Best Led Grow Light For 2×4 tent -You Should Know It!

Are you searching for the best led grow light for 2×4 ft grow tent? I will help you to buy the best led grow light for your plants. Led grow lights are becoming more popular in the world than other lights because their exclusive properties. You can easily buy, set up and handle a led grow light. However , this is a very good decision to buy led grow light.

Now I will tell you the best led grow light for 2×4 ft grow tent.

best led grow light for 2×4 ft grow tent Review

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Marshydro is one of the best led grow light brands in the market .Their products are very much acceptable and people trust on this brand and I heard from many users of this brand, they are very much happy with this brand. Another important thing is that this company has many customer service centers in USA so you will get the full service from that centers if you feel any problem.

MARS HYDRO SP 250 Led Grow Light is one of the best products that has launched by this company .This led provides full spectrum light and suitable for any indoor plants .This is the best light for 2×4 tent .


01.This is a full spectrum led grow light and suitable for green house and grow tent.

02.This light is water protected so you need not worried about humidity and watering.

03.This light has 50%  mo re life span than other brands.

04.New SMD Technology is used in the this light so you will get the maximum yield(2.5 gm/ watt).

05.The PAR value is very good at average 490 uml at 18 inchess height

06.It saves 70 % energy than other old led lights .It just consume  230w with 684 LEDs n and perfect        for 2×4 ft grow tent and             two is perfect for 4×4 grow tent.

07.Another important  feature is that all casing is heat sink and there is no fan n this light so that you  can enjoy quite environment in your grow room.

08.The proper Uv and IR of this light promote blooming ,fruiting and increase plant yield.

09.You will also enjoy 3 years warranty and 30 days money back guaranty. You also get many local service  centre in USA.

10.The product  size is 42.5×3.5×3.1 inches, the weight is 8.82 pounds and the shipping weight is

             12.95 pounds.

11.The Spectrum of this light are 380-410,650-660 nm,730-740 nm,3000-3200k and 6000-6500k.

12.You can easily adjust brightness of this light during veg and Bloom.

13.The average PPFD is 490 umol/m2/s at 18 inches height  for 2×4 ft grow tent.

14.You can use this light for both personal and commercial purposes.

 User Experience:

There  are so many positive  review from the customer but few also negative comments. Here I will show you one positive and one negative comment

Jessy says “ Truly an amazing light. It runs very cool. is full-spectrum so you can flower with it. I was shocked on how bright it is and how nice of a color spectrum it has. It’s way nicer than I expected. Has beautiful build detail. I would highly highly recommend this light. Few days in and the plants are loving it. As you can see. Plug and play right out of the box. With very discreet shipping. It’s also super light Everything I need in a light”.

On the other hand

Ocean Says “ I am a beginner indoor grower. Our grow tent is in our bedroom, so I’ve avoided any noisy components. This light looks great, works great, and is quiet as a dream. You probably already know this light has a built in dimmer but ONLY if you manually unscrew the Meanwell driver, flip it over, remove the waterproof plugs, and then carefully make adjustments with a small screwdriver while watching an external wattage meter (see online videos).

 I would have paid $30 more for a unit with a dimmer knob instead of the aforementioned fiasco; disassembling my lighting system, however simple, is not something I want to be doing in the middle of a grow. Some people complain about the heat; I see a 5-10 degree F increase in my tent, and that’s perfect for keeping temps up in the winter. If it had a dimmer knob, I’d give this light five stars. Otherwise, I love this light”.

Few cons:

  1. There is no dimmer knob.
  2. Few users say this light increase heat in the grow room.
  3. Price is high

Our Recommendation:

From the above discussion we understand that MARS HYDRO SP 250 is the best led grow light for 2×4 ft tent though it has few problems but overall good. You can choose this light for your plants.


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