Best Led Grow Light For 2×3 Tent -Know Before Start Growing .

Many people asked which is the best led grow light for 2×3 tent the answer is here so read the whole review article you will get the answer.We spent a lot of time to find out this  grow light.

This grow light by Viparspectra is advertised by the manufacturer as perfect for aquaculture applications including lighting fish tanks so that they can foster healthy plant growth. Yet this grow light is suitable for a variety of other uses – including grow tents. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Viparspectra model T300 grow light. We’ll also share a few observations about this grow light that aren’t clear pros or cons but may affect someone’s decision to buy it.

The Pros of the T300 Grow Light

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The full spectrum grow light may be ideal for coral, but it is just as good for your tomatoes and seedlings. It puts out plus 600 PAR in ideal circumstances. Furthermore, the heat dissipation system meant to protect the sensitive fish in an aquarium means it won’t over-heat your plants, either. That makes it the best led grow light for 2×3 tent, especially for those on a budget.

This grow light has a number of features you’d have to pay more for in other models. For example, it can be dimmed and it comes with a built-in timer. You can also set it to run the blue lights or white lights separately. This means you can have broad spectrum light or blue light that helps plants grow strong, healthy stems on 24×7. Furthermore, you can control these settings via a remote control.

It comes with a hanging kit as well as the remote control we mentioned, though you can adjust the light levels with the knob on the lights, as well. It also comes with a single six foot power cord.

It draws roughly 200 watts while putting out as much light as a 300 watt conventional grow light. The power draw is even lower if you turn down the light levels. Nor does the grow light need ballasts in order to work. That reduces how much space the entire set up requires.

The Cons of the T300 Viparspectra Grow Light

The hanging kit is relatively short. It can only go 23 inches below the support bar for the grow light. Nor can the lights be daisy chained. If there is more than one light in your grow tent, you’ll need a double electric plug or two power outlets.

Yes, it has full spectrum and blue light. However, you can’t set it to put out just red light, though that may be what you need for seedlings or flowering plants. Nor does it put out enough light for sun-loving plants. After all, it is designed for photosensitive corals.

While you can program the light channels, re-programming them is challenging. Nor can you set up the two channels simultaneously when originally programming them. It must be done one channel at a time with the remote control.

Observations about the T300 Grow Light

A single light provides 32 inch by 24 inch coverage. Note that this is a rectangular light that puts out a trapezoidal light “cone”. One of them won’t damage a 2 foot by 2 foot tent, but two of these grow lamps may burn plants in a 3 foot by 3 foot grow tent. The ninety degree optic lens will concentrate light, but this could burn plants, as well.

When you set the light levels with the timer, it will continue to follow the same pattern day after day. You don’t have to monitor and adjust light levels. And if you want to check on the plants, the white light bulbs built into the full spectrum mode make it easy to see what is going on. However, you can’t set it to vary light levels throughout the day beyond turning the broad spectrum or blue lights on and off.

While this grow light is made for use around aquariums, it is not water proof. Don’t let your plant misters douse it with water.

It is dangerous to look at the lights directly, even if it is at a dimmed level or broad spectrum mode. However, that’s true of many grow light models.


This grow light is unusual in that it is designed for corrals but can be used as a generic grow light. It puts out a lot of light and especially blue light. It is suitable for many applications, though it isn’t the right choice if your plants need mostly red light.

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