Top 06 Best Cheap Led Grow Lights in 2020 (Save Money!)

Are you searching the best cheap led grow lights for your indoor plants ? you are in right place we picked here few cheap best led grow lights for you. I hope these will help you to choose best one

01.Giixer Brand 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

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Giixer is a relative newcomer to the growlight market. This basic, 1000 watt LED grow light has many of the features those looking for best cheap led grow lights want. It produces full-spectrum light, mixing red and blue light.

You can switch from broad spectrum to mostly red or blue light, though that does reduce the light output. And you can make the change at literally the flip of a switch. That makes it easy for new growers to use.

The light itself is a mix of red, blue, orange and white spectrum light. This reduces the purple glow many similar grow lights put out, improving visibility for growers. It is best for seedlings and providing supplemental light for plants that get sunlight through the window.

It is energy efficient thanks to the 100 10 watt LEDs. It uses about 110 watts. However, the light output is closer to a 250 to 300 watt HPS grow light. It covers a roughly two foot by three foot growing area. The grow light is rather small. It weighs just six pounds.

The unit has decent heat dissipation, and it has two fans on top to prevent the board from overheating. The unit comes with a hanging kit, power cord and analog thermometer. Note that it will not turn off the light if the grow light is putting out too much heat. The fans themselves are noisy.

This cheap little LED grow light does not have the life expectancy the manufacturer says it does. In theory, the LEDs will last ten years. In reality, the entire unit burns out in a few months of continual use. If the fans go out or the unit simply gets too hot, it will fail.

Nor is the unit water-resistant, though that’s not unusual for grow lights in this price range. The issue is that the unit is more likely to spark if that happens.


  •  Energy efficient
  •  Easy to use
  •  Comes with everything in the box for new users


  •  Lower light output than advertised
  • Shorter life expectancy than expected


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02.Viparspectra Brand 300 Watt Grow Light


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Viparspectra grow lights are UL certified. Underwriters Laboratories are well-known as a third party safety rating organization. That makes Viparspectra the best cheap led grow lights for those concerned about safety, whether you’re afraid of shorts, fires or getting shocked due to faulty wiring.

That simply isn’t an issue with this brand. Furthermore, the light reflectors are fire-resistant, should shorts occur. And the iron housing won’t catch fire, whereas some competitors have plastic housings that melt and contribute to the danger if something overheats or sparks.

Another point in favor of the Viparspectra grow light is that is accurately described as a 300 watt LED grow light. Other brands will say it is a 1000 watt grow light though the performance matches a 250 to 300 watt HPS light. And it only draws 130 watts.

The light itself covers a two foot by two foot growing area for plants that need some light or an 18 inch by 18 inch area for sun-loving plants. That’s smaller than some of the other LED grow lights on our list. This Viparspectra grow light can be daisy chained with other Viparspectra grow lights. That allows you to cover a larger area, but that increases the cost of the infrastructure.

It is higher on blue light output than red output. This is fine for plants that need full spectrum light but can be an issue if you’re trying to encourage vegetative growth.

It has better heat sinks than prior generations of Viparspectra grow lights. The life expectancy of the lights is average for this product class. It often lasts a year or so of continual use, though LEDs in theory can last 20,000 hours or more. The problems arise from the boards and electrical connections.

It is prone to the same cascading failures as a number of LED grow light designs; once one or two bulbs burn out, the odds the rest will dramatically increase until total failure.

However, the fan typically still works and the shorts don’t cause shocks to someone touching the frame or physical burns if you touch the unit. As we said, Viparspectra has a number of safety features that prevent issues like this.


  • Honest advertising
  • Multiple safety features
  • Can be daisy-chained


  • Small coverage area


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03.Maxisun Brand Grow Light, 2020 Model PB1000


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Maxisun has a minimalist design. The large board holding the LEDs is exposed to the air. This encourages natural cooling of the area around the printed circuit board, but it means you need good air flow in a grow tent or room containing it if you don’t want it to burn out.

Furthermore, the circuit board will generate a lot of heat, so you risk overheating if there isn’t enough air flow. On the other hand, this passive cooling makes this a quiet growing light if you have decent air circulation around the plants already.

The minimum of hardware is a plus, if you don’t want to deal with a heavy shell around the grow light. It is easy to set aside and store.

This grow light is advertised as a 1000 watt grow light. It pulls 100 to 150 watts of power. Its light output is similar to a 200 to 250 watt HPS light. However, that discrepancy is actually common among LED grow lights. It can accept AC power between 100 and 240 volts.

It only covers a two foot by two foot growing area for sun-loving plants. It can provide supplemental light for a 2.5 by 2.5 foot area. It generates more neutral white light than other models, though this reduces the eye strain of those working around it. Note that you should not look directly into the light.

When you buy this grow light, you get only the LED board, six foot power cable and a hanging kit. You have to go to the next product class to get free protective goggles and other freebies.


