Best Led Grow Light For One Plant

The TaoTronics grow lamp is a 36 watt indoor grow lamp. The design of the lamp itself makes it perhaps the best led grow light for one plant. It could cover plants up to 24 inches tall, but it really only works for plants less than 18 inches tall. In this regard, it is ideal for a single short plant unless you’re lighting a trouble spot on a larger plant. Just don’t put it too close like right next to the plant.

It Won’t Mess Up Your Carefully Planned Environmental Conditions

This grow lamp by TaoTronics has an aluminum grade heat sink. It won’t over-heat plants, especially those that are heat sensitive. This is the best led grow light for one plant in need of extra light when you’re trying to maintain very specific environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Furthermore, the grow lamp is safe to have very close to the plant without heating up a particular spot.

It Is Versatile

This LED grow lamp has a sixty degree beam angle. It can light specific portions of the plant or provide radiant energy to the entire canopy of the plant. It has the standard red and blue lights needed to stimulate leaves, stem growth, fruiting and flower development.

It puts out blue light at 460 nanometers. Its red light is at the high end, 630 and 660 nanometers. One frequency is absorbed by the chlorophyll while the other is absorbed by the carotenoids. The only application it isn’t good for is seed starting. However, seed starting doesn’t really require light at the very start, and this lamp could be used, though a general fluorescent lamp could be used as well.

A variation on this theme is the fact that you can use the LED grow light anywhere you’d like, as long as it is indoors. The lamp comes with a standard E27 socket.

It Is Good for the Environment

The TaoTronics grow lamp is very energy efficient. It uses less energy than comparable HPS and HID lights. You’ll save on your electric bill over the traditional alternatives. The bulb itself is eco-friendly. It doesn’t contain harmful gasses, mercury or other heavy metals. A side benefit of this lamp is the fact that it blends into your environment. No, it can’t be used outside.

The green lamp head allows it to blend into the background. This is valuable if you don’t want the plant to be obvious when it isn’t in use. This particular model of grow lamp by TaoTronics even has better heat dissipation and longer operating life than prior models. That alone reduces waste generation by the company and you, the consumer.

A side benefit of this model is the fact that the lights themselves don’t bother your eyes as much. You still shouldn’t look into the light directly. However, it won’t cause headaches or eye strain if you’re spending five minutes trimming a tree or otherwise caring for the plant. If you’re going to set the light in place and leave it on for an extended period of time, the TaoTronics is the best LED grow light for one plant because it won’t aggravate you, the user, as you walk past it.


This is the best LED grow light for one plant, whether you want to nurture its growth or maintain a valuable window plant as the weather gets cold and dark.

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