Are LED Grow Lights Safe For Humans?-What Do You think ?

Are LED grow lights safe for humans? This is a question that many people who grow plants indoors ask. Well, apart from being cost-effective and energy efficient, LED grow lights are highly safe compared to other forms of lighting technologies used in plant growth.

The common concerns when it comes to LED grow lights are centered on eye and skin safety as well as component materials that make the LED lamps. Understanding the safety of LED lights will give you assurance on the use of these lights.

Visual perception

Traditional lighting sources don’t fit horticulture applications and may be unfriendly for human eyes unlike LED grow lights that are specifically designed for horticultural uses. These grow lights are designed to benefit plant growth though they may sometimes appear strange, they are not damaging to human eyes.

LED grow lights come in a wide spectrum meaning they have all colors just like the sun. The lights may appear white or soft like blue or pink, this makes it easy to identify the plants underneath them easily. Some LED light colors like blue, red or white may produce piercing spectrum which is not friendly to human eyes if stated at.

LED grow light may thus sometimes appear not natural to human eyes. For instance, if you move from a LED lit horticultural environment to a natural lit area, your color perception may temporarily be affected while your eyes adjust to natural daylight. LED grow lights are safe unless you stare at them for a long time but harm would also happen for any other type of light. Wearing standard glasses designed for plant growing lights will enhance your safety.

LED based lights have very low intensity compared to natural sunlight and therefore produce optimum wavelengths right for plants. Because your indoor plants will need UV light just like in an outdoor environment, you will need glasses designed for a LED lighting environment to filter out even the least of UV spectrum and also infra-red spectrum for extra protection.

You may also consider installing a protective glass between your grow area and the lamp fixture if you regularly attend to your plants.

Skin safety

There are some concerns about direct skin exposure to LED grow lights on both short and long periods. The truth of the matter is that LED lights can safely be used in indoor plant growth without any harm. The lights emit very minimal UV beams which can be shield by your clothing.

Hazardous components

Another safety concern with LED grow lights is hazardous components. Manufacturers of LED lights are under obligation to design lighting systems with no lead, mercury or other harmful substances. LEDs are recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Like other forms of photobiological lighting, it is good to ensure that the kind of LED grow lights that you are using meet photobiological safety standards for your safety. LED grow lights are much safer and emit low heat and will therefore not harm you.

Your safety may however be compromised if you fall off a higher height when installing the lighting system. Always read the safety instructions when installing your light fixture to minimize risks of injuries, falls or fire.