Top 18 Best Grow Tents Reviews in 2021(Updated)

Well come to this best grow tents review article. Here you will get a complete guide to choose a best grow tent. Grow tents are the cheap, flexible alternative to owning a greenhouse. Another point in their favor is that you can create ideal growing conditions in terms of lighting, moisture and environment without worrying about the light levels on your patio or temperature outside.

Grow tents literally come in many shapes and sizes. That’s one reason why there is no one ideal grow tent, since not everyone has room for a massive tent or may only need a small one.

Light and smell containment may matter more to some users than price. For others, simplicity equals receiving a complete grow tent package instead of trying to buy everything you need piecemeal. This is why we’re giving you a list of the top 18 grow tents on the market in 2021.There are so many myths of led grow lights and grow tent. However now led grow lights and grow tents are very demand able things in the world.

How to Choose the Best Grow Tent

There is no one perfect grow tent. The best grow tent for you will be one that fits in the space you have. After all, a 10 foot square grow tent is truly not a fit when you want one that will fit inside of your closet. A grow tent that forces you to stoop may be untenable if you’re going to work in it regularly, while others may want a grow tent that fits inside their closet.

In the latter case, the 5’ tall grow tent that sits underneath the top shelf of a closet is ideal. Light containment matters if you sleep in the same room as the tent or don’t want to disturb the neighbors, whereas a good tent sitting in a closet will be one that’s easy to access and has excellent ventilation.

If you’re getting started for the first time, an all in one grow kit may be worth the extra price. If you’re experienced at using grow tents, a grow tent that can support all of the lights and fans you already is appreciated.

A grow tent sitting in the corner of a living area needs to be able to withstand bumps and shakes, while durability is less of a concern for a grow tent sitting in a closet or back room. Not all grow tents have equally durable external canvas covers or internal mylar layers.

To choose the best grow tent for your application, understand the size of the space it needs to fit in and the features that matter most to you. After you’ve made this determination, scan our grow tent reviews to find the best grow tent for you.

Before choosing the grow tents you should also choose the best led grow light. You should also know how to set up a grow tent.

Our Top 18 Best Grow Tents Reviews

We’re going to provide reviews of the top 18 grow tents on the market in 2021. After a detailed description of each grow tent, we’ll give a short list of the pros and cons of each grow tent. We’re going to take the time to recommend tents of various sizes and by numerous brands, though several brands appear more than once in our list of recommended grow tents.

01. VivoSun Brand 48”x48”x80” Grow Tent

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This grow tent is middle of the pack in terms of price given its size. It covers a 4 foot by 4 foot growing area. The grow tent blocks all light from escaping, maximizing the energy efficiency and intensity of the lights. The sturdy material isn’t going to rip from casual pulls or impacts. The tent frame is easy to assemble. Nor do you need tools to put it together. This has perhaps the best grow tent setup.

The zipper for the tent isn’t its weak point, something you run into with other tents. Nor do you have to pull down the zipper to check on the plants. Simply check through the observation window, knowing it keeps in the moisture and heat while keeping bugs and pathogens out. There is a removable floor tray, if you need that in place to protect your carpet.

The downside of this model is the fact that the metal corner pieces, while designed not to poke the tent, don’t always line up perfectly. Now you get a tent that’s slightly out of alignment at best or unable to be assembled at all, though it is rare. Another issue is the zippers. They rarely get stuck, but they do leak light. Light can leak around other corners of the tent if the metal frame is out of alignment, as well.


  •  Overall sturdiness
  • Durable zipper


  • Light leakage
  •  Poor quality control on the frame’s basic dimensions


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02. Apollo Horticulture Brand 36”x20”x62” Grow Tent

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This is a human-height grow tent suitable for those who want to comfortably stand while working with the plants or growing tall plants in an enclosed space. It covers a 36” by 20” grow space. There is a removable floor tray if you need it. The floor tray doesn’t exactly reach the edges of the tent but will contain spilled water or dirt. These are the best grow tents for tall people who want to stand up while working in the grow tent.

The grow tent keeps light, heat and moisture inside. You can grow sun-loving, warmth absorbing plants inside this grow tent. The unit is easy to assemble. The tent itself is nearly tear-proof.

