Best LED Grow Light Under 200 in 2021 For Your Indoor plants

There are many LED grow lights on the market, with many being priced around $500-$1,000. But, what if you don’t want to spend that much on a light? If you’re on a strict budget or just want to save on your indoor garden, the best led grow light under 200 listed below are excellent options.

With both of these lights being highly rated and decently affordable, you can’t go wrong. Learn more by reading the descriptions of each below. Led grow lights under 200 $ are not bad .Many people are using this lights successfully.


Top 02 Best Led Grow Lights Under 200

2. ViparSpectra Dimmable PAR450 LED Grow Light


As one of the best LED grow light under 200, this unit will not disappoint. It features individually adjustable dimmers for the red, white and blue lights so you can control the exact level of brightness for your plants. It’s also engineered to produce the best balance of lumen and par light to help keep growth healthy. In addition to this, it only consumes 210 watts maximum to help you save on operating costs.

To help reduce heat, this unit is made with aluminum cooling heat sinks and upgraded front fans that are whisper quiet. With these features, this light is 70% cooler than HID lights. You can also control this with a timer so you don’t have to interrupt your climate to make changes.


  •  Great reviews for being long-lasting and well made
  •  Dimmers are easy to use and make growing different types of plants easier
  •  Replaces a 400W HPS system
  • Has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours so you can use it for years to come


  • Coverage area is small at 3×2.5′ at 24″
  • Some users say the penetration of the lights isn’t the best
  • Instructions are not easy to read or follow
led grow light under $200 info graph
led grow light under $200 info graph

1. BloomBeast A520 LED Grow Light

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The BloomBeast A520 LED grow light offers 13-band smart spectrum that perfectly balances red, IR, white, UV, and blue light. This helps grow plants in a healthy manner but in less time than it would take with traditional sunlight. With personalization in mind, this unit also has three dimmer switches on the side to allow you to achieve the perfect balance of light based on what you’re growing and the stage of growth it’s in.

This light is also made to help reduce electricity costs by as much as 50% when compared to traditional HPS bulbs. These produce less heat as an added benefit, making it easier to control your growing climate without the need for cooling units. This is a product that is affordable, made well, and designed to give you personalized control of the intensity of light you use.



  •  5-year warranty and 6-month guaranteed replacement for peace of mind
  • Designed with super bright LED lights that penetrate plants better to accelerate growth
  •  No expensive bulbs to replace to help save you money
  • Offers great results when it comes to growing plants quickly


  •  Super bright lights mean you need LED glasses when the light is on
  • If you have a large growing area, this may not be big enough (covers 5’x4′)
  • Many buyers say their light has been damaged during shipping (not packaged well)

The best led grow light under 200 for you will depend on what you’re looking for. Fortunately, the two listed above are excellent options you will undoubtedly enjoy. With each being affordable, you can’t go wrong.