazon for the best price!


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How to choose best led grow light in Canada

Are you planning on turning your indoor plants into a business venture? So, what next? Well, there are so many things to keep in mind before you invest in an entire light system. Here is a detailed guide on how to choose best led grow light in Canada.

01. Coverage area

The size of the growing area matters. You can’t use the same number of lights in a grow tent as you would for a warehouse. Every plant should be fully exposed to the light. And as the plants grow, the coverage area becomes more.

You should use the maximum coverage number to design your grow space. Also, you want to have control in your grow room, and some lights make it easier than others.

02. Light spectrum

Plants use different waves in different stages. Since there’s a huge spectrum of lights out there, you should ensure each suit the growth stage of the indoor plants. If you can’t get LEDs that offer a full spectrum, you should invest in those that offer a toggle between blue and red spectrums.

Look for LEDs that give something similar to the natural light of the sun’s rays. Of course, you should focus on units that emit UV rays through infrared spectrums.

03. Durability

As you shop for the best LED grow lights, you should consider their durability. The last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned money. Make sure you only buy a unit that will stand the test of time.

04. Reflectivity

When it comes to reflectivity, you have two options to choose from. If you want to grow your plants in a 4×4 tent, you should buy LEDs with a reflective lining. This helps to distribute the light on top and underneath. If your indoor space has no tent, you should use an LED light with a reflective hood.

05. Heat output

LED grow lights ensure the room temperature doesn’t get too high or low. If you invest in LEDs that emit too much heat, you’re putting your plants at risk. Not to mention, you’ll have to put extra effort to cool the room. If your grow lights run for more than 15 hours a day, it should dissipate heat more evenly.

If you want to grow plants in a tent, this is an important feature to consider.

06. PAR

If you’re looking for a grow light that suits every stage of your plant’s life, you should consider the PAR. From a scientific standpoint, this is the amount of light that contributes to the process of photosynthesis. And this explains why your living room plant dies even after you expose it to a considerable amount of light. Do you get the picture? The higher the PAR, the more benefits the plant receives.

07. Choose LED lights that offer programmability

There’re many LED lights to choose from, each with different features. The best-LED lights are programmable and should be adjusted to suit your needs. Look for a unit that allows you to turn on and off. You should also invest in a unit that gives an option for adjusting the spectrum.

When you grow your plant indoors, you’re in control of the amount of light the plants receive. Generally, LEDs have longer lifespans that range between 5,000-100,000 hours, so you’re making a long-term investment. Be sure to follow these helpful tips to ensure you make a worthwhile investment.

Best Led Grow Lights Canada Faqs

01. What is the best brand of LED grow lights in Canada?

The first question we’ll answer in our best led grow light in Canada FAQ is: What is the best brand of LED grow lights in Canada? There are several contenders for that title.

Spider Farmer is one of the best choices, because their lights are affordable and use relatively little power. They get points for being daisy chain dimmable. That means you can not only connect them in a daisy chain to minimize the number of power cables you have in the room, but you can dim them through the same network, too.

Mars Hydro grow lights are not the cheapest product in this class, but they are the most cost-efficient. That means you pay less per lumen than anything else. Their commercial lights produce 2.8 umol per joule. The company makes reliable full-spectrum grow lights. Their grow lights are unusual for being up to 180 degrees flexible.

Viparspectra grow lights are high-intensity LED grow lights. These grow lights are equally good for blooming flowers as sprouting seedlings. These grow lights are ideal for those growing sun-loving plants. However, the quality of the product depends on the model and what year it was made. For example, grow lights made two or three years ago may not be as energy efficient or may not have drivers compatible with your control system.

02. What is the best LED grow light of 2021 In Canada?

We would say that the Spider Farmer SF-4000 Commercial Led Grow Light is the best grow light of 2021. This massive grow light has a 5 foot by 5 foot coverage area for blooming plants, 6 feet by 6 feet if you’re dealing with seedlings. It is made to be compatible with Samsung LM301B diodes, making it possible to replace burned out lights with commonly available parts. That’s essential given that it contains roughly 1200 LEDs. It is a full-spectrum grow light. It has an energy efficiency of 2.7 umol per joule. Yet it only consumes 450 watts.

03. What is the best LED grow light on the market today in Canada?

The VIPARSPECTRA model XS4000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes covers a 4 foot by 4 foot growing area. That’s fairly standard. So is the fact that it produces red light and blue light. What makes this model stand out is the supporting hardware. It has a MeanWell driver that lets you control the light levels via timers or even smart controllers. It uses standard Samsung LM301B diodes. These are energy-efficient and reliable.This is the best led grow light in Canada of 2021.

04. What type of LED is best for growing plants In Canada?

The best type of LED for grow lights in Canada is probably the Samsung LM301B LED. Their light efficiency can reach 220 lumens per watt. They’re very energy efficient, consuming just 0.2 watts per LED. Furthermore, they have a high PAR output. Their light output can penetrate the plant canopy, too. That means that the lower levels of the canopy can get up to 2.9 umol/joule. These LEDs are used in Viparspectra’s best grow lights, as well as Spider Farmer’s industrial-grade, LED grow lights.


All in all, today we have been discussing the 5 best LED grow lights in Canada available on Amazon. After taking everything into consideration and deciding which LED grow light suits you and your indoor plants better, it is time for you to make your purchase!

If you are looking for a high-quality LED light, this is your article… here you will find whatever you were looking for so you can finally be able to polish your work! Did you find the perfect LED grow light for you? Really? Then, do not wait anymore! Buy it and make your dreams come true! What are you waiting for?