Informative Details About The Best LED Grow Light For 2×2 Tent

Best LED Grow Light For 2×2 Tent

Are you searching for best led grow light for 2×2 tent.Here is a good review where you will get a good information for led light that can help you to grow healthy and vigorous plant.

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Having the right LED grow light is very important for the growth of the indoor plants. This is mainly because the light plays a significant role in determining how fast the plant grows and also how healthy the plants will be. This makes it paramount to carefully choose the LED grow light that has the right features.

Some of the most important factors that should be considered include the size of the tent of the tent and the number of the plants. It is also paramount to consider the power input and output of the grow light chosen.

One of the led grow lights that are considered to be among the best is the BLOOMSPECT 600W LED Grow Light The main reason why this is the best LED grow light for 2×2 tent is that it has various outstanding features. Most of these features are technologically oriented and they are meant to help in the growth of indoor plants.

Some of the main features of this particular grow light is that it has a full spectrum which include IR UV blue red and white light. This particular feature is helpful because it means that the grow light can support all the stages of plants’ growth.

Another important feature of this particular light is that it replaces a 250 watt HPS/MH where it consumes just 136 watts. This is important especially when considering how many watts for a 2×2 grow tent. The grow light is actually referred as a 300 watt light which shows that it requires minimal power to perfectly serve a 2×2 tent.
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This Exulight LED grow light is also designed in a way that it has 60 pieces 5W LED chips. The importance of this is to ensure that the light is distributed into all sections of the tent. This is complimented by the fact that this grow light comes with a ninety degree lens which is helpful in ensuring higher lumens and high penetration.

The importance of this is that the plants are able to absorb the light in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, this grow light has two different lighting modes which give the users freedom to change the lighting mode depending on the growth stage of the plants.

On this modern LED grow light there is an efficient heat dissipation system. This particular system contains two huge fans which play a major role in reducing the working temperatures. The grow light can work continuously for ten to sixteen hours every day therefore making it ideal for it will provide the plants with the necessary light for long hours. The lifespan of this LED grow light is 100, 000 hours which means that it can be used for a long time without needing to be replaced.

When it comes to how many plants in a 2×2 grow tent it is always paramount to consider the spacing and type of plants. This is because some types of plants require to be spaced more than others. The plants should have ample spaces to ensure that they grow and produce fruits in a convenient manner.

Because of the fact that different types of plants require different kinds of spacing, the number of plants in a 2×2 grow tent varies depending on the plant type. But the bottom line is that regardless of the type of plant there should be adequate spacing to make sure that all the plants are able to absorb light conveniently.

The specific dimensions of this LED grow light are 12.6 inches by 7.9 inches by 3 inches and its total weight is 5.6 lbs. it also comes with a 6 feet power cord and hanging kits. This allows it to be positioned perfectly in the grow tent so that the light can be distributed uniformly. This also allows the light to be moved and stored conveniently when not in use.

While using this LED grow light it is advisable not to look directly at the bulbs when the light is on. This is because the type of light produced is only helpful to the plant and can cause harm to the naked eyes. It is also paramount ensure that the light is only used indoors mainly because it is waterproof and as a result it can be damaged by water.

Furthermore, this grow light should not be touched or moved when it is working because this will cause interference which is not necessary. Therefore, the Exulight LED Grow Light can rightfully be regarded as the best LED grow light for 2×2 tent for it can help you a lot in the growth of your indoor plants.