Best Cob Led Grow Lights In Canada of 2022 ( Don’t Miss) Updated.

COB LEDs are known for growing all types of indoor plants. They are affordable, energy-efficient, and give a full-color spectrum of light. Besides that, LEDs deliver high proton output to satisfy the growth stages of plants – germination, vegetative growth, and flowering. If you’re not sure of the best cob led grow light in Canada in 2022 has to offer, then this article is for you.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower, you can’t go wrong with COB LED Grow lights. They are powerful for most vegetative and flowering stages. Also, the LEDs are known for their compact size and give more light intensity. If you’re looking for the best Cob LED grow light in Canada, this review is for you.

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Best cob led grow light Canada Reviews




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AGLEX lights are an affordable option for many outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike the ordinary lamp bead, this unit comes with an outstanding PAR value. This means that you get a better illumination effect and higher photon flux density.

Your purchase will include COB LED grow light, user manual, hanging kit, US power cord, and a three-year warranty.


The design of AGLEX is awe-inspiring. It features a square-shape design with LEDs in the front and rear end.

 Output and coverage

The output of the LED is pretty incredible thanks to the stunning 2000W output. In terms of energy consumption, this unit is efficient and will ensure your plants get the optimal light they need.

Advanced Cob Technology

This unit is equipped with a 90-degree lens and ensures 98% of the light is absorbed by plants. Also, the reliable COB tech guarantees healthier and happier plants.

AGLEX comes with a switch on/off button that allows you to change the vegetative and bloom stage. This avoids unnecessary wastage of electricity. The vegetative channel ensures the healthy growth of the stems and leaves. On the other hand, the bloom & vegetative channel is perfect for fruiting and flowering. But what makes this unit unique is that you can connect multiple lights without having to deal with tangled wires.

 Short life cycle

AGLEX comes with double chips LEDs that mimic that of natural sunlight. This guarantees better plants and reduced growth time that translates to a huge cost saving.

Cooling system

This unit comes with an efficient cooling system. It’s equipped with an aluminum heat sink that allows the grow light to work efficiently. But what is even more interesting is the whisper-quiet fans. Besides extending the service life of the LED light, they guarantee a low noise working environment.

The grow light includes IR LEDs that are good for plant growth. Since they are very bright, you should avoid looking at them directly when you switch on.


  • Allows one to monitor the intensity of light
  •  The daisy chain helps the user connect multiple lights
  •  The fan is whisper quiet
  •  The light emitted resembles that of sunlight


  •  The lights are not waterproof

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VIVOSUN is created to impress any indoor farming enthusiast. It produces better intensity and comes with an adjustable spectrum. When you purchase this light, you’ll get 3LED chip and 6 lux Cree COB.

This model gives a full spectrum of 730nm. Of course, the different wavelengths give your plants everything that imitates the natural sunlight. The polycarbonate material makes the unit classy and elegant. This grow light is durable and will stand the test of time.

Form a technical perspective, the grow light is operated with an input of 240V and pulls up to 400 watts for efficient performance. When you compare the grow light to the traditional HPS lights, you can be sure you’ll save about 80% of the power.

 Powerful cooling system

This model comes with two built-in heat sinks to ensure efficient heat dissipation. And the fan is so quiet that you hardly get any noise when running the unit- even in a closed tent. This explains why this is one of the nest LEDs for growing cannabis plants.

Guaranteed quality

VIVISUN light guarantees your satisfaction in all growth stages including flowering and vegetative growth. The 30-day free hassle return and 3-year warranty is a sign that you can buy with confidence.

Firm Hanger

The screw hunger comes with hooks for a secure hang-up.


  •  Sturdy design
  •  Comes with a powerful cooling system
  •  Powerful comb LED
  •  Suitable for grow spaces of 4.5” x 4.5”


  •  Not ideal for people who are just getting started with indoor growing

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03.TMLAMPY LED Plant Grow Light


TMLAMPY is a 2500w LED grow light that can be set in different growth stages. The BLOOM switch features red wavelengths, which come in handy during fruiting stages while the veg switch is useful during the seedling and germination.


TMLAMPY LEDs feature higher brightness and less thermal resistance. This unit has a full-spectrum design with a high PPFD value.

During the germination stage, you should place the lights 32″ -45″ above the plants for up to 18 hours a day. If you use the LEDs during the growing stage, you should place the grow light 30-42 inches above the plants. Both the flowering and fruiting stage requires that you place the LEDs 28″ -38″ above the plants up to 12 hours a day.


COB is a full spectrum lamp that includes a universal white and Blue Red IR white – everything plants need in natural sunlight. This grow light includes IR LEDs. But because the LEDs are extremely bright, you should not look at them directly when switched on.

This is the latest design that offers better penetration to the light canopy. Because of the great light distribution, you get better light distribution.

TMLAMPY guarantees over 50% increase in yields. It’s the perfect unit for beginners and experienced growers.


  •  It’s scientifically designed to conserve energy
  • Comes with 30-days money-back guarantee
  •  Allows you to switch between growth and vegetative switch
  •  Promotes faster plant growth


  •  It’s expensive

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04. Phlizon COB LED Light


Phlizon is the best Cob led grow light in Canada that excels in terms of stability and supreme power. The design of this unit is phenomenal.


Phlizon CREE COB LEDs are known for unique brightness and ability to dissipate heat. A full spectrum guarantees fast growth of your indoor plants.

 High PPFD

This unit features a density of 2522.8 umol/m²s and is more energy-efficient than the traditional LEDs.


This unit comes with 150 lights that consist of 110pcs 630-660nm, 6pcs COB, 4pcs UV, 12pcs 470nm, and 6pcs IR.

