Most Popular 5 Best 2000w Led Grow Lights For Indoor plants

The 2000 Watt grow light is powerful enough to simulate natural sunlight for a small corner garden or modest grow tent. It will fuel the growth of seedlings and window herb gardens. Let’s understand the options and issues you face with 2000 Watt grow lights. Then we’ll tell you what we think are the best 2000 Watt LED grow lights on the market.


01.2000w led grow light coverage
02.2000w led grow light electric bill
03.2000w led grow light yield
04.OurTop 5  Best 2000w LED Grow Lights Reviews
04.01. Phlizon Brand CREE COB Series 2000 Watt LED Plant Grow Light
04.02.BESTVA Brand Reflector Series 2000W LED Grow Light
04.03.Morsen Brand 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light
04.04.BLOOMSPECT Brand 2000W LED Grow Light
04.05.HIGROW Brand 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

01.2000w led grow light coverage

The coverage of a given grow light should be in the technical specifications of the product. However, there are general guidelines you can use to determine how many grow lights you need to cover a given garden.

A rectangular 2000 Watt grow light will have a coverage area of about 8 feet by 7.5 feet at an elevation of 24 inches. This is enough to replace nearly all its needs for natural light. If you have the grow light at an elevation of 48 inches, it could cover 128 square feet of plants with supplemental light. The light they receive is cut in half because you’ve doubled the elevation, but this is enough to extend the growing season of your plants and dramatically increase your yield.

02.2000w led grow light electric bill

An LED grow light listed as being a 2000 Watt grow light probably won’t match the light output of a 2000 Watt HPS grow light. Many only put out as much light as a 1200 to 1600 Watt HPS grow light. Yes, that’s right, almost every 2000 Watt grow light is not putting out 2000 Watts but up to half as much. The differential varies between brands, with some of the worse brands only being equivalent to a 1000 Watt HPS bulb though labeled a 2000 Watt grow light.

It is common for LED grow lights to use a third as much power as an equivalent HPS grow light. Therefore, a 2000 Watt LED grow light that is equivalent to a 1500 Watt HPS grow light will use around 500 Watts of power. If it actually matched the performance of a 2000 Watt conventional grow light, it would consume about 700 Watts of power. This means it cuts your electric bill for lighting purposes by two thirds. If you are drawing so much power that you’re hit with commercial or industrial power rates, you could save even more.

You may save power in other ways, as well. With LED grow lights, you don’t have as much waste heat produced by the lights. Furthermore, the built-in fans in the LED grow light array are part of that reduced electric energy usage we already cited. This means you won’t have to use even more energy on secondary cooling fans or even an air conditioning unit.

03.2000w led grow light yield

The yield you get with LED grow lights depends on a number of factors. Grow lights only increase yield if you are giving the plants more light at the same intensity as natural sunlight or supplementing natural light so that the plants have more time to grow.

For example, LED grow lights will increase the yield of a batch of seedlings if your start the plants indoors several weeks before you plant them outside. LED grow lights will increase your yield if you use it to supplement natural sunlight. For example, your house plants and window herbal garden will yield much more if you supplement them with an LED grow light. Several extra hours of artificial light could increase yields twenty, thirty or even fifty percent.

Note that grow lights with reflectors can replace natural sunlight and give you yields similar to that out plants receiving full summer sun. If you live in a cold climate with a short growing season, grow lights will dramatically increase your yield. In these cases, crops like tomatoes in a warm greenhouse with 16 hours of light per day will have three times as much yield as a plant in your garden. Yields will vary based on how long you leave the lights on.

In general, you should have the grow lights on 14 to 16 hours a day for maximum leafy growth, while the grow lights should be on 12 hours a day during the flowering stage.

We’re going to share our 5 best 2000w led grow lights reviews so that you can find an LED grow light that is right for your particular application.

04.OurTop 5  Best 2000w LED Grow Lights Reviews

01. Phlizon Brand CREE COB Series 2000 Watt LED Plant Grow Light

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Phlizon brand grow lights are high powered, and they draw very little power. They’re some of the most energy efficient LEDs on the market. The CREE COB designs are bright, and they put out full spectrum light. This grow light has a mix of red lights and blue lights.

There are several infrared LEDs, though that’s more for show. And it has several UV grow lights, something that matters in a few niche applications. More importantly, they do this while generating relatively little heat. It is similar to a 1500 Watt HPS grow light, one of the best 2000 Watt LED grow lights in this regard.

You can flip a switch to go from red-dominated light for the bloom phase to broad spectrum light. You can also set the “veg” switch to “bloom” to create predominantly blue light.

One point in favor of this product is that it comes with everything you need to set up the grow light for the first time. For example, it comes with the hanging kit, power cables and temperature sensor. You even get a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes.

This grow light has a maximum coverage area of four feet by four feet, but that’s at a 2.5 foot elevation. For maximal growth, it will be at a 24 inch elevation, giving you a roughly ten square foot area receiving so much light it is better than sunlight.

