Best 100W LED Grow Light Review For Your Indoor Plants (Updated 2021)

If you have a small growing area, then a compact 100W LED grow light is perfect for your needs. It will give you all the light you need without costing too much either for the unit itself or the power to run it. Here, we will go over the best 100W LED grow lights for any situation.

These lights here use advanced LED lighting to produce the brightest, best light for your plants, plus it works for all stages of plant growth. Plus, you can fit them nearly anywhere, making them ideal for small spaces.

Table of best 100w led grow lights

Sl nonameimagefeaturesLifespanBuy
01.Cree 100W LED Grow Lightcree 100w led grow light– 30 days full refund
– 3 years warranty
– Full spectrum light
– Fit for all plants
– Fit for all growing
100,000 hoursAmazon Usa


amazon Canada

02.Outcrop New Innovations 100w LED Grow Light Bulbout crop 100w led grow light– 3 years warranty
– Fit for all plants
– Full spectrum
– low noise
– low budget
20,000 hoursAmazon Usa


amazon Canada

03.Enereco New 100W Led Grow Light BulbEnerener eco 100w led grow light– 3 years warranty
– 4 years gauranty
– Fit for all plants
– have cooling fan
– long life
– low budget
50000 hoursAmazon USA


Amazon Canada

04.CF Grow New 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrumcob 100w led grow light– 2 Years Warranty
– Fit for all plants
-Repaired free
-Full spectrum
-easy to install
50000 hoursAmazon USA


Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

 Best 100 watt Led Grow Lights Reviews

01.CreeBest 100W LED Grow Light

cree 100w led grow light

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The very first thing to notice about the Cree 100W light is that it uses COB technology. This stands for Chip-On-Board and it uses 9 diodes or more to produce a massive amount of light in a small unit. Not only that, but the lumens output is much higher than a standard unit due to the multiple diodes being used in the area.

Despite the massive amount of power and light, the cooling fan keeps the unit at a very comfortable 77F (or 25C). This means it will only be slightly warm to the touch. Not only that, but the fan is incredibly quiet, ensuring that you can grow your plants in peace.

Speaking about growing plants, you probably know by now that plants need full spectrum lighting to properly grow, otherwise they are either stunted or don’t grow at all. You’ll find this easily one of the best 100W LED grow light because it outputs light between the spectrums 380nm~780nm, the ideal spectrum needed for growth.

Since LED grow lights must stay on most of the day to help plants grow, you should always check out how much power is being drawn to keep the light on. This unit uses 65W of power, which is only two-thirds of its output. This means that you can keep the grow light running on the cheap.

Operation is easy, and it’s literally as easy as flipping a switch. Unlike some models where you have to use multiple switches for proper LED lighting or have overly complex installation, this unit is all about simplicity. Just hang it from the included hook, turn the switch on and go on with your day. The LED light will look after your plants and ensure that they grow big and strong.

Overall, this unit is small, but it gives you a massive amount of power and it can be installed anywhere. Its light weight and advanced lighting ensures that this is one of the best 100W LED grow lights available for home users.


  • Easy to install, can be placed in any room
  • Uses COB lighting, which produces a very high output and exceptional lumens
  • Has full spectrum lighting, which helps your plants grow big and strong


  • Not waterproof, so be sure to keep it away from any water sources
  • Only viable for small growing spaces, but that’s to be expected for any 100W grow light

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02.Outcrop Innovations 100w Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb

out crop 100w led grow light

Out crop’s new innovation is this 100w led grow light. This light is suitable for any kind of vegetables, herb and flowering plants.

It also acts on all growing stages of a plant. It is a very professional type led grow light. This bulb is consists of 150 high Powered led chips.

It produces red, blue and white light which are very important for photosynthesis. It has robust aluminium heat sync so need not any cooling fan.

Another important thing is that it does not produce noise while provide maximum output to the plants.

This is a compact and portable light, easy to operate .It consume very low amount of power. Its life span is  long 20000 working hours. You will get 3 year replacement warranty against defects.

  •  Not water proof
  •  Very bright need sun glass
  • Low area coverage

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03.100W Led Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum

ener eco 100w led grow light

This light is suitable for any plants like bananas, flowers, dendrobium orchids, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce and so on.

This light consists of 150 high efficiency led chips which are very effective; they produce full spectrum lights that are essential for plants growth and development. It produces red, blue and White light that increase yield.

You can easily install it and you also get a guide line the distance between light and plants. This is a energy saving light and you will be save your money.

The lifespan of this light is 50000 hours, 12 months warranty and 30 days satisfactory or return guarantee that means you have no loss.


  • It is not water registrant
  • Produce bright light so you need sunglass
  • May be fuse few chips after few month use.


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04.New 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum:

cob 100w led grow light

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If you want to most effective 100w led grow light then I suggest to buy this new technology cob led grow light. It is very use to install and no switch on or off just plug in the electric outlet. You will get one steal hanger rope, one waterproof power cable and one user manual.

This light is water registrant so you can use it in high humidity area even in rain. New cob technology is used in this light so its very effective and good for plants.

It has heat dissipation Ic inside that control heat and it ensure less than 65 degree Celsius. It has no cooling fan so no noise and keep grow room silence.

Its life span is very long , 50000 hours working time .You also get 2 years warranty and get repaired free.

This light is suitable for all plants like vegetables, herbs and flower. It also effective in all stages of plant growth and flowering.


  • No cooling fan
  • produce heat
  • Price is little bit high

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best 100w led grow light info graphics
best 100w led grow light info graphics