What’s not to like? It has a heavy duty zipper. However, the zipper itself has a tendency to get stuck. There are reports of buyers not getting the right parts or failing to get all the parts. This is the best Apollo grow tent for those who don’t expect to be getting in and out of the tent a lot.


  •  Vertical height
  •  Heat and light retention
  •  Easy assemble
  •  Overall durability


  •  A frustrating zipper though it is durable


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03. Gorilla Brand Grow Tent, Model GGT55

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Gorilla grow tents are more durable than average, and you pay a premium for that quality material and construction. They sell it with a “height extension kit” so that you can make it seven feet tall. This makes Gorilla tents a good choice if you don’t know how much vertical space you have or need.

This grow tent is 5 feet by 5 feet and nearly seven feet tall. It has the standard Mylar interior light reflectors, but it has an infrared blocking roof insert. The ducting ports are light-tight, too.

One of the little features that make Gorilla grow tents stand out is the tool pouch; store your tools in the tent so you don’t have to go in and out. The grow frame is several times stronger than its lower-cost competitors.

The floor insert contains water that may leak. The problem here is that it deteriorates under moderate usage. The Mylar reflective coating, too, doesn’t withstand constant wear and tear, though the exterior of the tent is rugged.

If you try to exercise the warranty, Gorilla requires a lot of information and pictures and still may not honor their return policy.


  •  Durable tent interiors and exteriors
  •  Built-in tool pouch is very convenient to use


  •  Hit and miss warranty replacement process
  •  Floor can leak though it is easy to clean


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04. iPower Brand 48” x 24” x 60” Grow Tent

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This is a compact grow tent. At four feet across and two feet deep, it is large enough for one or two plants while being small enough to fit in a standard closet. It comes with standard parts like a removable floor tray, filter straps, the frame and the grow tent itself. This small grow tent’s frame is able to handle more weight than average. These are among the best grow tents 2021 offers if you’re looking for a corner grow tent.

For some, the lack of ventilation in this grow tent is a problem. However, that is part of the design. This is the best iPower grow tent for those who need a small, basic tent to keep plants warm and protected. These are perhaps the best grow tents for those who want a compact grow tent for the corner.

There are complaints that these units don’t always ship with all the parts. This ranges from missing floor pans to missing support struts. Even when they do come with all the parts, these grow tents are not easy to assemble. It is difficult to not impossible to reach iPower for customer support, replacement parts or assistance of any sort. The zipper is mediocre at best.


  •  A strong frame
  •  Compact design


  •  Sometimes shipped missing parts
  •  Limited ventilation
  •  Zipper leaves much to be desired


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05. iPower brand 60” by 60” by 78” Grow Tent

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This grow tent is middle of the pack in terms of price. It contains a number of features such as an observation window, floor tray and tool bag. There are nooks and hooks for holding hardware like lights and fans. Note that it doesn’t come with grow lights or air circulation fans.

The door is easy to open, but the observation window means you don’t have to open the door to check on things. The tent keeps in more than 95% of the light.

When you try to lower the lights inside this grow tent, the lights hang up half the time. When raising the lights using the built in mechanism, it seems to slip; once in a while, the lights slip free and break. That’s a serious concern if you are dealing with breakable lights, less of one if you have durable LED lights.

The string itself is like a rough rope if you’re trying to lift a load over 25 pounds. These are the best grow tents for those who don’t need to hang a heavy load from the frame.


  •  Overall value
  •  Easy to open doors


  •  Can’t hang most items from the frame as you could other grow tents on this list


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06. Topolite Brand 120” by 120” by 80” Grow Tent

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This is a ten foot by ten foot grow tent with just over 6 feet of vertical height inside. This grow tent can sit in an office or unused bedroom, protecting a large array of plants. Yet it is costs much less than a Gorilla tent that is a fraction of the size.

The Mylar internal coating has better light reflective capability than many of its rivals. The external material is tolerable; it can rip if stressed but doesn’t fall apart after a few months of use.
The tent comes with a water-proof floor tray, frame and filter straps. It doesn’t require tools for set-up. There are multiple vent holes.

