Best LED Grow Light Under 500 Review for indoor plants

Best led grow light under 500

Are you searching for the best led grow light under 500 ? If  yes this article is for you.There are many grow lights on the market, although many are priced $1,000 or higher. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, you’re not out of luck. The best LED grow light under 500 that are listed below are worth taking a look at to consider for your own indoor garden.

1. ViparSpectra Dimmable PAR1200 LED Grow Light



This LED grow light is made to create balanced lights that help plants both grow and thrive through each stage of their life. This is possible thanks to the full spectrum light, which is comparable to natural sunlight and can be used for all types of plants and flowers. The lights can replace 1000W HPS/MH lights but consume less power so you save on energy each time you turn the lights on.

If you’re looking for a 1,200W light that has been tested by the manufacturer, this fits the bill. It also features a lifespan of 100,000+ hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing within weeks or even months. The LED’s specifically made by this brand are also scientifically engineered to balance PAR and Lumen for the best coverage possible.

This grow light is suitable for a 4×4′ growing area and can be used at 24″ high max. For those who are worried about heat, this has been made with high-quality front fans as well as aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat quietly and effectively. As a trusted name for indoor growers, this ViparSpectra light has everything you could want for under $500.



  • Can be controlled by a timer so you’re not constantly disrupting your plants to turn light on/off
  • Many users have said their plants grow stronger and larger when they use this light
  • Comparable to more expensive lights without the higher price tag
  • Dimmers make it possible to achieve the perfect light balance without compromise
  • Average power draw of 549W max, so your power bills won’t increase with regular use
  • Comes with the LED light, hanging kit, hangers, and a 6ft power cord so you have everything you need to get started right away


  • No instructions included, which can make the initial setup quite difficult for those not familiar with it
  • Some users have reported their lights breaking after only a few months
  • Not waterproof, so it’s important to pay attention to humidity in your grow room
  •  Some buyers have had a difficult time redeeming their warranty coverage




2. PlatinumLED Grow Lights Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light


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This brand is known for producing quality, with the best LED grow lights under 500 that have the highest Lumen and Par output per watt compared to other grow lights in the same category. In fact, it offers 2x-3x the brightness and intensity of other lights, which is essential for growing healthy plants at a rapid pace. Further enhancing this light is the fact that it offers 12-band full spectrum that provides the best output possible for growers.

Located on the side of the unit are two switches, one which is made for vegetables and one that is made for flowers. This makes it easy to operate the unit based on what you’re growing, in particular. When it comes to heating and cooling, this unit is made with high-speed whisper fans as well as upgraded aluminum heat sinks that help dissipate heat quite well.

You can expect to cover 4.5 x 3.8′ with this light at 18″, making it ideal for small areas with a few different plants. Although this does offer 30oW of HPS light, it only consumes 180 W of actual power so your heating bills won’t increase. It performs well and is designed to produce higher yields with lower temperatures to save you both time and money.



  • Highest PAR per watt when compared to other LED grow lights, making it extremely efficient
  • 12 different bands of light give your plants exactly what they need to grow stronger
  •  Veg and Bloom light selections make it easy to maximize growth for what you’re growing
  •  5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee for peace of mind
  •  Doesn’t let off a lot of heat, which can save money in cooling costs



  • Doesn’t produce as much power output as it claims
  • Many buyers have had their light break in just a few short months
  • Some users claim that cheaper lights work just as well
  • Can be heavy for those who hang it up


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Which is the best LED grow light under 500 for you? To determine this, simply take a look at the pros, cons, and details of each unit. With both of these being great options, you won’t be disappointed with either that you choose.

Best LED Grow Light Under 500
Best LED Grow Light Under 500