Top 06 Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

The 3000 Watt grow light is what you fuel growth in an indoor garden, whether you are raising flowers, vegetables or herbs. You can find a lot of products in this space, but the performance requirements for those in need of this type of product are rarely met. We will discuss the factors that determine yield, coverage and power consumption with 3000 watt grow lights. Then we will share our top 6 recommendations for those in the market for the best 3000 Watt LED grow light.


01.3000 Watt led grow light yield
02.3000 Watt led grow light coverage & power consumption
03.Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Lights Reviews
03.01. 3000 Watt LED Grow Light, the King Plus by King LED
03.02..AGLEX COB 3000 watt LED grow light
03.03.MARS HYDRO 3000W TS LED grow light
03.04.KingLED FINNEST Reflector Series 3000 watt LED grow light
03.05.BESTVA Brand DC Series 3000 Watt LED Grow Light
03.06.Dimgogo Brand 3000 Watt LED Grow Light
03.07. 3000 Watt Full Spectrum, Dimmable LED Grow Light by Morsen
03.08. Derlights 3000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Lamp
04.Choosing Your Light

01.3000 Watt led grow light yield

LED grow light is at a minimum as good as you would see with comparably HPS grow lights. If you use an ideal mix of red light and blue light for the plant development stage, you can actually double the grow light yield under 3000 Watt LEDs relative to what you’d see with HPS lights. You will also get more directional light, so there’s more energy directed at the plants. You may be able to avoid reflectors or simply brightening the entire room when your intention is nourishing an indoor vegetable garden.

What matters most is output in Lumens. HPS lights have about 100 Lumens per Watt, while good LEDs have an output of 100 Lumens per Watt. This has been improving over time and should continue to improve. However, this continual evolution of technology means that the efficiency and output of LED grow lights varies between brands.

The more important issue is the real output of the LED array. For example, there are 3000 Watt LED grow light panels that are advertised as putting out 3000 Watts, but they match 2000 Watt HPS lights. The fact that they consume 600 Watts of power is irrelevant when the light output is a third of what you expect. This is simply something you need to know when shopping for LED grow lights labeled as 3000 Watt models.

This means you have to be careful when selecting 3000 Watt LED grow lights to actually get the equivalent light output. Otherwise, your yields are lower than expected because you simply are not getting as much light as you thought you would.

02.3000 Watt led grow light coverage & power consumption

A 3000 watt LED grow light that matches the light output of a 2000 Watt HPS lamp will use 600 to 700 Watts of power. These grow lights tend to be put in a large panel, so it covers a large, rectangular grow area. In general, it would have 7.5 foot by 8 foot light coverage at a 24 inch height.

However, the grow area will depend on other design elements, as well. For example, a grow light with concentrators on them will have a lower coverage area, but it will deliver more light to plants in that coverage area. This means you need to read the technical specifications of every grow light you consider buying.

A general rule of thumb for determining how much power you need is to multiply the size of your growing area by 65 watts to determine the total number of watts you need for optimal output. If you have a 40 square foot growing area, then you need at least 2600 Watts of power coming from the grow light. This means you should use a 3000 Watt LED grow light, if its output is actually 3000 Watts.

The benefits of LED lights are that they turn on instantly, do not flicker, and create steady light that will not fade for years. They create focused light that is directed entirely on the plants. They are often dimmable.

Many models of 3000 watt grow lights allow you to switch between mostly red and mostly blue light or put out a full spectrum grow light. Note that if you switch to just red light, it isn’t going to be delivering 3000 Watts or the equivalent level of lumens to the plants.

Here are reviews for three of the best 3000 Watt LED grow lights on the market today.

Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Lights Reviews

01. 3000 Watt LED Grow Light, the King Plus by King LED

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The King Plus grow light is designed to maximize photosynthetically active radiation or PAR output. This is due to its 300 10 Watt dual-chip LEDs. It uses Epistar brand LEDs. This grow light is ideal for the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. It should be on 12-14 hours a day for vegetative growth, 9-12 hours for flowering and fruiting plants depending on how much sun your plants love.