The main complaint is the zipper that breaks easily. That’s a common complaint with any Topolite grow tent. While the interior surface reflects a massive amount of the light inside of it, it leaks light from a lot of little pin holes. This grow tent is not a good choice when privacy is a concern.


  •  Excellent ventilation
  •  Low cost compared to similarly sized rivals


  •  Low ceiling height
  •  Periodic zipper failures


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07. Helios Brand 48” x 48” x 80” Grow Tent


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This grow tent is large enough for the corner of a room or squirreling away in a master closet. It is reasonably priced and a good value; that’s why it is the only Helios grow tent on our list.

It has one of the most durable frames, and it is designed to hang things off of. For example, it has two cross-bars to hang lights and fans from. The door is OK, and the viewing window is decent.

The interior Mylar shell is more durable than average. The vents are double-socked to minimize light leakage there. The floor insert is made of the same reflective material.

The downside of this model is that it leaks light from the stitching holes. This means the tent is a good choice if you want to maximize light efficiency but not privacy. The zipper is prone to breaking, and light can leak from the zipper ream as well. The medium grade canvas will rip if you scratch it with a sharp metal corner. Be careful when you put it on the metal frame.


  • Excellent value
  •  Strong, durable frame


  •  Light leakage
  •  Fragile zipper
  •  Delicate exterior canvas


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08. Ohuhu Brand Grow Tent – 48” by 48” by 80”

This Ohuhu grow tent is big enough for several large plants while allowing you to stand up in it. It costs a little more than average for a tent this size, but that’s partially due to the internal height. This is one reason why this is the only Ohuhu grow tent on our list.

The exterior walls are thick canvas. The interior walls are standard thickness Mylar. There are grow windows in this grow tent. Interestingly, they’re see-through mesh instead of clear plastic panels. The manufacturer says this is to let air through while keeping mosquitoes out.

The hefty support frame allows you to hang items from it. In fact, it comes with holding poles and belts to enable this. These are some of the best grow tents for hanging heavy loads from the frame as long as you’re not concerned about light containment. The manufacturer promises a 30 day return policy and one year warranty.

What’s the downside? The seams are of poor quality, and they’re prone to ripping under any type of pressure. The seams let light escape, too, when no damage like this has happened. The frame is difficult to assemble. Once assembled, the corners don’t always line up, and this can result in light leaking around corners and edges.


  •  You can stand up inside of it
  •  Good warranty and return policy
  •  Convenient to hang items from it


  •  Frame quality is mediocre to poor
  •  Light leakage

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09. Melonfarm Brand 96” by 48” x 80” Grow Tent

This grow tent by Melonfarm covers an eight foot by four foot growing area, enough for a number of plants. It is affordable when you consider how large it is on the inside.

The manufacturer promises a thirty day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. These grow tents are made in the United States, a point in its favor if this matters to you. This also yields fast refunds and returns if you exercise their warranty or return policy.

The grow tent comes with the standard hardware like support frame, floor tray and filter straps. It is not easy to assemble. It is one of the best grow tents for those who need a large grow tent but aren’t concerned about light containment.

One issue with these tents is their thin walls; they’re prone to tearing. They also leak light around the zipper and along the stitches.


  •  It is massive
  •  Low price per square foot


  •  Thin, vulnerable walls
  •  Light leakage along edges and the zipper

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10. iPower Brand 120” by 60” by 78” Grow Tent

This iPower brand grow tent covers an area by five feet by ten feet. It is a good choice for those who want to put a grow tent in a shed, a section of a garage or half of a bedroom. The design allows you to potentially put two different tents in one large bedroom, each containing a different set of plants.

The unit sells for a reasonable price per square foot. If you pay more, you can get compatible LED grow light and rope hangers. One benefit of this tent is that it costs less than taller tents; the height lets you stick it in a long narrow master closet, though this may force you to stoop to work inside of it. The removable floor is easily cleaned. Removing it doesn’t change the height inside very much.

The Mylar internal layer reflects back 95% of the light, and it seals in 99% of the light. You don’t have to open the door to check on plants; there is a sealed plastic window, just lift the strap and look.

