Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Light In Canada Of 2022(Updated)

A one thousand watt grow light allows you to grow several potted plants or large trays of seedlings. It is essential to extending your growing season for plants you’ll transplant outside or growing plants entirely indoors. Here are your choices when you’re looking for the best 1000 watt led grow light in Canada in 2022.

01. Spider Farmer Brand Model SF-1000 Grow Light

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As the model number implies, this is a 1000 watt equivalent grow light. It uses energy-efficient LM301B LED diodes. They create roughly three umol/joule of light.

This makes the light output similar to a 300 watt HPS bulb. They can in theory last for 100,000 hours. That’s better than average for LED grow lights. A side benefit of this model is that it doesn’t have reported issues with burned out bulbs or cascading electrical problems.

This is a full-spectrum grow light. It puts out a lot of red and infrared light, making it ideal for blooming plants. Yet it is better for vegetation growth than blooming plants.

The light is dimmable, too. However, dimming can be a challenge since the dimming feature is under the driver that controls the grow light. It isn’t as easy to use as a conventional dimmer controlled by a twisted dial or sliding scale. This has been an issue for some customers because more than one retailer advertises this model as having a dimmer knob.

This is the best 1000 watt led grow light in Canada for those who want silent operations. The open lattice and thermally conductive frame combined with the low heat generation by the lights mean it doesn’t need fans to stay cool.

If you’re using this grow light in a grow tent, do have good ventilation to prevent the plants from overheating. However, you don’t need additional ventilation to prevent the tent from getting too hot. Note that the top of the grow light can get hot in and of itself.

The open and lightweight frame is intended to maximize airflow around it. This also makes the frame somewhat fragile. It can bend or break if dropped.

One issue with the grow light is the power connection. The cable is fine. The problem is that you have to have the power supply and plug into it in exactly the right location for things to work. This grow light is best used in small growing operations because it isn’t compatible with high voltage power outlets. This one of the best led grow lights in Canada


  •  Quiet operations
  •  Reliable
  •  Energy efficient


  •  Difficult to user dimmer
  •  Grow light frame can get hot

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02. Mars Hydro Model TS1000 Grow Light Kit



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This grow light consumes about 350 watts of power. It is listed advertised as equivalent to a 1000 watt grow light, but the output is closer to that of a 350 watt high-pressure sodium bulb.This light will produce enough light to replace natural sunlight for a 2.5×2.5 foot area if you have sun-loving or blooming plants.

It can provide full spectrum grow light for a 3×3 area if you have seedlings or leafy plants. This grow light is better for vegetation than blooming plants.

One point in favor of this grow light is that it comes with everything you need in one box. Hanging kit, height adjusting rope, temperature and humidity monitor, and timer are all included. The light can be turned on an off or managed via the timer built into the wall plug.

There is an LED driver, but that’s prone to electrical issues and difficult to use. You’d have to buy a different model by Mars Hydro to get a knob that lets you adjust the light level.

The grow light structure is relatively lightweight and open. While this helps it effectively radiate heat, this also makes the frame weak. It can bend or break, especially during transport or if dropped.

The LEDs in this grow light are not as good as the ones in the Spider Farmer grow light. They’re more likely to burn out, and you cannot replace them.

A serious electrical problem can cause sections of lights or all of them to go out. For example, the connection point between the power cable and the driver can break or short out; then the entire thing will fail to come on.


  •  Energy efficient
  •  Everything out of the box


  •  No dimmer

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Best 1000 watt Led Grow Light In Canada Faqs

01. How many plants can a 1000W LED light grow?

If you’re going to provide artificial light in place of sunlight, it covers a roughly three and a half by four foot area. That’s fourteen square feet. If you are going to provide supplemental light for plants that receive some natural light, it can cover a four foot by five foot area or twenty square feet.

But how many plants can you grow in that area? It depends on the type of plant. You could nurture 8 tomato plants in a 100 square foot area. This means you could manage two such plants under this grow light. You don’t want to cram more plants together, because this hurts the amount of light each potted plant receives. Yet you could have an entire tray of seedlings under the same grow light.

02. What is the best 1000 watt led grow light In Canada?

The best 1000 watt led grow light is the King Plus 1000 Watt LED grow light. This grow light was given the title of the best 1000 watt LED grow light for several reasons. First, it is a full spectrum grow light. Normally, that means it has blue, red and yellow light. This King Plus grow light adds ultraviolet light and infrared light, providing a viable replacement for natural light inside of grow tents.

It has a number of other points in its favor. For example, the grow light is sold with protective glasses, a full hanging kit and power cord. This is one of the best cheap Led grow lights in Canada.

03. How much area will a 1000 watt grow light cover?

This answer depends in part on how much light your plants need. For example, sun loving plants, those with dense vegetation and anything you want to grow fast need more light. Plants that can survive in the shade, widely spaced seedlings and thinner leafy greens need less light.

That said, the brightest spot indoors is similar in light levels to a shady area inside the house. That’s why many LED grow lights are used to provide supplemental light to many indoor plants.

If you’re going to provide artificial light in place of sunlight, it covers a roughly three and a half by four foot area. That’s fourteen square feet. If you are going to provide supplemental light for plants that receive some natural light, it can cover a four foot by five foot area or twenty square feet.

04. How much does it cost to run a 1000W LED Grow Light?

The most efficient LED grow lights use a fraction of the power of high pressure sodium or HPS lights. The LED grow light uses about 200 watts of power. That means it uses roughly 0.185 kwh per hour. Its light output is similar to that of a 600 watt HPS grow light.

Let’s assume you run the grow light 12 hours a day every day. That’s 4,380 hours of light. Let’s use an average electric rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour. That means that you’re going to pay roughly 525 dollars a year to run a single 1000 watt LED grow light. If you run it 16 hours a day, then it will cost 700 dollars a year to operate.

Note that this is independent of any other power draws in a grow tent like ventilation fans or timers.


The best grow light will provide the light your plants need while minimizing the work required on your part. Understand what you want and need out of a grow light assembly so that you can find the best one for your application.