  •  Very quiet
  •  Energy efficient


  •  Heat output
  • Limited coverage area

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04. Philzon Brand 600 Watt LED Grow Light, Amazon ID B0752CL6KJ

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This is the latest model of Philzon brand grow lights. It is described as a 600 watt LED growing light. It relies on sixty ten watt LEDs. However, the light output is closer to 150 to 200 watt HPS bulbs, not a 600 watt HPS grow light.

This is among the best cheap led grow lights because of everything that comes with it. For example, you don’t just get the grow lights and a power cord. There’s also the hanging kit, adjustable hanger, and the temperature and humidity monitor.

It can provide the equivalent of natural sunlight to a 1.5 by 1.5 growing area or supplemental light for a two foot by two foot or slightly larger area. One complaint about this model is that the umol light output ratings can vary by 30 percent between units.

You can get variations in light level in the same unit, too, as sections darken and lighten over time though the bulbs haven’t burned out. In other cases, sections may not come back on though the timer is telling the driver to turn the lights on. This issue depends on the controller that you use.

One problem with this unit is the RFI or radio frequency interference it produces. The circuits generate RF signals that interfere with wireless devices. This means your grow light could interfere in your cell phone reception, wifi connection and wireless controllers used around the house.

That’s a problem in modern society, but it is egregious given that the product is listed as FCC compliant though it clearly isn’t.

The heat dissipation is average. This unit is not UL rated. It can overheat. This doesn’t just lead to LED bulb failures. This can cause the LED bulbs to actually melt in rare cases. Check the unit’s temperature, not just the temperature of the grow tent. Furthermore, the diodes can melt and burn out due to electrical issues, even if the unit isn’t overheating.

Life expectancy for the grow light is six to twelve months if used continuously. You can’t replace the diodes without voiding the warranty, and it is almost impossible to get spare parts.

There is no reflector to concentrate light, but that reduces the risk of sunburning the top layers of the plants.


  • Comes with everything you need out of the box
  • Energy efficient


  • Not actually FCC compliant, generates RFI
  • Light may be uneven though it is still operational


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05. King Plus Model 1000 Watt LED Grow Light

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We’re recommending the 1000 watt model over the 1200 watt model by King LED because it is the better overall value. For example, you don’t just get the hanging kit, power plug and adjustable ropes. You also get protective glasses that look like conventional sunglasses. There are occasional complaints that it ships without everything you’re promised.

The King Plus grow light puts out full spectrum light. It adds infrared and ultraviolet light, providing the best replacement for natural sunlight available in this product class. You can switch from red spectrum to blue spectrum to full spectrum light at the push of a button or two.

And you can mix white light with red or blue to get a more balanced light spectrum based on your plant’s needs, though there’s no complicated control board.

Their life expectancy is middling. The grow lights often fail after a year of continual use. This unit is more likely to see a section of the lights go out than the entire light die.

A greater issue is the PAR spectrum and light intensity. This can cause problems if you’re trying to grow plants without sunlight. Furthermore, it can burn your plants if the light is too close to them.

Keep it at least two feet from the top of the plants. That may mean it can’t provide full spectrum light for sun-loving plants, but that makes it ideal for seedlings or supplemental light for house plants.

The unit sometimes experiences electrical problems. Check for shorts and overheating.


  • Comes with everything you need, including glasses
  • Easy to control
  • Full spectrum grow light


  •  Tendency to burn sun-loving plants


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06. Bestva Brand 1000 Watt LED Grow Light


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Bestva makes decent grow lights. Its dual chip connections for LED light bulbs makes it more energy efficient than other products in this category. These may be the best cheap led grow lights for brand new growers. This is because you get protective glasses for use around the lights in addition to standard additions like a hanging kit, adjustable rope and power cord.

The unit is easy to control. You can turn on and off the red and blue lights via their own control switches. That also means you can have full spectrum light by turning on both sets of lights at the same time.

This unit has good heat dissipation. It has several ventilation holes in the protective frame around the LED light panel. And it has a plate radiator that does more than the standard fans.

This LED grow light is described as 1000 watts, but its performance is similar to a 600 watt HPS bulb. Note that this is far better than some rivals who say it is a 1000 watt light but matches the light output of a 300 or 400 watt HPS bulb. Yet it draws less than 200 watts of power. It is rather energy efficient.

This grow light cannot be safely daisy chained. That makes this the better choice for raising a single plant or tray of seedlings in a grow tent than trying to raise a number of plants in a larger enclosed space.

These lights have slightly better than average quality. When lights burn out, it tends to be intermittent. It isn’t subject to the cascading failures as other LED grow lights. The grow light tends to last 12 to 18 months with continual use. However, issues with the circuit board can cause the red lights to turn orange, altering the light spectrum you need for vegetative growth.


  • Everything you need out of the box
  •  Energy efficient
  • Better light output than similar products


  • Cannot be daisy chained
  • Light spectrum may change due to electrical issues


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I hope you are satisfied for seeing the best cheap led grow lights. These lights are very good and give all necessary lights to the plants.