The metal poles support over 100 pounds. You can assemble the grow tent without any additional tools. These are the best grow tents for those who want a large, basic and high quality grow tent.

There are complaints that this grow tent doesn’t always ship with all the necessary parts. Sometimes the support beams are bent. If you order the hangers, the nuts don’t always have threads and that renders them useless.


  •  A very strong frame
  •  Light containment
  •  Fits in many closets beneath the shelf


  •  Doesn’t always ship with all the parts
  •  Connecting hardware is of mediocre quality

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11. Virtual Sun Brand 120” by 60” by 78” Grow Tent

This tent has a reasonable price per square foot. It has a removable floor pan. The grow tent itself is water proof – it won’t mildew or rot. The support beams won’t rust. It has a very large door, making this grow tent a good choice for those who want to put very large items in the grow tent.

It can be assembled without any special tools. You can remove the cross members to adjust lights and fans without compromising its structural integrity.

One downside of this model is that it leaks light along the stitching, so it leaks light along all the canvas edges. Light leaks along the zipper edge, too. The canvas is thin, too, so it is prone to ripping if you pull on the tent or scratch it with any racks you put inside of the tent. This is a good grow tent if you need access but not if discretion is a priority.


  •  Water-proof
  •  Price is low per square foot


  •  Light leakage
  •  Weak canvas

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12. Zazzy Brand 96” by 48” by 80” Grow Tent

This grow tent by Zazzy comes with standard hardware like a removable floor tray, filter straps and support frame. The floor tray and walls are made from light-proof Mylar, and this extends to the vent holes. The walls are thick and durable.

The price is reasonable given its size. Compatible rope hangers are sold through a number of sites.
The frame’s steel poles are rated to handle 110 pounds plus. There’s no tool pocket or hardware for hanging things off the frame, but it could support a modest load of lights or fans.

The zippers are somewhat durable when you open the tent from the outside but they tend to jam or even break off if you’re opening them from the inside. Opening the tent can be a hassle in any situation.


  •  Overall value
  •  Compatible hardware
  •  Strong frame


  •  Frustrating zippers
  •  Some hardware that comes with other kits by default must be bought separately

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13. Casolly Brand 96” by 48” by 80” Grow Tent

This grow tent comes with the tent itself, ducting ports and removable floor tray. This tent has hefty 600D canvas on the outside and durable Mylar on the inside. There are two viewing windows and four ventilation windows in this grow tent.

The Casolly tent is the ideal choice for those who otherwise have to choose between a controlled, enclosed environment and ventilation. The grow tent kit comes with other items like hanging rope and hanging rails.

This grow tent comes with heavy-duty stitching to keep light in and resist tears. The metal frame is made from thicker than average components and has reinforced connections. It can support over a hundred pounds of equipment.
The manufacturer touts the packaging designed to protect your privacy. Their documentation says they have a one year warranty. There are no serious complaints against the company for failing to honor it.

One issue with the tent is that it sometimes leaks light around the bottom. This occurs whether or not the tent fits over the frame – and the fact that it doesn’t always fit over the frame is another issue with this brand of grow tent. The vent holes are not necessarily the size that is advertised. They’re a little narrower than the listed dimensions.


  •  Durable canvas
  •  Durable seams
  •  Manufacturer’s shipping protects your privacy


  •  Light leakage on edges that is sometimes due to the frame itself
  •  Vent holes that aren’t necessarily the size you expect


14. Topolite Brand Grow Tent Kit

For those who truly want convenience, Topolite offers this grow tent along with all necessary equipment. The grow tent itself is 36” by 20” by 63”. In addition to this, customers receive a 300 watt LED grow light and a four inch carbon filter combo. This is one of the best grow tent kits on the market if you want it all in one package. Note that you’ll still need to buy a thermometer and timer, since those items do not come with this particular grow tent kit.

The tent will support the plants you’re growing whether you’re maximizing red light or blue light; it traps the heat and light inside.

So what’s not to like? For starters, not all the equipment people are shipped are compatible with each other, though that’s the very purpose of a kit. For example, the motor and ducts aren’t always compatible. In other cases, the lights fall short of functional expectations.

