Best LED Grow Light Under 300 Review in 2021 (Updated)

Well come to this article You will get here the  review of Best LED Grow Light Under $300 .Our goal is to give you the best information about it.Led grow lights are making our life easier by helping us to grow plants indoors.

If you’re looking for an affordable LED grow light, it can be difficult to determine which option is still high quality and will provide you with the light you need. To make the decision easier, two contenders for the best LED grow light under $300 are listed below. These have excellent qualities and are designed well, making them two of the top choices for many buyers on a budget.

Although the price tag for each is under $300, you won’t compromise quality to save. Both are designed by reputable manufacturers and have many of the same qualities you’d find in more expensive models. To determine which is right for you, simply read through the descriptions and take a look at the pros/cons as well.


1. PlatinumLED Grow Lights Advanced Platinum Series P150

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For those who are looking for a compact grow light, this is an ideal choice. It’s made to last and even claims to have the highest lumen and par output per watt, when compared to other lights. With more intensity, you may be able to grow plants more quickly without compromising their health. The 12-band full spectrum light offers complete coverage for both vegetables and flowers, eliminating the need for natural sunlight.

To help ensure you reach the best lighting possible, there are veg and flower switches on the side. As for heat, this unit is made with 2 high-speed fans as well as upgraded aluminum heat sinks that help dissipate the heat to evenly cool. This light acts as a replacement for 250W HPS and can cover 4.5’x3.5′ at 18″ height grow tent.

Measuring a compact 18″, you can use this in even small growing areas, such as closets or tents. This light is specifically designed to take plants and flowers through every stage of growth in a healthy manner but with taking less time. It’s suitable for those who grow regularly as well as those who only do so on occasion.



  • 5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee for peace of mind
  •  P150W replaces 250W HPS and only consumes 86W of actual power to help save you money
  • Veg and bloom light spectrums are easy to achieve with the optional switches on the side
  • American owned and operated business that boasts great customer service
  • Many users report that this light outperforms more expensive LED grow lights
  • The life span of this light is very good


  • Some users have reported their lights burning out in less than one year
  • May be too small for those who have large gardens or grow areas
  • Warranty can be difficult to claim for those who have trouble with their units
  • Restocking fee if you return
best led grow light under $300 infograph
best led grow light under $300 infograph


2. HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W LED Grow Light

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With 90-degree optical lenses built in, this offers concentrated light that reduces loss and helps to maximize growth for plants. The full spectrum 12-band makes this one of the best LED grow light under $300, especially with both IR and UV lights included. This provides the same type of light as natural sunlight, eliminating the need to put plants or flowers outdoors.

The high efficiency lighting in this unit can replace a 1000WHPS light while using a mere 400W of power. As a result, you save money and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising results. This is suitable for a 4’x3′ growing area when hung at the 24″ height. For those who are worried about overheating, this unit includes high-speed fans that are whisper-quiet as well as aluminum cooling heat sinks.

The vegetable and bloom switches on the side of the light allow users to achieve ideal lighting for the type of plant they are growing. These are easy to use and even easier to find, adding convenience to the unit. Being lightweight, this is an LED grow light easy to use just about anywhere you’re growing indoors.



  • Includes grow light, hanging kit, and power cord to get you started right away
  • Great customer service; 3-year warranty plus 30-day return guarantee included
  • Whisper quiet so it won’t keep you up at night or bother you during the day
  • High quality lights that help accelerate plant growth
  • Easy to set up to help save you time and prevent frustration
  • Many user love this light


  • Cord is too short for some growers to use the light properly
  • May not cover a large enough surface area for some
  • Some buyers have found that the lights rattle inside of the casing and can break easily
  • May not be packaged well/may break during transit
The best LED grow light under $300 for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the light it offers, the size, and the pros/cons. This review should make the choice easier so you can buy with confidence! we picked these lights after little research .So you can choose these lights for your garden .