The lenses on this grow light are supposed to focus light and deliver more lumens that plants would receive on a sunny day. The lenses in this model are not as good as were used several years ago, and this reduces the yield that you get. Penetration of the light into dense foliage isn’t as good as it used to be.

These grow lights cannot be daisy chained like other LED grow lights.

02.BESTVA Brand Reflector Series 2000W LED Grow Light

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This 2000 Watt LED grow light is equivalent to a 1400 Watt HPS grow light. It uses only 400 Watts of power. It is very energy efficient. These are the best 2000w led grow lights when you want to maximize light output for the amount of energy you draw from the grid.
The Bestva brand grow light can deliver strong light equivalent to sunlight for a three foot by three foot area. This grow light can provide supplemental light for a 5 foot by 5 foot area.

This is a true broad spectrum grow light for encouraging everything from seedlings to fruiting tomato plants with one setting. The full spectrum grow light has ten different types of LEDs in it, though some of these are more for bragging rights than performance.
One of the points in favor of the Bestva grow lights is its stable thermal profile. It doesn’t get about 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling system is driven by a thin radiator that is incredibly quiet.

One of the issues with this grow light is that the PAR ratings aren’t as good as advertised. They say the plants will receive 1400 PARS at a 24 inch elevation when it will be around 1000 PAR.

An occasional complaint is that the power switch getting stuck on. When this happens, you can only turn off the lights by disconnecting the power. Another reported issue is that the switches sometimes malfunction. You set it to veg and it turns on the blue spectrum “bloom” lights.

These grow lights don’t have issues with burning out too soon, but if maintenance is required, the instruction manuals are a poor reference and spare parts are almost impossible to maintain. If there is an electrical problem that keeps all of the lights dim, there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. Your only option is to replace it.

03.Morsen Brand 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

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The Morsen brand 2000 Watt grow light puts out light very close to 2000 Watts. It has a decent mix of red, blue and white lights. It uses less than 400 Watts of power.

This grow light is better equipped to be customized by timers and dimmers. This grow light can cover a 4 foot by 5 foot area. It does not come with a hanging kit, sensors or other secondary items. For example, you have to buy the hangers and ropes separately.

The downside of this model is the various electrical problems it has. Some of the units short out and come close to catching fire. In other cases, you get a faulty unit and customer service is non-existent. They’re advertised as good for 50,000 hours but really last around 10,000 hours.

04.BLOOMSPECT Brand 2000W LED Grow Light

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This LED grow light is advertised as being a 2000 Watt grow light, but its output is almost half that. It is equivalent to a 1200 Watt HPS. With that in mind, the 400 Watt power draw is an average level of energy efficiency. It covers a roughly 3 foot square area with light equivalent to the sun, which is smaller than the other grow lights on this list.

This grow light is actually stronger on its blue light output than its red light output, so it is best utilized for growing flowering plants and tall woody plants, not vegetables. Use a different grow light if you want to maximize the leaf production of your lettuce, salad greens or aquarium plants. It seems to have more white light output than red light output. This gives the grow light a distinct purple glow.

So why did this grow light make our list? One reason is the life span. It will literally last for years. The grow light brand doesn’t have issues with electrical glitches, overheating or bulbs burning out before their time. These are the best 2000w led grow lights when you want reliability.

This unit comes with both a power cord and hanging kit, putting it ahead of the Morsen for those who want everything in one box.
These grow lights cannot be daisy chained together. There are issues with the lights burning out until the array is half dead, and you can’t get customer support to do anything unless you take the unit half apart.

05.HIGROW Brand 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light

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The Higrow brand of grow lights relies on double-chip LEDs. This means it runs on fewer LEDs than some of the competing models. The mixed angles of the LEDs gives you almost as good lighting at the edges of the coverage area as the center.

This LED grow light is the worst on our list in terms of accuracy in advertising. The manufacturer advertises it as a 2000 Watt grow light, when it is equivalent to a 1000 Watt HPS grow light. That is half of the advertised amount. It draws about 400 Watts of power.
It puts out strong red light for vegetation growth, but it is weak on blue light. This is not the best choice if you’re trying to encourage flowering.

This grow light can provide good lighting for a 4 foot by 4 foot area. It can give your plants supplemental lighting, if you want the 5 foot by 5 foot coverage area the manufacturer says is its maximum.

Do not daisy chain these grow lights. While they are advertised as able to do this, the cords can overheat or outright short out in sequence.
Another issue with these lights is heat output. They generate a fair bit of heat, and the cooling system is mediocre. Make certain these lights don’t overheat. That matter is worse when there are electrical issues with the LED grow light.


A 2000 Watt LED grow light is on its face a good solution for a grow tent that is four or five feet long on each side. In reality, 2000 Watt LED grow lights are only suitable for a smaller growing area, and how well they support your plants at each phase of the life cycle depends on the product you choose.