The more common complaint is the failure to send instructions to the customer, though given everything that’s involved, you need instructions more for the kit than you would if just shipped a grow tent.


  •  Sheer convenience because you get almost everything you need in one kit


  •  Lack of instructions despite the need for them

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15. iPower Brand 96” by 48” by 80” Grow Tent

This grow tent is a little more expensive than average. This is only partially offset by the large size – four feet wide by eight feet long. It costs a little more per square foot than some of its rivals.

The grow tent comes with a floor tray, filter straps and the tent itself. There are occasional complaints that the units are shipped missing some of these components.

The steel poles are designed to handle at least 100 pounds of weight hanging off of them. The poles are essentially rust-proof.

The manufacturer provides a one year warranty. The company has decent customer service.
One of the downsides of this grow tent is the level of light leakage along the zippers. Another is the fact that the zippers are a pain to use. The grow tent support frame is not easy to assemble.


  •  The strong frame
  •  Good customer service


  •  Cost
  •  Light leakage

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16. Anjeet Brand 120” by 120” by 80” Grow Tent

This is the biggest grow tent on this list. It is ten feet square, large enough to fill the average bedroom. At 80” tall, it is comfortable to walk in. This grow tent is ideal for those who want a de facto greenhouse indoors. That’s why is it is the only Anjeet grow tent on our list.

One of the interesting things about the design of this grow tent is that you can treat it like a greenhouse or a “grow tent”. The black canvas covers let you keep grow lights from bothering the neighbors, but you can also pull them back to have a full view of everything you’re growing.

These grow “windows” are almost as tall as the tent itself and half the width of the grow tent. There are several vents for fans and air filters. It has a basic removable water-proof floor. The grow tent has several belts you can use as filter straps.

This grow tent is cheaper than smaller grow tents made by Gorilla. When you factor in the sheer size of this grow tent, it is the best value among the large grow tents on our list. This was one of the most popular grow tents and ranked among the best grow tent 2017 lists that came out that year.

One of the issues that periodically arise is that a tent was shipped without all the parts. It occurs often enough that these complaints cannot be dismissed as one-off mistakes.


  •  Massive size
  •  Overall value


  • Sometimes shipped with missing parts

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17.Apollo Horticulture Brand 60”x60”x80” Grow Tent

This is a reasonably priced grow tent when you realize that it covers a fairly large growing area, roughly 5 foot square. You could put two to four of these tents in a standard bedroom.

The bottom of the tent is water-proof. There is decent light-protection around ventilation ports, and it has two filter straps. The tent has double stitching to keep light inside. This unit is one of the best on this list for keeping the light inside.

One downside of this model is the zipper; it has a tendency to get stuck. Another matter is the floor pan straps; these are prone to fraying or coming off. A few customers have received the grow tent without the floor pan or key components. The frame is good enough to support the frame, but it can’t support anything else like grow lights hanging from it. The company has a ninety day warranty, but customer service isn’t always available to help.


  • Unique compact 5’x5’ footprint
  • Excellent light containment


  •  A mediocre zipper
  •  Sometimes missing parts

18. Apollo Horticulture Brand 96”x48”x80” Grow Tent

This grow tent is long enough to line a bedroom wall, though it may fit in a large closet or store room. At 80” tall, it is big enough for someone to comfortable walk around in as required. The price is a bargain when you consider the price per square foot.

The unit is easy to assemble. It takes less than twenty minutes for the average user to put together.
The tent comes with a floor tray and filter straps. It has middling light protection; sometimes it leaks light around the seams. There are new tents that were shipped with holes, though this is rare.

Like other Apollo Horticulture grow tents, it has a tricky zipper that tends to get stuck. If the zipper gets caught on the tent material, it is prone to rip.


  •  Simple and fast assembly
  •  Perfect for fitting in a closet


  •  Zipper gets stuck
  •  Hit and miss quality control


The best grow tent for you is one that meets your needs and is the right size for your intended application. The overall price for the item should be secondary to the value of the item, such as providing extra hardware that you need or minimizing hassles like cleaning the floor, repairing rips or ventilating the plants without any extra work on your part.