Best 200W LED Grow Light Review For Indoor Gardener

When you’re between a small and a medium growing area, then the ideal light is a 200W LED grow light that can spread its nutritious lumens to all of your plants. Here we’ll be going over the best 200W LED grow light available so that your plants can grow big and strong.

Made from Mars Hydro, a leader in innovation, you will find that this unit has a lot of features that are either done better than the other brands, or features that other brands simply don’t have. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best LED lights available for your indoor growing.

Mars Hydro ECO98 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Let’s start with the absolute basic. This Mars Hydro unit comes with two channels along with 12 bands of IR light that help your plant achieve maximum photosynthesis during the peak phases of its growth.

When it comes to the full spectrum lighting, few do it better than Mars Hydro. While you will find plenty of blue and in-between colored diodes here, the primary colors are red because plants respond best to red lighting in terms of growth.

This maximizes your energy output and gives your plants what they really need to grow. Each plant responds to different colored light, so ensuring that they get the right colors will enhance their growth, yield and flavor.

There are also two channels to help you better use the LEDs. One is for blooming while the other is for growth afterwards. This allows you to regulate how much light the plants get and what type of colors they are exposed to. Overall, this makes the best use of your LEDs, making this one of the best 200W LED grow lights available.

Is one unit not enough? Instead of hunting for another outlet, you’ll be happy to know that you can daisy chain these units together. There is a plug on the back that allows you to connect the cord from another light. According to the manufacturer, you shouldn’t exceed 1,000W in one chain, so don’t go overboard with the daisy chain.

This unit is only slightly warm to the touch after running for several hours, and the reliable fans on the back are so quiet you might wonder if the light is still going. This is absolutely ideal because you have to keep the light on for over 12 hours with most plants, so you definitely don’t want it to get hot during operation.

A reflective frame is used to direct light properly and proportionately to all of your plants, making the best use of the energy and ensuring that there are no hot or cold spots in your growing area. Overall, you’ll find that this LED grow light does everything you need and more.


  • Very easy to install
  • Utilizes enhanced full spectrum lighting for the best plant growth possible, making this the best 200W LED grow light
  • Can daisy chain units together to improve your light coverage
  • Very cool to the touch, even after running for several hours


  • Be careful not to daisy chain too many lights together, as this may create a hazard

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