Top 5 cheap led grow light in 2021 (Read & Save Money)

Cheap led grow lights:

Indoor gardeners have come to know the importance of LED grow lights. They are energy efficient and can easily be upgraded when necessary. However, finding Best cheap LED grow light is not an easy task. That’s why we have summarized for you the top brands as an all-inclusive guide to help you choose the grow light that best fits your needs.

01. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-series LED grow lights

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This is a budget friendly option for many growers. It’s scientifically engineered to keep balance of PAR/ lumen output. This grow light ensures irrespective of the growth stage, the plant is getting enough light. To offer a bigger lighting coverage, the diodes are grouped in clusters.

Compared to other grow lights, the reflector series uses less energy. This gives the grow light greater LED lifespan and saves on electrical costs. It also features self-cooling fans and heat sink. The grow light can work for long hours without overheating. In fact, you don’t need additional cooling system.

After many years of testing and experimentation, the grow light is now coated with resin and users are able to see the increase in quality of their plants.

The reflector series is built to last. It gives more than 100,000 of lighting hours. The package includes one set of power cord and a hanging kit. It comes with 3 year warranty and 30 days customer satisfaction guarantee. However, it’s not waterproof, hence suitable for indoor use only.

The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-series is one of the cheap led grow lights. It’s suitable for growers who need supplemental boost in lighting.


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02. BLOOMSPECT 600W LED grow lights

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The grow light is suitable for all stages of plant growth. It features blue, red and white full spectrum. In addition; it comes with cooling fans and built-in aluminum heat sink designed to keep your plants cool even after 24 hours of continuous use. The grow light has 90 degree beam angle to ensure light penetrates all the way to the plant canopy.

It’s energy efficient and gives more than 100,000 lighting hours. When one LED goes out, the rest will continue working thanks to Zener. It can cover an area of 2 by 2-foot during the flowering stage and a 2.5 by 2.5-foot area during the vegetation stage.

A strong hanging kit is provided for easy installation. The grow light comes with a 2-years warranty and 30 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee.

this led grow light consume low power and give more output. It saves more money than HPS light. You can grow different types of indoor plants under it. This is a full spectrum led grow light.

You will get one 600w led grow light, one 6ft power cord ,One hanging kit and one user manual so you need not worried about light hanging.

Another important thing is that it is provides very bright light so do not look at it in bare eyes. You should use sun glass.


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03. I-venoya 150 watt LED grow light


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It’s designed for indoor and outdoor use. The grow light is commonly used in greenhouses, aquaponics, hydroponics, tissue culture, vertical farming and indoor gardening. The Led’s are strong and provide the required wavelength to the plants. It comes with an aluminum housing to protect the LEDs from excess heat. This gives the grow light a long lifespan.

I-venoya is designed to help you save every penny of your electricity bill. You can adjust the brightness depending on the plants growth stage from 0 to 100%. Due to the sturdy construction, its water proof and can be used in a humid environment. The viewing angle of LEDs is 45 degrees. This ensures the light penetrates well into the canopy.

The recommended lighting hours are; 14 to 18 hours during the vegetative stage and 10 to 12 hour during the flowering stage. Similarly, the lighting coverage should be 1.5 by 1.5 feet during the flowering stage and 2 by 2 feet during the vegetative stage. The grow light gives more than 50,000 of lighting hours. It comes with a 2-years warranty and 30 days money back satisfaction guarantee.


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04. Galaxyhydro 1000W LED grow light


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It features 9-band spectrums which include IR and UV spectrums. The UV kills bacteria that may interfere with the plant’s growth while the IR promotes cell division during vegetation and flowering stages. The grow light comes with Zener protection to ensure other leds continue working when one runs out.

It comes with 100 pcs 10W Epileds chips maximizing light absorption to the plants. Each Epiled is able to focus light to the plant. For better heat dissipation, the grow light comes with radiator system and cooling fan.

Any heat that builds up is eliminated after working for long hours thanks to the revolutionary PCB system. On the other hand, it can be used on all stages of plant growth i.e. seedling, vegetation, flowering and fruiting stages.

During germination stage, it should be hanged 48 inches high with a lighting time of 16 to 18 hours. During vegetative stage, it should be hanged 40 inches high with lighting time of 12 to 16 hours.Likewise, the flowering stage requires 10 to 12 hours of lighting while the grow light should hanged 24 inches high.It covers 3×3 ft area .

To ensure light penetrates well in to the plant canopy, the leds have a viewing angle of 90 and 120 degrees. The manufacturer gives 2-year warranty and 30 days customer satisfaction guarantee.


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05. Deckey LED grow light



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It produces efficient wavelengths necessary for photosynthesis. It features 165 Red LED lights and 60 Blue LED lights. The grow light is used in greenhouses, plant factories, potted plants, tissue culture etc. It’s suitable for growing lettuce, bananas, green peppers, tomatoes among others.

The blue lights help to stimulate leaf growth while the red lights stimulate seed production. This combination ensures the plants grow healthy. The LED is designed to save more than 80% of energy costs. On the other hand, 90% of the light produced is utilized by plants. The thick aluminum plate gives better thermal conductivity.

The grow light does not contain lead, mercury or other harmful metal substances. The recommended hanging height is 16 feet to cover a distance of 26.9 square feet.

The package includes the grow light, manual, power cable and mounting accessories. Deckey is one of the cheap grow lights in the category. It comes with 1 year warranty and 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.


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The above cheap LED grow lights are from reputable brands with extensive experience in LED technology. They are environmental friendly and give the user the power to nourish his or her plants. Further, they can be used in different applications where supplemental light is required.

In fact, novice growers can buy cheap led grow lights to save money in the long-run. LED’s can be used as exclusive grow lights or support grow lights. To know the most suitable model for you, you should consider the type of plants you are growing and their lighting requirements.

No lights are good as these lights because before picking we have researched.