7 Incredible Benefits of LED Grow Lights You Never Heard.

Benefits of Led Grow lights:

LED Grow Lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their incredible benefits. Designed with LED lighting technology, the bulbs are attracting a lot of attention due to the significant advantage over the tradition bulbs. They are quickly replacing conventional lights due to both health and economic benefits. Here are the 7 incredible benefits of led grow lights.

1. Incredible Energy Efficiency

Traditional lights would operate at 20 percent energy efficiency with 80 percent of the electrical being lost as heat. This means that 80 percent of the power bills is a waste. When the efficiency is low, the user is slapped with higher power bills. With LED light energy efficiency ranges between 80-90 percent. This means that most of the energy bill paid is consumed and this saves on the electricity bills.

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2. Extended life span

This is one of the key benefits of led grow lights. One of the main flaws associated with tradition or conventional lighting bulbs is a short life span. This problem has been addressed by LED lighting. A quality LED light can serve you for more than 100,000 hours of operation. This is equal to 11 years of continuous operation and 22 years of half-day operating. With such an extended life span, their maintenance is definitely very low. You just need to buy one and forget about shopping for bulbs.

3. Incredible Application Efficiency

If you want to concentrate light on a specific area or space, these are the lights for you. LED grow lights do not need reflectors to concentrate light as it is with traditional lighting. They are designed to focus light on a specific place. With a well-designed LED system, you can deliver light more efficiently to the desired space. For instance, you can use these lights for to illuminate study table at home or an office desk.

4. Instant Brightness and on/off Rapid Cycling

For traditional bulbs, you have to wait for the bulb to gain its full brightness. The filament will have to heat gradually for the bulb to operate at maximum. But this is not the case with LED bulbs. They can hit 100% brightness instantly. Blowing up is a common problem with conventional bulbs due to rapid cycling (rapid off/on). This is not a problem with the LED growing lights. You can switch them on and off as frequently as you want without blowing them up.

5. Zero UV and IR emissions

Traditional bulbs are known for their high emissions of Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. These two elements are health hazards and are known for causing skin cancer. They are a health risk to the user. With LED grow lights, IR and UV emission is rated zero. This makes LED the best lighting system for places with objects sensitive to UV such as pictures at art galleries. The lights are also recommended for illuminating materials that are sensitive to heat.

6. Can be operated in extreme temperatures

LED grow lights are ideal for extreme temperatures. They can be used in places with extremely low temperatures such as winters and high-temperature areas without affecting the quality of light. If you need to light your outdoor space, these are the lighting system that you should consider. They can also be used in freezers, refrigerators and parking lots where temperatures are low.

7. Can run low voltage

Power fluctuations are common, particularly if there are extreme weather conditions such as storms. If there are power fluctuations, traditional bulbs will start flickering and produce dimmed light. But LED lights will continue producing bright light even with the voltage supply. In fact, you not even notice there is low voltage supply.

These are the 7 incredible benefits of led grow lights that are making them increasingly popular. The bottom line is that you will save more than 65 percent of power bill by installing LED lighting system.

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