The King brand grow light is 26” x 15” x 6”. It has a roughly 8’ by 8’ coverage area or grow tent. They recommend the grow light be four to six feet above the plants. The grow light itself weights roughly sixteen pounds.

The expected lifespan for this LED grow light is 100,000 hours. The light output is equivalent to a 3000 Watt HPS grow lamp, but it only consumes 615 Watts of energy. It has several heat sinks and four relatively quiet fans. One point in its favor is how easy it is to use.

This LED grow light comes with a dual dimmer along with the standard on/off switch. You don’t need extra ballast for it to work. While it doesn’t have a timer, it can be controlled by many timer models available on the market. The King LED grow light also comes with a power cord and hanging hook that makes it easy to install.

Note that this system does put out UV and IR radiation, so don’t look at it directly when it is on. It isn’t water-proof, so don’t use it outside or let it get sprayed with water when irrigating your plants.

One downside of this LED grow light is that the LEDs do not have their own resistors. If one LED burns out, everything in the chain is burned out before you replace the LED. In short, if one LED burns out, the whole row dies. It can take time to get replacement panels when several rows of LED lights burn out

. When one row or more burn out, the remaining LEDs remain bright, but they now burn out even faster. You don’t want this to be left unaddressed, since repeated failures can cause the unit to get very hot.


  • Ease of use
  • Comes with all the hardware
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Large coverage area


  • When one light goes, the whole row goes
  • Replacing lights is time-consuming


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02.AGLEX COB 3000 watt LED grow light



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When you talk about the best 3000 watt led grow light, this product from Aglex is the best because it’s designed to maximize the photo-synthetically active radiation output. In particular, it has a spectrum LED grow light that is upgraded well verified to play a critical role in the plant growth and bring better result. This is the best every stage of growth and idea for every kind of outdoor plant vegetation and flowers.

Moreover, when you talk about this 3000 watt led grow light review, it come optimal full spectrum which ranges between 380nm and 780nm, which is different from other led grow lights. Also, this full-spectrum lamp is an integrated design bead. It has the maximum power saving, which is 655watt. This makes it be the best because it consumes less power but is more powerful and bright when compared to its competitors.

Furthermore, it has the hanging height of 24 inches and the coverage area of 4.6*5ft that serve herb/veg/bloom, which makes it convenient for you. It has the PPFD of 1855 umol/m2s, which has a bigger density that results in high value and better plant. With the latest technology of COB grow, and a high power double-chip LEDs make it superb for every user.

Similarly, the benefit of this LED grows light is that it does not flicker, turns on instantly and create a steady light. This creates the focused light which is directed wholly on the plant and can take more hours on the fruiting and flowering plants depending on the amount of sun the plant love.

Additionally, AGLEX grows come with the 3-year warranty and the 30 days of a money-back guarantee. This means if there is a problem that may occur in the process, you can either replace it or seek any clarification. The reply is made within 24 hours to give satisfaction to the user.


  • Maximum energy saving
  • Convenient to use
  • It is more reliable
  • Made of quality materials
  • Good customer service
  • Has full-spectrum light


  • Not waterproof


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03.MARS HYDRO 3000W TS LED grow light



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This is the best LED grow light which is brighter and efficient with the most significant lumen output per LED. To start, it has full spectrum led become of wideband sunlight which is suitable for every stage of the indoor plant growing, the rapid response of plant from the seed to the flower to achieve maximum quantity and quality for better growth system.

Subsequently, it has the design of fanless light boards that make the growing life quiet and comfortable, quickly dispersing heat aluminium material to reduce the heat loss.

The light intensity is up to 20%, which allow the plant to receive extra energy without burning the plant for maximum headroom. Also, it has high-power LED grow, which is high efficiency to energy plant saving light which is different when compared to the traditional lamps and the other brands of led grow light.

Moreover, it is perfect for 4′ by 4′ bloom stage, 5′ by 5′ veg stage, reflective area, and higher intensity in the MARS HYDRO growing tent or just crossing overusing the multiple TS3000. The newest SMD LED, and the large boom yield grows light technology provide a high PAR/LUMEN output which makes you receive 30% higher yield.

