Best LED Grow Light for 5×5 Tent in 2021 For Indoor Growers

Growing indoor plants can be a rewarding experience. But to ensure your plants get the preferred amount of light, you need the best led grow light for 5×5 grow tent. When selecting a full-spectrum light, you should focus on value for your money.

LED lights are energy-efficient compared to traditional lights. They produce less heat and emit less noise. Also, you can measure a range of wavelengths and colors. The best-LED lights give far off more light than the HID bulbs. Sometimes, they emit too much heat that requires cooling. Those without adequate cooling fans will have a shorter lifespan.

But determining the right size of grow tent doesn’t have to be complicated.

Since there’s a bunch of grow lights, you should keep a few factors in mind. First, you should decide on the number of plants you plan to grow. This information will give an idea of how many lights you need. And depending on the types of plants in the grow tent, you can switch red, blue, or yellow spectrums. But again, you must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Some brands give the right PAR readings while others don’t.

Are you looking for LED light with a specific color spectrum? Well, this guide is for you. The following are the best led grow lights for a 5×5 grow tent.

Best Led Grow Lights for 5×5 grow tents


IPower is a full-spectrum LED light designed for indoor growers. It comes with a convenient hanging rope for your grow room.

Growth stages

This unit is ideal for all plant growth stages (vegetative, blooming, and flowering). It features 3000k reddish light, 660 nm red, and 750 IR to speed up the blooming flowering stage.

Dimmable button

This unit is equipped with a dimmer knob to help you manipulate the level of brightness. You get the perfect performance for each growth stage. Not to mention, you can adjust the light intensity to meet the needs of different growth stages. The dimmable driver can be removed from the grow tent to keep the heat down.

Coverage area

Unlike the traditional bulbs, iPower offers a footprint of 6 x 6 feet during the flowering stage. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. It pulls 600 watts of power which is enough to cover the area. These LEDs cover the entire area and guarantees uniform growth of plants. And due to the concentration of illumination, more than 95% of the energy emitted is used by plants.

Solid construction

The well-built aluminum sink does a great job at heat dissipation. You don’t have to install external fans for perfectly silent performance. Unlike comparable models, this unit will give great output without burning the LEDs.

Water resistance

The row light comes with anti-moisture and anti-vulcanization, thanks to an IPX6 rating.


  • LED lights are heavy-duty
  • Comes with premium construction
  • No external fans are required
  • Delivers high-quality yield
  • Gives a perfectly silent performance
  • The dimmable mob allows for adjustment during the seedling, blooming, and flowering stages.
  • Tool-free installation
  • The setup is stressful
  • Comes with a generous warranty
  • You get everything you need to grow your plants – from a hanging kit to a power cord.
  • Has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours


  • Limited coverage area
  • LED wattage is low
  • A bit expensive
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02.VIPARSPECTRA VT1350 Timer Led Grow Light


Made by VIPARSPECTRA, one of the most trusted brands in this niche, this LED growth lamp has all the power you need plus an array of special features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a long-time indoor grower or just looking to get your feet wet, this light is the one you’ve been looking for.

This LED growth light is full of features and power, so let’s start with its output. As you can guess by the name, this unit has a maximum output of 1350W. This is necessary to ensure that it can cover the whole 5×5 area or larger. Not only that, but the high wattage ensures your plants get plenty of light.

The power draw is somewhat higher than other comparable units at 620W, but it’s still quite good and will keep you under budget when it comes to powering the light. You’ll have no problem keeping this on for the required time to get your plants growing properly.

If you are looking to reduce costs, or if you don’t need the full 1350W worth of power, there is a dimmer feature. This allows you to turn the intensity down so that the lights take less power. It’s also good if you have a smaller area or just want to keep the lights down for any other reason.

Since plants require a spectrum of light to initiate photosynthesis, you need a full spectrum light to truly qualify as the best LED grow light for 5×5 tent. This unit provides full spectrum intensity. None of that cheap dual-spectrum lighting. You get all of the colors that plants need, ensuring they can hit their full potential.

Best LED Grow Light for 5×5 Tent in 2018
Best LED Grow Light for 5×5 Tent in 2021

Many LED growth lights lose light as it’s sifted through the sides and top. This is natural, but it wastes power and effort. However, this one has reflectors that greatly minimizes the loss, ensuring that at least 98% of all light hits your plants. This is done through aluminum that turns the light back towards its intended direction.

Another great feature is the dual-channel lighting. You can choose either bloom, grow or both. Both bloom and growth have different spectrums and light intensities, ensuring that your plants get what they need during their specific phase of growth. You are always free to put on both simultaneously to stimulate the best growth.

Installation of this LED growth light is very simple. The included hanging kit easily goes around the lighting apparatus and you can hang the light within minutes. You’ll have absolutely no problems attaching this to any 5×5 tent, meaning you can supply your plants with light in no time. The unit weighs about 27 pounds, which most tents should easily be able to support.

Most LED growth lights only have switches and nothing else, meaning that you have very little control over them. However, this one has a display and knob that allows you to change brightness and control several other settings with ease and finesse. It’s also quite intuitive, taking out all guesswork and ensuring that you can master the system in seconds.