 PAR Value

Phlizon boasts of a par value of SF 4000. This product is considered the best because of photosynthetic photonic flow density value – this makes the plants grow faster.

 Output and coverage

The output for this COB light is incredible. When you hang the unit at 18 inches, it can double what the traditional 2000W light can do. While it’s similar to what Optic 4 offers, it costs half as much and gives you more power. It covers a 3.5 x 3.5ft footprint which is great for the blooming and flowering stage.

The LEDs also give a wider coverage area using only 450 watts. And you don’t have to run it on full power – this saves you money.

Power-saving switches

The unit comes with two power switches – Stronger On and another one labeled veg & bloom. Generally speaking, the veg/bloom switch toggles the supplementary diodes while the other one toggles the COBS.

The vegetative channel features blue and white LEDs, while the bloom wavelength promotes the early vegetation cycle. Perhaps, due to their energy efficiency, this product has a much greater lifespan than other types of grow lights.

Just like other high-end models, this unit is designed to operate silently thanks to the fanless design. You can also adjust the brightness as you wish. This grow light is suitable for indoor gardening and hydroponics. If you’re looking for the best unit that doesn’t compromise on performance, Phlizon is a sure bet.

This product has gone through rigorous tests to ensure a safe operation. Amazingly, the grow light comes with a 3-year warranty which is a sign of quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a high output for your indoor plants, you can’t go wrong with this model.


  •  Offers maximum power saving
  •  Provides everything plants desire in their natural sunlight
  • Comes with a friendly warranty
  •  Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  •  Deeper canopy penetration
  •  Gives you more power output


  •  Not the best for beginners


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WILLS are professional LEDs designed to give lights that mimic the natural sunlight. The LEDs consist of IR, UV, and 380nm-780nm to meet the needs of indoor plants.

It features high-power dual-chip COB LEDs (they are more efficient than 3 and 5 LEDs). Wills grow lights consume only 619 watts, they can replace the traditional HPS/MH lights. The full-spectrum double chips will make your plants enjoy sufficient light in bloom and fruit stages.

This LED grow light is fitted with four high-speed fans that do a great job of heat dissipation. Under normal conditions, it can run up to 100,000 hours.

Your purchase will include 3000W LED grow lights, adjustable rope and power cord, thermometer humidity gauge, and US Power cord.

But what makes the Willis brand unique is the fact that no assembly is required. Plus, it doesn’t come with fans which means no noise is produced during operation. Compared to other LED models, this unit will last longer.


  • Very bright and offers wide coverage
  • Offers a longer lifespan than comparable models
  • Comes with a powerful cooling system
  •  The light is well built


  • It’s not waterproof


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01. Are COB LED grow lights better?

Yes. COB LED lights offer a wide light spectral spectrum, efficient light output, and longer lifespan. Unlike traditional LEDs, COBs come with improved lumen density. What’s more, they give more focused light because the chips are focused on one area. The benefit of this is stronger light intensity for flowering plants.

COB LEDs also emit less heat because the thermal sink is located on the circuit board. Also, compared to other LEDs, one single chip can have more than one diode. The chips come in different colors including, red, blue, and green. Keep in mind that LEDs generate more widespread light output.


COB LED comes with a heatsink because it cannot tolerate high temperatures. Most of the energy is radiated away from the filament. Also, LEDs can be operated at a lower temperature, and all the heat is removed by conduction which requires a heat sink.

With a heat sink, the lights can run at maximum power and have a longer lifespan. In COB LEDs, the heat flows from high to low temperatures until thermal equilibrium is achieved. Most LEDs are fabricated from high thermal conductivity to maximize heat transfer. Besides that, LEDs often receive surface treatments such as blacking and oxidizing. The best heat sinks allow for passive cooling.


COB is better than LEDs because they can accommodate chips of different designs. Generally, COB chips come with more diodes than LEDs. And because they have a simple circuit design the LEDs mimic a collection of smaller designs.

Another aspect that affects the brightness of COB is that they can’t create color-changing bulbs. A better lumen-per-watt ratio means a large amount of light with less energy. The other reasons why COB is brighter are the small size of chips and superior thermal performance. When you use COB for indoor farming, they will be much more powerful than a diode that penetrates deep into the canopy.

COB uses the most advanced technology, so they are brighter and consume less power.


COB LEDs are dimmable, but that doesn’t affect the temperature- but not all have this feature. First, you should assess whether the bulb you buy suits your needs.

Dimmable lights give the flexibility to optimize the lighting of your indoor plants. Whether COB LEDs are dimmable or not will depend on the driver they use. Since a dimmable LED driver can support different levels of currents, it can suit the bloom and vegetative stage.


The best COB LED grow light in Canada offers a huge spectrum of lights. You can set different waves to suit the different stages of plant growth. They come with something that mimics the natural light.

In addition to that, COB lights come with a reflective lining. This ensures the lights distribute at the top and underneath the canopy. The grow light also ensures the temperature doesn’t get too high or low. Therefore, you won’t need extra effort to cool the room.

The PAR value also matters – this is the amount of light that helps the process of photosynthesis. And this is why your living room plants tend to die after you expose them to a specific amount of light. The higher the PAR value, the more benefits.

If you looking for the best Cob led grow light in Canada, the above brands will help you take your indoor farming to the next level.


Now you know the best cob led grow light Canada has to offer for indoor farmers. If you’re looking for stable COB LED lights that give unmatched performance, the above two models are a sure bet. Before you make your purchase, you should consider the grow area and whether the unit has the spectrum that you need. Smaller spaces may heat up quickly, so you may want to choose lights that self-cool.

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COB led grow light consume very little power and its life span is longer than other led grow lights. You buy any one of the above mentioned lights for your plants.