You can also get the maximum return at 2.5g/watt, which is less paying but more yield. This brings the amazing grow trip in any home grower for it beams high amount of light energy to the plants.

Besides, it comes with two dimmable and waterproof drivers, and sensing auto power supply which works for 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC, which is suitable for commercial setups and large rooms. If you want to replace the entire natural sunlight, you need to grow the sun-loving plants which cover a large area effectively using the reflectors to maximize the light.


  • Give a higher yield
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to set up
  • It is lightweight
  • Offer good brightness
  • Excellent customer service


  • Replacing lights can be time-consuming


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04.KingLED FINNEST Reflector Series 3000 watt LED grow light



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This 3000 watt led grow light review by KingLED is the finest reflector grow light which is best for the indoor plant vegetable and flower. As an illustration, it uses SAMSUM chip that has innovative technology, different from the traditional lamps which use the light reflector.

To tell the truth, this LED grows light has a 360-degree lamp scattering which is used for vertical irradiation of the plants to help the plants get additional light.

Besides, it has the humidity and temperature meter control which allow you to increase production and know the surrounding environment. This lead to a significant impact on plant yields. Also, it has the light reflector, which is important like the protection chip that helps you to avoid the use of the closed glass lamp beads and a large number of high-speed mute fan.

In the same way, the lamp has low temperature and the time used is much improved, which the traditional lights can’t do that.

The energy-saving technology uses 1000w that provide efficient lighting and actual power leading to more electricity saving. Equally, there is the professional customer service with the 3-year warranty and also the 90 days of free return. This makes the user feel safe when buying and using the lamp whenever the problem arises with the 24 hours of response.

Besides, the power button can be used to encourage vegetable and flower growth, which can bring up the spectrum light that will fasten the growth. The excellent cooling system and isolated power connections, help to ensure there is not overheating even if some lights are burning out to a point the rest board is overloading.


  • Has great color spectrum
  • Use less electricity
  • Easy to replace the lamps
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • It is energy efficient
  • Has great customer service


  • Sometimes warranty is not honored


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05.BESTVA Brand DC Series 3000 Watt LED Grow Light 

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The DC in the product name refers to their energy efficient dual-chip LED diodes. These are much more efficient and brighter than the conventional 3 and 5 Watt LEDs used in other grow light panels. They have the greatest PAR and Lumen output per LED of anything in this product class. These grow lights are so bright they can replace natural light.

The LEDs put out relatively little heat, but the unit has a powerful cooling fan system that keeps the panel cool. Yet the fans are rather quiet. Your grow light will not overheat your plants.

While it is advertised as a 3000 Watt LED grow light, it is about as bright as a 2000 Watt HPS grow light. The manufacturer says that it can cover an 8 foot square growing area or 64 square feet at a height of 24 inches.

If you need to entirely replace natural sunlight and want to grow sun-loving plants, it may only cover a 30 square foot area effectively unless you are using reflectors and other ways to maximize the light.

The grow light is energy efficient. It uses about 600 Watts of power while putting out as much light as a 200 Watt HPS. This cuts your energy bill by two thirds.

One of the problems with this model is that the blue light diodes tend to go out. Nor is it easy to replace them without replacing the entire grow light panel. Another issue is longevity. In theory, LED lights will last 50,000 hours before burning out.

These high efficiency light chips burn out far faster than that, and that is aside from the blue chips we have already mentioned. Monitor the fans, because if they go out, the heat will burn your plants.


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06.Dimgogo Brand 3000 Watt LED Grow Light (B07JGMN2XF )

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This 3000 watt LED grow light by Dimgogo is a rectangular grow light array filled with dual-chip Watt LEDs. A dual chip LED has two 5 Watt LEDs in every niche. Most of these are red light LEDS, while 40 of them are blue lights. There are also a few white and infrared LEDs. White LEDs are practical. They make it easier for you to see what you are doing. Infrared LEDs are more of a gimmick.

The plants rarely need that wavelength, and deep red light will not necessarily come from IR LEDs. Do not use IR LEDs as a selling point or expect it to keep the grow tent warm – your heaters or the heat output of the grow lights in general will do that. The greater issue is how much power the LEDs convert into light and how much waste heat they put out.