You’ll love the included remote, which makes it so easy to control this light. Everything you need is right there. Want to change the brightness? Easy. Want to change the spectrum? Simple. You can take charge of each and every feature without even touching the light itself.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cooling fans. These lights generate a lot of heat, but the six fans will make easy work of that. They will not only remove the heat and keep both you and the unit safe, but they are super quiet. Youcan run this in your tent and hardly even hear it, which is always nice.


-Massive power output of 1350W, which will have no problem lighting a 5×5 tent, making it the best LED grow light for 5×5 tent

-Uses a remote control that allows you to control everything without even touching the light or stepping into the tent

-Has a wealth of features, including full spectrum lighting, bloom and growth channels, dimmable lights and much more


-Requires some more power than other comparable units at 620W, but honestly it’s not that big a difference and it’s worth it for the extra features

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03.MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light

The MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light is an incredible option for people wanting to mimic real sunlight for a decent-sized plot of plants (specifically 5’ x 5’ of plants in the vegetation stage and 4’ x 4’ of plants in the blooming stage). This review will discuss the pros and cons of this particular lighting system.


1. Multiple Types of Light to Target Different Aspects of Plant Health

Warm White Light (3000K) to protect and maintain the plants’ colorBlue Light (5000K) to encourage plant growth RED Light (660 nm) to encourage your plants to flower healthilyIR Light (760 nm) to help your plants bloom and flourish.

2. Aluminum Hood to Optimize Heat Distribution and Light Reflection

The aluminum hood design serves multiple functions. First and foremost, it helps to keep the grow light itself from overheating (though it will still be hot to the touch) by dispersing the heat throughout the other layers of the light. Secondly, the layering and design itself help to focus the light so that none is wasted, helping maximize utilization for the plants themselves.

3. Easy to Set Up and Hang

The grow light comes with a pair of hangers, and you can get an additional pair inexpensively for $7.99. It’s extremely easy to hang with these, but the grow light is also fairly adaptable and can be just as easily held up with paracord or other hangers if you have a preference.


1. Not Waterproof

Ultimately, this shouldn’t make that big of a difference. Since you’re not going to be using this item outside and there’s no logical way you should be able to spill something on it, the only reason this could become a concern is if you have a sprinkler system. If you were to have a fire or a sprinkler malfunction that allowed this lighting system to get wet, it could damage the system. Chances are, though, you’d have a few other more pressing concerns if that were the case!

2. No Fan – Also a Pro

This is both a pro and a con. Since this grow light does not use any kind of fan or cooling system, it can get extremely hot to the touch. If you need to take it down or adjust it for any reason, be sure to shut it off and give it some time to cool down on its own before you do. However, the lack of fan also makes it a very quiet system, so you can grow plants indoors without a constant whirring sound distracting you from everyday life.

Our Opinion:

In our opinion, this is the best LED grow light for 5×5 grow tents. Its reviews are stellar, coming in at 4.5/5 stars on Amazon and over a hundred satisfied customers. The reviews themselves say that their plants saw immediate improvement when they installed the MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light, and if they wanted to make modifications to the setup, they found it simple enough to do so. This grow light is highly recommended for indoor settings, especially within grow tents.


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How Many LED Watts Should You Use for a 5′ x 5′ Grow Tent?

LED lights for your grow tent, there are already plenty of things to keep in mind: how big does it need to be? Should I get one with a fan? What types of light do I need for my plants? And, ultimately, how many LED watts are appropriate for the plants that I have?

The answer to that last question is largely going to depend on a couple of factors: What types of plants are you growing? And how large of a space are you growing them in? This article will focus on what’s necessary for a 5’ x 5’ grow tent.

Plant Type

High Light Plants (i.e. Fruits and Vegetables)

Flowering plants like tomatoes, peppers, and even root vegetables are considered High Light plants, meaning they need significantly more sunlight (or sun-mimicking light) in order to thrive. These plants will need higher wattage than Low Light plants because they use much more energy than plants that remain in a leafy or non-flowering state, and that energy gets stored in the fruits.

High Light plants in the flowering stage can require up to about 1800 watts for a 5’ x 5’ space.High Light plants that are not being brought to flower (i.e. if you’re vegging them) require about half of that, maxing out at 750-900 watts.

Low Light Plants (i.e. Leafy Greens)

Leafy greens like spinach, lettuces, kale, and chard are all considered Low Light plants because they will not bear fruit, and therefore require significantly less light energy than plants that bear fruits.Low Light plants should be treated with a maximum of 450 watts in a 5’ x 5’ grow tent.

General Rule of Thumb

There are plenty more specifics to keep in mind, but the factor that will make the biggest difference in how much LED wattage you need is whether or not you’re growing High Light or Low Light plants. Otherwise, the general rule of thumb to use when calculating how many LED watts you need for your grow space is:

Approximately 50 watts per 1 square foot of grow space  (i.e. 1’ x 1’ = 50 watts, 2’ x 2’ = 200 watts, 5’ x 5’ =1250 , etc.) for low Light plants.Approximately 75 watts per 1 square foot of grow space (i.e. 1’ x 1’ = 75 watts, 2’ x 2’ = 300 watts, 5’ x 5’ = 1875 watts, etc.) for high Light plants.

If you need more specifics or have highly particular plants, we recommend doing more research on your specific conditions.

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