The LED grow light uses about 450 Watts of power. Moreover, unlike the first LED grow light on our list, it actually rivals the light output of a 2000-2500 Watt HPS light. Not as bright as advertised by the very name, but better than the Bestva grow lamp. This is the best 3000w led grow light for sun-loving plants as long as you are careful of grow light placement and condition.

This grow light has a tendency to develop cascading failures with the LED grow lights. If a few LEDs burn out, the rest will start to overheat in the circuit board and burn out themselves.

You could end up with a nearly dark LED grow light within a few months of that happening if you aren’t able to replace the burned out LEDs soon enough. The problem is how hard it is to get authentic replacement parts or service to do this.


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07. 3000 Watt Full Spectrum, Dimmable LED Grow Light by Morsen

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This Morsen brand full spectrum LED grow light has 236 red lights, 40 blue lights, 16 white lights, 4 infrared lights and four UV lights or 300 total. The broad spectrum light supports plants whether you are germinating seeds, growing seedlings, fostering vegetative growth or have flowering plants. This is the best 3000 Watt LED grow light for those who want to nurture their plants through every phase of their lifecycle. It comes with a single hanging hook and power cord.

The unit has six built-in cooling fans to prevent it from overheating. Between the isolated power connections and excellent cooling system, it won’t overheat even if a few lights have burned out to the point the rest of the board is overloading. This grow light’s fans are surprisingly quiet.

The unit is very energy efficient. It puts out as much light as a 3000 watt HPS grow light, but it only consumes 560 Watts.

The unit is 19” long by 13” wide by 4” thick. It weighs roughly 17 pounds. The coverage area is 6.5 feet squared.
The Morsen 3000 Watt grow light has an estimated life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In theory, this unit has a shorter operating life than the King Plus model.

The better reliability of the LEDs and its supporting electrical connections mean it will probably put out full light for its entire operational life. (Every LED has its own Zener diode, so one burning out won’t kill a whole row of lights.) On the flipside, the average life expectancy of each LED is shorter, so you’ll probably have a few burned out bulbs.

Because it puts out UV light, never look directly into the light bulbs even though the UV light bulbs look dim relative to the colored lights.

This grow light is not water-proof. Don’t put outside or splash it with water.


  • Energy efficient
  • One burned out bulb won’t turn off a whole row
  • Easy to replace light bulbs
  • Excellent heat dissipation


  • Modest coverage area
  • Not water proof.

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best 3000w led grow light infograph
best 3000w led grow light infographic

 08.Derlights 3000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Lamp

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This is one of the top 3000W led grow lights because of its features, affordable price, and great reviews. If you’re looking for a solid option, this one is well worth considering. Similar to the previous model, this has a blue color with six strips of lights to ensure even and healthy growth.

It is also designed with red, blue, orange, and white LEDs to provide plants with the proper light wavelengths they need to grow healthy through each stage.

If you’ve experienced overheating, this unit is going to be a welcome change. It has been designed with an efficient cooling system that reduces heat, minimizes sound and runs better than traditional cooling systems. This light also reduces power consumption b only using 600W, which can reduce your bills without compromising your yield.

The lightweight design of this light means you can easily hang and secure it above your plants with ease. It can also be used in grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses, or any other indoor spaces you need to encourage healthy growth for plants.



  •  Can help reduce your energy bills so you can grow without guilt or the extra expense
  •  Uses a full spectrum of light to produce the healthiest plants possible
  •  Can cover a 7.8′ x 4.6′ space when hung at 24″
  • Long-lasting; you can expect to use this for around 50,000 hours
  •  Unique cooling fan system that increases efficiency while reducing heat


  • Some buyers have reported missing parts upon delivery
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty, like similar lights do
  •  Not as many reviews as other lights have
  • There are cheaper lights with the same wattage available


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Choosing Your Light

Finding the top 3000 watt led grow light should be met with some research on the pros, cons, and features. With this information, it’ll be easier to decide which is right for you. Once you find the right light, you can enjoy growing healthy plants indoors without the struggle of using natural light. I like these lights I hope you will love these.